Destiny 2: Guardian Games Event (Apr 20 – May 11)



Winners: Hunters – Visit the podium during this weekend’s ceremony to claim rewards for your efforts!

For more details about Guardian Games, check out the Guardian Games page.



Apr 21 – May 11 for ALL Destiny 2 players!

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The Vanguard has secured a ceasefire with the Cabal Empress Caiatl and humanity enjoys a brief moment of respite. Eager to celebrate Guardians and lift spirits, Zavala sounds the call to competition and the class banners are raised around the Tower. The Guardians Games have returned and glory awaits.



Titans dominated the last Guardian Games. Ever since, Hunters and Warlocks have been preparing for the annual challenge of skill, bravery, and resolve. Earn medals from Eva Levante by completing Contender Cards and Triumphs. Each week is a new chance to be recognized as the top class in the Games.



Each weekly podium ceremony will grant Guardians with distinctive gold, silver, or bronze auras, which will last the rest of the week. The winning class will be recognized at the Guardian Games Closing Ceremonies (May 7-11), complete with resplendent fireworks and a trophy displayed in the Tower all year long.



Winning is its own reward, but equipping a powerful Exotic is even better. Earn the Heir Apparent Exotic Machine Gun and its catalyst, an Exotic Sparrow, plus Legendary class items (one per class), two emblems, and a pair of shaders.

Guide: Destiny 2: What The Heir Apparent Catalyst Does & How To Find It via



Show off your Guardian Games 2021 colors with unique items from Bungie Rewards. Unlock the new Exotic Sparrow for a chance to purchase a fresh new Guardian Games track jacket. Participate in the final weekend’s Closing Ceremonies at the Tower to unlock a purchasable gold pin commemorating the winning class. Don’t want to wait? Silver class pins are available now at the Bungie Store while you compete with your fellow Guardians to achieve gold.

Bungie Rewards will have a free emblem commemorating the games. Complete a Guardian Games Playlist Strike during the event to unlock your free reward.

Guardians can now complete the final Seasonal Challenge week. As part of Bungie Rewards, you can redeem the free “Thrill of the Chase” emblem as you complete the Master of All Triumph.

Learn more about Bungie Rewards



Represent your class with pride with a new Guardian Games Universal Ornament Set featuring glowing class items! Plus a new weapon ornament for Heir Apparent, sporting Exotic emotes, and more.


Guides and Videos

Destiny 2: What The Heir Apparent Catalyst Does & How To Find It via

‘Destiny 2’ Guardian Games 2021 Guide: Medals, Laurels and Contender Cards, Explained via

Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2021: Everything we know via




How the scoring will work this year.

Medals have the following values:

  • Bronze: 1 Point
  • Silver: 2 Points
  • Gold: 5 Points
  • Platinum: 15 Points

Bungie still has to account for different class population, so this year the class that comes in third place each day gets a permanent 10% bonus on scoring going forward.

Bungie has tested this new scoring system using last year’s data and a few other data sets and it seems to provide a more competitive Guardian Games where we see different classes winning throughout the event. Hunters will likely win early on because of their population advantage but as the bonuses kick in, the competition should tighten up quickly.

New Guardian Games Playlist 

Another new addition to this year’s event is the Guardian Games Strikes Playlist. This is like the standard Vanguard Strikes Playlist but will group players together by class. This feeds into the Laurel collecting mechanic where players have a chance at bonus Laurels when they pick up a Laurel generated by a player of the same class.


This new playlist will have gameplay modifiers added based on the previous day’s class standing. Classes will get a beneficial modifier tied to gold, silver, and bronze placement.

  • Gold: Health, shields, and recovery are increased. Kinetic weapons deal more damage.
  • Silver: Melee abilities recharge faster. Elemental damage increased from Guardian sources. More Heavy ammo available.
  • Bronze: Grenade abilities deal more damage and recharge much faster. Elemental damage increased from Guardian sources.

There are also negative modifiers added to the playlist to make things a little more challenging for the leaders. The gold class gets two modifiers, and the silver class gets one. These modifiers are themed around the classes that finished lower on the podium.

Bronze Silver
Combatant melee attacks deal more damage. Combatant melee attacks deal significantly more damage.
Warlock Incoming damage increased while airborne. Incoming damage significantly increased while airborne.
Hunter Radar is disabled. Radar is disabled and combatants don’t flinch when damaged.

Silver classes only get the modifier from the bronze class below them. Gold classes get a combination of both silver and bronze.

Thematically, Bungie is going for an experience where the Guardian Games Strike Playlist is the venue for players hoping to jockey their classes’ podium placement as it will likely be one of the most efficient ways to earn Laurels.

Medal Case

You will receive a medal case from Eva to store your hardware until you are ready to visit the podium in the Tower to bank them for your team. Once you have the maximum medals for a certain type in your case, make sure you go turn them as any more earned for that type will be lost. Turning in medals will give you a chance at receiving an event package depending on the medal type.

Contender Car

This year Bungie is introducing a new way to earn points for your team called Contender Cards. You will be able to pick these up from Eva in exchange for Laurels and can have one active at any given time. Completing objectives in strikes, Crucible, and Gambit will grant a Gold Medal upon completion.

There is also a special Platinum Contender Card that will focus on completing objectives in Nightfalls, Survival, and Trials. This will be the only way to earn Platinum Medals. Completing a Platinum Card will earn you All-Star status and a special reward at the next podium ceremony.

Make sure you complete your Platinum Contender Card before daily reset on Friday if you want to lock in your All-Star status for the weekend.

Podium Ceremony

Every weekend there will be a special ceremony where you will be able show off a glow from your class item depending on your class’ standing that week.

