Destiny 2: Trials of the Nine



Ends: Tuesday, August 14 @ 10AM PDT

Game Mode: Countdown

Map: Midtown

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Trials of the Nine – Reddit

View the Trials Info Page on Kyber’s Corner and/or view this activity on

Important Info Regarding Trials of the Nine:

Trials of the Nine will be unavailable for the duration of Season 4. The design team is putting it back on the workbench to make it a fitting challenge for the hardcore warrior. When the weekly activity returns, it will feature updated rewards, Power advantages, and other gameplay changes. The final weekend of Season 3 Trials of the Nine will take place on the weekend of August 24.

We’ll tell you more about our goals and our progress during Season 4.

Source: Bungie TWAB article

Info from TWAB post:

This season will not feature new armor ornaments for Trials, but we are working on more for the future. In the meantime, those of you who enjoy Crucible play can earn new ornaments in our Valor and Glory Ranks.

DESTINY 2: TRIALS OF THE NINE (Help article on

Trials of the Nine is a weekly Crucible playlist in Destiny 2 that offers unique rewards. This playlist is available for a limited time each week, starting Friday at 10:00 AM Pacific, and becomes unavailable after the weekly reset.

The Trials of the Nine playlist is located in the Crucible node of the Director. The Trials ticket, which tracks player’s progress through this playlist, is embedded into the playlist tooltip and can be seen anytime the player is in the Director. Players who win consecutive matches will earn exclusive rewards. Players will not start gaining losses on their ticket until they obtain their first win. Players who receive 3 losses on a single ticket will automatically have their ticket reset. Once the activity starts, the player’s Inventory is Locked until they finish the match.

About Trials of the Nine:

  • Players may enter Trials of the Nine with a pre-made Fireteam of 4. All Trials of the Nine matches are 4v4.
  • Trials of the Nine Game Modes rotate weekly, between Countdown and Survival.
  • Trials of the Nine features a single Crucible map, which rotates weekly.
  • Players can view the status of their ticket in the Trials of the Nine tooltip, under the Crucible in the Director.
  • Trials of the Nine is a locked-loadout playlist. Players cannot change their selected gear until they exit the Trials of the Nine playlist.

In order to gain access to the Trials of the Nine, players must:

  • Complete the Destiny 2 campaign.
  • Finish the Call to Arms Milestone at least once.
  • Have a minimum Power of 260 to play.

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