Destiny 2: Iron Banner

Final Iron Banner of Season 3

Lord Saladin makes his final appearance in Season 3 next week. This will be your last chance to earn your Season 3 rewards.

Begins: Tuesday, August 14 @ 10AM PDT

Ends: Tuesday, August 21 @ 10AM PDT

The game, as always, is Control!

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There are a few changes to the Iron Banner Control you know and love. Iron Temple fire pits have replaced the usual Control flags. There is also a new Power Play rule where capturing all three zones will lock them down for 20 seconds. At the end of the Power Play, all the zones are reset to neutral and must be recaptured.

Iron Banner Info

What is it?

Lord Saladin has returned to the Tower to oversee the Iron Banner. During Iron Banner, players compete in the Crucible for glory and rewards. Complete Iron Banner matches, challenges, and milestones to earn Iron Banner Tokens, and earn Iron Banner gear by raising your reputation with the Iron Lords.

For more information, players should visit: Iron Banner Guide

Tips and Tricks

  • To participate in the Iron Banner, players must: complete the Destiny 2 campaign, achieve Level 20, and speak with Lord Saladin to receive the Iron Banner Milestone.
  • If during the Iron Banner event Lord Saladin does not appear in the Tower, players should return to Orbit and try relaunching into the Tower activity again.

View Iron Banner Help Guide for more information about Iron Banner.

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