Destiny 2 Weekly Reset (10.01 – 10.08) | Shadowkeep is Live!

DESTINY 2 WEEKLY RESET (Oct 01 – Oct 08)

Here is a summary of what’s going on this week and a look at what’s coming:

  • Shadowkeep, Season of the Undying, and New Light are Live!
  • Update is live! View update notes here.
  • The Vex Offensive begins October 05.
  • World’s First for Garden of Salvation raid goes live, October 05!

With the launch of Shadowkeep and a new season, some information will be added and/or updated later. I hope you all have a great time on the Moon and seeing what’s in store with Shadowkeep and Season of the Undying!


The first clan raid challenge for Garden of Salvation arrives on November 05.


Last Wish: 

  • Summoning Ritual (Kalli): Activate all 9 plates, then kill all Knights and Ogres before damaging Kalli.

Scourge of the Past: 

  • To Each Their Own (Insurrection Prime): Each player must break one of Insurrection Prime’s shield weak points and must not shoot more than once each damage phase.

Crown of Sorrow:

  • With Both Hands (Ghalran): Players must shoot (stun) one and only one of Gahlran’s hands during the hand-raising phases.


Weekly Order: Gauntlet > Gardens > Pools > Calus

Challenge: The Gauntlet

  • Players must not stand on the same plate more than once.

PRESTIGE RAID LAIRS (Eater of Worlds + Spire of Stars)

Active Modifier: Arsenal

  • Weapons have no reserve ammo. Emptying the clip of your weapon refills the clips of your holstered weapons.

Armsmaster Required Loadout

  • Kinetic: Auto Rifle
  • Energy: Auto Rifle
  • Power: Anything

Guides and more info:

Leviathan Challenges | Prestige Raid Lairs Challenge

Crown of Sorrow | Last Wish | Scourge of the Past


Note: Nightfall: The Ordeal mode is now available with Shadowkeep and rewards powerful gear, it sounds like unique loot will also drop in this mode. This info will be added ASAP.

The Festering Core

Io. Descend into the heart of Io’s Pyramidion and root out a burgeoning infestation.

Unique Item: ? (I am trying to confirm this but have heard the new nightfall may not have any unique loot, or at least for the time being)

Lake of Shadows

EDZ. Stem the tide of Taken flowing into the European Dead Zone from beneath the waves.

Unique Item: The Militia’s Birthright – Legendary Grenade Launcher (Kinetic)

Tree of Probabilities

Infinite Forest, Mercury. Contain a rampant army of Red Legion within the Infinite Forest.

Unique Item: D.F.A. – Legendary Hand Cannon

Click here to view all of the Nightfall unique rewards available.

Nightfall: The Ordeal on any difficulty is The Pyramidion this week and has a chance to drop Silicon Neuroma Sniper Rifle.

Nightfall Update: Currently the old/previous Nightfall (shown above) no longer reward Powerful Gear. The new Nightfall: The Ordeal now is the Nightfall source for Powerful Gear. This Nightfall mode drops rewards up to 950 Power, except The Ordeal 100K Score Challenge which gives a Pinnacle Reward.

  • Nightfall: The Ordeal Powerful Rewards:
    • Complete 5, higher difficulties grant the most efficient progress. (T1)
    • Complete with a team score of 100k or more (Pinnacle Gear)


EDZ: Complete various activities including public events, Lost Sectors, and Heroic adventures.

View guides on how to complete heroic public events here.


Heroic Boss: Pagouri, Vex Hydra

Singe: Arc damage increases slightly from all sources.


  • Extinguish: If your fireteam falls in a Restricted Zone, everyone is returned to orbit.
  • Match Game: Enemy shields are highly resistant to all unmatched elemental damage.
  • Attrition: Regeneration is greatly impaired. Defeating enemies may create wells of Light.

Possible Rewards:

View the Menagerie page for guides and more details.


This Week: The Swords

Arc Singe: Arc damage increases slightly from all sources.

Potential Drops:

Next Week: Likeness of Oryx

Check r/DestinyTheGame/ to find out what the daily modifiers are. Click here for guides.


Weekly Location: Divalian Mists

Dreaming City Cycle: Growing Curse (“The Shattered Throne” Dungeon will be available at all times now instead of on a three-week cycle. It can also be launched and reset from the Director. I decided to continue noting the Curse cycle here for anyone that would like to know this.)

Challenges and Activities: 

Currently updating this section, due to the changes with Update some of these Challenges may no longer reward Powerful Gear.

  • Ascendant Challenge: Spine of Keres, Shattered Ruins
  • Quest: The Oracle Engine

Note: With the start of Season 8, Petra’s challenges and quests no longer reward powerful gear.


Boss: Naksud. The Famine (Hive Ogre) – Each Thrall that reaches Naksud will heal the boss. Kill the thrall immediately or deal enough damage to defeat Naksud in one go.

Potential Drops:

Read more about Escalation Protocol here.

OTHER WEEKLY ACTIVITY INFO (This section is being updated)

Weekly Singe: Solar damage increases slightly from all sources (This elemental singe is active on Strikes, Heroic Adventures, and Heroic Story Missions).

Crucible Labs: Elimination (This mode is experimental).

Clan Engrams: Gambit, Crucible, Nightfall, and Raid (When your clan completes a weekly clan challenges, every member in the clan will get a powerful weapon or piece of gear for each weekly clan challenge completed)


The activities/challenges listed here reward powerful gear except 100k NF Challenge this gives a Pinnacle Tier reward. (Some require Shadowkeep) This list is being updated ….

