Destiny 2: Xûr’s Inventory and News (06/28 – 07/02)

Happy Friday Guardians! This weekend you can find Xûr hanging out at the Hangar in the Tower. Check out what Xûr has this week and recent news below. (click the image shown below to view full view and zoom in for larger text)


A peddler if strange curios, Xûr’s motives are not his own. He bows to his distant masters, the nine.

Departs: Tuesday, Jul 02 @ 10 AM Pacific

Location: Hangar, Tower (behind Dead Orbit area and up the stairs on the left)

All Exotic Items Available

Titan: One-Eyed Mask – Helmet (23 LS)

  • Armor Perk: Mobility Enhancement Mod – Restorative Mod
  • Perk 1: Bow Targeting – Hand Cannon Targeting – Remote Connection
  • Perk 2: Fusion Rifle Reserves – Sniper Rifle Reserves

Hunter: St0mp-EE5 – Leg Armor (23 LS)

  • Armor Perk: Mobility Enhancement Mod – Plasteel Reinforcement Mod
  • Perk 1: Auto Rifle Dexterity – Fusion Rifle Dexterity – Perpetuation
  • Perk 2: Scout Rifle Scavenger – Sidearm Scavenger

Warlock: Phoenix Protocol – Chest Armor (23 LS)

  • Armor Perk: Mobility Enhancement Mod – Restorative Mod
  • Perk 1: Unflinching Auto Rifle Aim – Unflinching Hand Cannon Aim – Unflinching Kinetic Aim
  • Perk 2: Sidearm Reserves – Submachine Gun Reserves

Vigilance Wing – Pulse Rifle (Kinect) (29 LS)

  • Harsh Truths: This weapon fires a 5-round burst. When a nearby ally is killed, gain health regeneration and increased movement speed.
  • Last Stand: Improved weapon performance and greatly increased recovery when its wielder is the last living member of a fireteam.

Five of Swords (Legendary Challenge Card for Nightfall) – Enables modifiers in Nightfall strikes on Prestige difficulty. More challenging modifiers apply larger score multipliers. This will replace a Rare Challenge Card in your inventory. (Free Item)

Isochronal/Fated Engram – Exotic Engram: An engram with a predestined outcome. It will contain a new Exotic if any remain to be collected. (In other words this engram rewards you with an exotic that you have not already earned, year one items only)  97 LS

Invitation of the Nine Quest (9 LS)

More Info/Links

Source for perks: Xûr Mega-thread on Reddit

DESTINY 2. XUR EXOTICS & NEW LOCATION! Xur Exotic Random Rolls, Location & Bounty. June 28, 2019 by Mesa Sean on YouTube  << Click link for more Destiny 2 videos!


  • Lumina Exotic Quest arrives July 02.
  • Pre-orders for the new Destiny 2 Grimoire Anthology, Vol. 2: Fallen Kingdoms will become available in the Bungie Store and the new Consult the Archives will be out in the Eververse store for all of you lore lovers!
  • Breakthrough will be back in the Crucible and Nessus will be the weekly Flashpoint.

In the near future:

  • Tribute Hall & Moments of Triumphs July 09.
  • Solstice of Heroes Seasonal Event July 30 and Gambit will become FREE for all.

Also, Starting next week (on July 2) you can start pre-ordering the Destiny Grimoire Anthology, Vol. 2: Fallen Kingdoms from the Bungie Store. The book will ship in October.

There will also be a new “Consult the Archives” emote in the Eververse store for all of you lore lovers.

Here is some more info from the latest TWAB post: If you choose to purchase this emote in game and are signed up for Bungie Rewards, you can receive a 20% discount offer for the Destiny Grimoire Anthology, Vol. 2 Fallen Kingdoms. You just need to visit and redeem your discount starting on July 2 at 10AM PDT. You will have until 11:59 PM on July 9 to redeem this limited time offer. (click here for a video version of the emote below)


Jun 27: This Week at Bungie – A Rose by Another Name

 Menagerie Reward Bug via Bungie Blog:

When Season of Opulence began, we watched as players quickly discovered a bug in how the Menagerie’s final chest granted rewards. Players began to race out of the area and then back to the chest as fast as they could to get as many rewards as possible before sent back to orbit. It felt reminiscent of when players were farming treasure keys from chests on their Sparrows leading up to House of Wolves

Consider this an error in your favor. We haven’t rushed to fix it, but when we patch on July 9, this loophole will officially close, allowing only one opening of the chest per completion. Until then, we invite you take advantage of this all you like. Grow fat with strength.

Jun 21: Wolf Pack (About Lord of Wolves Exotic Shotgun)

June 20: This Week at Bungie – Upping the Ante

Check out the Shadowkeep page on this website (will be updated periodically with new details and info) or view the official page at

Have a great weekend!

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