Destiny 2 Weekly Reset (02.18 – 02.25)


WEEKLY RESET (Feb 18 – Feb 25)

Live Now:

  • This week’s elemental singe is  Arc ARC.
  • Empyrean Foundation continues! Currently at Stage 6 of 7.
  • The last Iron Banner event for this season is live.
  • All players earn bonus Valor this week in the Crucible.
  • Clash and Showdown are available.

Note: For a large view of the reset graphic, click on the image and zoom in for larger text. To view each section on the weekly reset and raid challenges graphics, check out the IG Story post or images below (click on an image below once to open and again enlarge it).

  • To view what challenges/activities drop Powerful Rewards click here.
  • To view daily modifiers click here.

In case anyone missed it by exiting or etc or here is the short clip that played upon login today:



Live from Feb 18 – Feb 25 @ 9 AM PST

Reminder: This is your last shot to finish your Iron Banner quest this Season and pick up any pinnacle rewards from Iron Banner bounties. Equip your best gear and control those zones!
Also, all players will earn bonus Valor in the Crucible.



Live Now – March 03!

To participate, players can donate their Fractaline using the Tower Obelisk. The event has seven stages, each requiring increasing amounts of Fractaline to progress through (Bungie will reveal the stage goals when once is reached). There will also be a hologram at the Tower Obelisk where you’ll be able to track the community’s progress in game.

Note: Everyone is welcome to contribute and this event is available to all Destiny 2 players, no Season Pass required! The Tower Obelisk is the focal point of this event, so you will need to unlock it if you haven’t.

Here’s what’s in it for you:

  • Contributing to the Empyrean Foundation costs 100 Polarized Fractaline.
  • Contributing generates a 25% flat progression for all Timelost weapon bounties in your inventory.
  • Your Tower Obelisk will generate Polarized Fractaline for you each week equivalent to its Resonance Power.
  • Increase its Resonance Power by upgrading other Obelisks
  • Players who donate more than 5,000 Polarized Fractaline before the end of the Season will earn a Triumph and emblem.

Everyone in the community will also receive a shader when all stages are completed. Here’s a look at community goals for the seven stages.

  • Stage 1: 400,000,000
  • Stage 2: 700,000,000
  • Stage 3: 1,200,000,000
  • Stage 4: 2,200,000,000
  • Stage 5: 3,000,000,000
  • Stage 6: 6,000,000,000 (Check progress:
  • Stage 7: ???

If you want to stay as up to date as possible with the communities progress, visit my a Instagram profile (try to update here a few times a day) or Discord (updates are made regularly in the ‘d2-events-and-activities‘ channel. Or for the most up-to-date and real time stats check out! (You can also see when each stage has been completed by looking at the in-game Crucible menu. There are 7 notches, when a stage goal is completed it will be filled in)

Here is a look at current Fractaline donation tracking as of noon PST from

Source: Bungie Blog | Visit this page for more details and guides!




  • Zero to One Hundred: Once you deposit motes, you have ten (10) seconds to fully fill the bank. This applies to both banks.


Last Wish: 

  • Summoning Ritual (Kalli): Activate all 9 plates, then kill all Knights and Ogres before damaging Kalli.

Scourge of the Past: 

  • All for One, One for All (Prime Phase I): All players in the fireteam must “collect” and deposit each buff before the boss is killed.

Crown of Sorrow:

  • Total Victory (Gahlran’s Deception): Players must break the shield of Gahlran’s Deception a total of five times in a single damage phase.

PRESTIGE RAID LAIRS (Eater of Worlds + Spire of Stars)

Active Modifier: Prism

  • Attacks matching the periodically rotating focused element do more damage. Other elemental damage is reduced. Incoming damage is unaffected.

Armsmaster Required Loadout

  • Kinetic: Submachine Gun
  • Energy: Anything
  • Power: Grenade Launcher

LEVIATHAN (Normal and Prestige)

Weekly Order: Gardens > Gauntlet > Pools > Calus

Challenge: Gauntlet

  • Players must not stand on the same plate more than once.



The Scarlet Keep

Investigate the recently erected Scarlet Keep and discover its dark purpose.

  • Potential Unique Item: No Unique Item

The Arms Dealer

Shut down the operations of an ironmonger providing weapons to the Red Legion.

Tree of Probabilities

Contain a rampant army of Red Legion within the Infinite Forest.

Click here to view all of the Nightfall unique rewards available.



The Insight Terminus

Break into the ancient Vex installation.