  • Third place receives a bronze glow.
  • Second place receives a silver glow.
  • First place receives a gold glow.
  • All-Stars receive a platinum glow.

Bungie will be throwing a special final weekend closing ceremony in the Tower that will be live from May 7 to May 11 to celebrate the winning class!

Source: This Week at Bungie – Apr 15, 2021




Check out this article by Bungie at

Guardian Games is a limited-time live event in Destiny 2 which celebrates Guardians and the spirit of competition. Guardian Games begins on April 20, 2021, and ends at the weekly reset on May 11, 2021.

Guardian Games is an event for all Destiny 2 players to celebrate their favorite class as they compete against one another to see whose class reigns supreme. The winning team will have bragging rights, as well as a commemorative statue on display in the Tower for the entire year.

For more information about Guardian Games, please see Guardian Games 2021.

Participation Requirements

While all players are invited to participate in Guardian Games, new players must first meet the following requirements:

  • Escape the Cosmodrome to unlock the Tower.

Once new players have met the above requirements, they will unlock a Milestone telling them to speak with Eva Levante in the Tower Courtyard.


Players who are new to Destiny 2 should also review the Destiny 2: New Player Guide.

Class-Based Competition

Earn Medals from completing activities and turn them in to the Tower Podium to earn points for your class’s team.


Pick up Laurels dropped by other players during Guardian Games to purchase Bounties, Contender Cards, and rewards from Eva. Laurels will drop in all activities except for Gambit and Crucible, where they will be awarded after a match has ended.


  • Players must wear their Guardian Games class item to generate Laurels and progress any Guardian Game bounties.
  • Previous Guardian Games class items (the Cunning Rivalry Cloak, Mighty Rivalry Mark, and Sage Rivalry Bond) will not generate Laurels or progress any Guardian Games bounties.
  • Laurels do not drop on the ground in Gambit or Crucible, and are instead rewarded directly to players.
  • Unrecovered laurels do not go to a player’s Postmaster and must be picked up to count towards their total.


Players can earn medals from Triumphs, Contender Cards, and activity completions. Medals are stored in the Medal Case found in the Quest inventory. Turning completed Medals in to the Tower Podium will increase your team’s score.


If the Medal Case is full, Medals earned through claiming Triumphs will be lost.

GG Medal Case.png

Medal Case

Contender Cards

Players can purchase Contender Cards from Eva. Completing the Trials or Nightfall Contender Cards will award a Platinum Medal. Completing the Strikes, Gambit, or Crucible Contender Card will award a Gold Medal.

GG Trials Card.png

Platinum Cards: Trials

GG Nightfall Card.png

Platinum Cards: Nightfalls

GG Strikes Card.png

Contender Cards: Strikes

GG Gambit Card.png

Contender Cards: Gambit

GG Crucible Card.png

Contender Cards: Crucible


The three exotic Guardian Games ghost shells can be purchased with Laurels from Eva. The Color of Speed exotic Sparrow can be earned through collecting class points and completing Triumphs. The Heir Apparent exotic Machine Gun can be acquired through a Quest if players do not already own it, and the Heir Apparent catalyst has a chance to drop from banking Gold or Platinum Medals if players already own the gun.

Additionally, there is a new Legendary class item for each class, as well as two emblems and two shaders that players can earn by completing Triumphs.

GG Titan Ghost.png

Rival Titan Shell

GG Warlock Ghost.png

Rival Warlock Shell

GG Hunter Ghost.png

Rival Hunter Shell

GG Sparrow.png

Color of Speed Sparrow

GG Heir Apparent.png

Heir Apparent Exotic Machine Gun


Eva offers three different Guardian Games Bounties which will reward players for completing them: Weekly Bounties will reward XP, Bright Dust, Glimmer, and Laurels, Daily Bounties will reward XP, and Additional Bounties will reward XP and Bright Dust.

GG Weekly Bounty.png

Weekly Bounty

GG Daily Bounty.png

Daily Bounty

GG Repeatable Bounty.png

Repeatable Bounty


Tower Podium and Ceremony event

During Guardian Games, the Towers Guardian Games Podium will change daily to reflect the current status of the leading team. Class flags will update throughout the day to show which team is leading, and there will also be a calendar showing the winner for each day throughout the event.

On the Friday of each week, the Ceremony event will become live in the Tower. Points accumulated by players during the week will determine the winner of each week’s Ceremony event. Players will receive rewards and a glow that is active when in the Tower, which will remain until the next Ceremony event or until Guardian Games ends. Additionally, player’s class items will also change colors to show their current standing after the Ceremony event, being gold, silver, or bronze.

Known Issues

Listed below are known issues that players should know when participating in Guardian Games.

  • Several Quest items, such as the Medal Case and Contender Cards, will not be removed from player inventories after Guardian Games has ended.
  • If the Medal Case is full, Medals earned through claiming Triumphs will be lost.
  • Class items acquired from Zavala are awarded at 1250 Power Level instead of at 1300 Power Level, which can be acquired from Eva.
  • Players will not be able to deposit Medals if they were acquired in the Tower after players have already deposited Medals of the same rarity. Players can return to Orbit and head back to the Tower to deposit those Medals.
  • The Laurel acquisition step of Heir Apparent Exotic Quest only counts laurels picked up off of the ground.
  • Non-masterworked Guardian Games ghosts purchased from Eva display a ‘Completed’ objective.
  • Certain shaders may erroneously remove the glow from the Eververse Warlock Guardian Games Universal Ornament set.

For the latest information on known issues discovered after Guardian Games has gone live on April 20, 2021, players should look for the vital information thread in the #Help forum.


This page may be updated periodically with new/more information.

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