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View details about the final live event: Age of Triumph and Update 2.6.0.

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1st: Age of Triumph Reveal – 03/08/2017 or watch video below.

2nd: Weekly Rituals – 03/15/2017 or watch video below.

3rd: Sandbox Update – 03/22/2017 or watch video below.


 Releases: Tuesday, March 28th @ 10AM Pacific

*It is recommended to hold off from any featured weekly activity until Age of Triumph and Update 2.6.0 goes live.

View Age of Triumph page by Bungie

What to expect?

A new 12 step Quest will be held by The Speaker to begin Age of Triumph.

Speaker Quest will earn you new Age of Triumph Armor Sets.

Age of Triumph Record Book is 13 Pages (See Reddit post below)

5 New Emblems – Record Book Rank Up Rewards

No Light Level increases.

All Raids will be returning at a 390 light level and have new rewards at 400 light.

Raids have been slightly retouched and remastered (VoG, Crota’s End, etc.).

Each week there will be a “Weekly Featured Raid” with all challenge modes active. The 1st weekly featured raid will be Crota’s End, Second up is Vault of Glass, and then King’s Fall. All raids will be unlocked after week 3.

Three of Coins will work on all Raid bosses.

Shaxx will have 2 Weekly Bounties to complete and the Weekly Bounty can be completed by completing the Featured Crucible playlist.

Nightfall buff “Radiant Light” (earn extra XP and reputation) is returning, as well as the Blue Flames when you complete a Nightfall.

Challenge of the Elders will be back at 390 light and will be more rewarding.

Weekly Story playlist will rotate each week and can reward up to 100 Legendary Marks for completing 5 of them. Story Playlists will also have modifiers.

“Daybreak” Strikes have a Mayhem modifier added to them (Increases rate of recharge for all abilities: melee/grenade/super). This modifier will be added about once a month to the Weekly Nightfall. From July 18th until August the Daybreak modifier will be active the whole time.

Earn 3 Eververse boxes each week through gameplay activities.

Everything that was available from previous Eververse will be available in Treasures of Ages boxes.

You can earn Treasure of Ages from different weekly activities such as the Weekly SIVA Crisis Heroic Playlist and the Featured Crucible Playlist.

Returning raids will have new/redesigned gear with 2 ornaments available for each. (view Armor here or on video below)

All Raids will have new Armor Sets and Ornaments with a special ability.

Raid Ornaments will have a unique ability from the ‘Energy’ in the armor ornament. This ability will protect you from damage for a short time. Once your damaged, the Energy will deplete and then recharge.

All Raids will have Legendary and Exotic Adept versions of weapons.

There is 16 total Exotic Adept weapons. (see slideshow below)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Earn Exotic Adept weapons and Raid Ornament Mastery Tokens by completing challenges in the Weekly Featured Raid.

You may use Raid Ornaments on any piece of gear.

Exotic Adept versions are Exotic and have Elemental Damages (Arc, Solar, and Void).

A new Quest will be available to get Necrochasm (Exotic Auto Rifle).

Necrocasm (Exotic Auto Rifle) will be receiving a buff. Cursed thrall explosions will now trigger on any kill, not precision kills.

Black Hammer will not returning.

All weapons will need to be re-earned, old weapons can not be infused.

Weekly Vendor items will be refreshed. (Includes: Vanguard Class Vendors (Ikora, Cayde, Zavala), Vanguard Quartermaster, Lord Shaxx, Crucible Quartermaster (Shaxx-bot), Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, New Monarchy, Speaker, Variks, and Shiro)

Crucible Changes:

Each week, five core playlists will be available in the center row, and one rotating playlist in the top rotator. Private Matches will continue to remain on the bottom row. Classic players who do not own Rise of Iron will find their offering each week in the top rotator, which can feature Zone Control, Combined Arms, Mayhem Clash, Mayhem Rumble or Doubles modes. Elimination will be available each week, and will continue to be replaced with Trials of Osiris each weekend.

To illustrate these changes, here’s a preview of a week featuring Control, Supremacy, Elimination/Trials, Salvage, and Rumble. The following week will feature Clash, Rift, Elimination/Trials, Skirmish, and Rumble Supremacy.

Lord Shaxx will continue to offer his weekly bounties, and will now offer one for each of the 6v6 core modes offered each week.

Daily Crucible bounties have been updated to be more inclusive of Guardians, regardless of which mode they play, which subclass they favor, or if they have a Fireteam available.

The Crucible Quartermaster will now offer 5 new bounties each week for different weapon archetypes, allowing you an opportunity to earn a variety of Crucible, Iron Banner, and Trials of Osiris weapons from Year 2 and Year 3. And yes, there is a Hand Cannon bounty that can reward an Eyasluna!

Trials of Osiris bounties have also been updated and all of them are now able to be completed daily while Trials of Osiris is active. Silver and Gold tier bounties will now feature Gear and Weapons from Year 3.

*This page is still being updated, check back to view more details.


Age of Triumph FAQ

Following suit with last week’s report, here are Frequently Asked Questions found in the #Help forum about the Age of Triumph.
Q: How will the Weekly Story Playlist work?
A: Each week, a curated playlist of Destiny story missions will be available for players. These playlists do not feature matchmaking. Fireteam requirements are one to three players, with a recommended Character Light of 380. One of the following playlists will be featured each week, with various modifiers:
  • Earth and Moon: Contains missions from the release of Destiny
  • Mars and Venus: Contains missions from the release of Destiny
  • Dark Champions: Contains missions from Destiny: The Dark Below and Destiny: House of Wolves
  • The Taken War: Contains missions from Destiny: The Taken King
  • The Iron Lords: Contains missions from Destiny: Rise of Iron
Players may earn the following rewards:
  • Treasure of Ages: Once per week, rewarded upon first activity completion.
  • Legendary Marks: Five times per week, players will be rewarded with 20 legendary marks upon activity completion.
  • Materials: Five times per week, players will be rewarded with various Planetary Materials, Consumables, or Glimmer upon activity completion.
Q: Does completion of the Weekly Nightfall Strike grant the Radiant Light EXP buff?
A: Yes. With the Age of Triumph, players may earn the Radiant Light buff when completing a Nightfall Strike, per Character. This grants increased Reputation and Experience gains through the following Weekly Reset.
Q: How large of a download will the Age of Triumph update be?
A: In the coming weeks, we will announce Maintenance and Downtime for Destiny Update 2.6.0. Along with dates and times, console hard drive requirements will be updated. Stay tuned to @BungieHelp for announcements.
Q: Where will I be able to find Support information when the Age of Triumph begins?
A: will be updated on March 28 to feature the Age of Triumph Guided Support. This Guided Support will cover all updated activities, with additional information concerning the Age of Triumph Record Book and T-Shirt Offer. Each section will also be paired with Frequently Asked Question sections for each activity.

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Reddit (post below)

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