  • Complete 5, higher difficulties grant the most efficient progress. (Powerful T1)
  • Complete with a team score of 100k or more (Pinnacle Gear)


  • Pestilence: When defeated, Psions spawn Void grenades at their feet (Higher difficulties have more modifiers).
  • View modifiers for: r/DestinyTheGame



Mars: Complete various activities including public events, Lost Sectors, and Heroic adventures (Tier 2 Reward).

View guides on how to complete heroic public events here.



Weekly Boss: Inotam, Oblivion’s Triune (All 3 bosses)

Challenge: Earn points by defeating Enforcers and Flayers in the Sundial. Flayers grant the most efficient progress.(T2 Powerful Reward)


  • Arc Singe – Arc damage increases slightly from all sources.
  • Grenadier – Grenade abilities deal more damage and recharge much faster.
  • Champions: Unstoppable –This mode contains Unstoppable Champions, which cannot be stopped without an Unstoppable mod.
  • Champions: Barrier – This mode contains Barrier Champions, which cannot be stopped without an Anti-Barrier mod.
  • Champions: Cabal – This mode contains both Barrier and Unstoppable Champions, which cannot be stopped without an Anti-Barrier or Unstoppable mod, respectively.

Or view Legend modifiers on Bungie’s Website.

Note: To view weekly Timelost bounties available and get info about Obelisks click here.




  • Complete 3 Nightmare Hunts to get Powerful Gear (Tier 1)
  • Complete a Nightmare Hunt on Master Difficulty (Pinnacle)


  • Rage: Ghaul
  • Servitude: Zydron
  • Isolation: Taniks


View more details for this activity here and view the Lectern of Enchantment page to view Essence Quests and activity info.



This Week: Nightmare of Xortal

Location: Sorrow’s Harbor

Next Week: Nightmare of Horkis – Anchor of Light



Daily Weapon Rotation:

  • 02/18: Apostate (Sniper)
  • 02/19: Heretic (Rocket Launcher)
  • 02/20: Blasphemer (Shotgun)
  • 02/21: Apostate (Sniper)
  • 02/22: Heretic (Rocket Launcher)
  • 02/23: Blasphemer (Shotgun)
  • 02/24: Apostate (Sniper)
  • 02/25: Heretic (Rocket Launcher)



Heroic Boss: Arunak, Hive Ogre

Singe: Solar damage increases slightly from all sources.


  • Extinguish: If your fireteam falls in a Restricted Zone, everyone is returned to orbit.
  • Grenadier: Grenade abilities deal more damage and recharge much faster.
  • Famine: All ammunition drops are significantly reduced.

View the Menagerie page for guides and more details.



Boss: The Swords, Hive Knights

Singe: Solar damage increases slightly from all sources.

Potential Drops: 

Next Week: Likeness of Oryx

Check r/DestinyTheGame/ to find out what the daily modifiers are. Click here for guides.



Daily Rotation: 

  • 02/18: GoFannon
  • 02/19: Izanami
  • 02/20: Bergusia
  • 02/21: Volundr
  • 02/22: GoFannon
  • 02/23: Izanami
  • 02/24: Bergusia
  • 02/25: Volundr
  • 02/26: GoFannon

Rotation: GoFannon > Izanami > Bergusia > Volundr > repeat cycle (One Forge per day). To confirm what the Forge is, visit r/DestinyTheGame.



Weekly Location: The Strand

Dreaming City Cycle: Low Strength Curse (“The Shattered Throne” Dungeon is available at all times. It can be launched and reset from the Director.)

Challenges and Quests:

  • Ascendant Challenge: Agonarch Abyss, Bay of Drowned Wishes
  • Quest: Broken Courier – Respond to a distress call in the Strand.
  • Blind Well: Scorn, Plagues: Sikariis & Varkuuriis

Note: Dreaming City activities only reward Legendary Gear. For more activity info visit



Boss: Naksud. The Famine (Hive Ogre)

Potential Drops: 



Silver (Featured Items)

Bright Dust (Featured Items)

Bright Dust

Note: Visit the Eververse page to get more details.



A peddler of strange curios, Xûr’s motives are not his own. He bows to his distant masters, the nine.

Arrives: Friday, Feb 21 @ 9 AM PT

Departs: Tuesday, Feb 25 @ 9 AM PT



Feb 14: This Week at Bungie – Double Up

Feb 14: Hotfix – The One About Dawnblade

Feb 12: Destiny 2 Outage and Rollback

Helpful Bungie Links:

Shadowkeep | Seasons | PcMove | CrossSave

Find a Fireteam | Destiny 2: New Player Guide

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Also, feel free to jump on in and join us on Discord to build a great community, view recent infographics/posts, stay up-to-date with news and updates, enter giveaways, and more!

Hope you all have a great week!

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