T1= Tier 1 / T2= Tier 2

Powerful Reward (Max 950 Power):

  • Flashpoint (T1)
  • Nightfall: The Ordeal
    • Complete 5, higher difficulties grant the most efficient progress. (T1)
    • Complete with a team score of 100k or more (Pinnacle Gear)
  • Crucible Rotator Playlist (T1) – Complete 4 matches.
  • Crucible Core Playlist (T1)  – Complete 4 matches.
  • Vanguard Strikes (T1) – Complete 3 using the same subclass element as the current active elemental burn.
  • Gambit (T2) – Complete Gambit matches.
  • Gambit Prime (T2) – Complete Gambit Prime matches.
  • Nightmare Hunt (T1) – Complete 3. All difficulty tiers grant progress.
  • Clan: Clan Rewards / Hawthorne (T2) – Complete 8 bounties
  • Vanguard: Vanguard Service / Zavala (T1) – Complete 8 bounties
  • Gunsmith: Spare Parts / Banshee (T1)  – Complete 8 bounties
  • Crucible: Live-Fire Exercises / Shaxx (T1) – Complete 8 bounties
  • Gambit: Shady Schemes / Drifter (T1)  – Complete 8 bounties.
  • Moon: Luna’s Calling / Eris (T1) – Complete 1 Memory Pursuit

The old/previous nightfall mode doesn’t reward any powerful gear, only The Ordeal does. From what I’ve heard The Ordeal NF seems to be dropping nightfall strike unique loot as well.


  • Year 3 Exotic Quest
  • Vex Offensive? (Oct 05)
  • Garden of Salvation raid (Oct 05)
  • New Dungeon (Oct 29)


  • NF: The Ordeal – 100k Score
  • Garden of Salvation raid challenges?
  • Iron Banner?

Notes: To view daily modifiers click here.


Live Now!

The Annual Pass is now included for FREE for players that own Forsaken. In summary the standard, deluxe, and collector’s editions of Shadowkeep include Season of the Undying and the Season Pass (which includes the premium/paid track). The Deluxe and Collector’s Editions include 4 Season Passes. A standalone Season Pass may also be purchased in-game for 1000 Silver. Visit the Bungie Seasons FAQ page for details.

Included with New Light Summary (Free to Play):

  • Destiny 2 base game and select content from Forsaken and the Annual Pass.
  • Starting Power Level of 750 for all characters (new or old plus all items in the vault will automatically start/be boosted to 750 Power)
  • Year 1 Exotic weapons and armor.
  • Year 2 Exotics: Thunderlord, Arbalest, Outbreak Perfected, and Bad Juju are the Y2 Exotics available with New Light.
  • Free roam access to all destinations including the Moon.
  • Campaigns: The Red War, Curse of Osiris, and Warmind (play in any order).
  • Additional Content: Armory Forges, Gambit Prime, The Menagerie, and Reckoning (Note: New Light players will have access to all of the rewards from those activities EXCEPT Exotics associated with them like Jötunn and Le Monarque).
  • Additional Modes: Year 1 Nightfall Strikes, Gambit, Gambit and Crucible Private Matches.
  • Raids: Year 1 Raids, Year 1 Raid weapons and gear.
  • Crucible (PvP): Access to all playlists, free seasonal updates, crucible weapons and gear.
  • Strikes (PvE): Strike Playlist, Direct Launch of Year 1 Strikes, Vanguard weapons and gear.
  • In-Game Events: Iron Banner, Festival of the Lost, The Dawning, Crimson Days, The Revelry, and Solstice of Heroes.
  • Free Seasonal Content: Seasonal Artifact, Finishers, Armor 2.0, New Strikes: The Festering Core and The Scarlet Keep, Reprised PvP Maps: Widow’s Court and Twilight Gap as well as new map Fragment, New PvP mode: Momentum Control, Crucible Labs: Elimination, Seasonal Rank Rewards.

Note: Rewards from activities above are included with New Light EXCEPT Exotics associated with them (Like Jötunn and Le Monarque). Forsaken subclasses are not available in New Light. Source: @DestinyTheGame

More Details: Shadowkeep page | Seasons page

Source of image shown above: New Light Infographic by Bungie


Here’s a quick preview of the three ritual weapons you can earn in Season of the Undying. Because these weapons are no longer pinnacle weapons, the quest required to earn them is not as in depth as previous seasons. Note: Players can still earn Pinnacle Weapons from previous seasons, source @cozmo23. Bungie is making several changes to Pinnacle Weapons and perks, view the article by Bungie for more information.





A peddler of strange curios, Xûr’s motives are not his own. He bows to his distant masters, the nine.

Arrives: Friday, Oct 04 @ 10 AM PT

Departs: Tuesday, Oct 08 @ 10 AM PT

Xûr randomly spawns on one of the planet’s every Friday at 10 AM Pacific. Check back on Friday for Xûr’s Inventory and Location or save these links: (infographic) and (post).


Oct 01: Update – The One About Shadowkeep

Sept 30: One More Sleep by Luke Smith

Sept 26: This Week at Bungie – Locked and Preloaded

Sept 19: This Week at Bungie – First to Raid

Helpful Bungie Links: |




Launches: Saturday, October 05 @ 10 AM PDT

A signal emerges from the dark and reaches beyond dimensions, into the uncharted wilds of the Black Garden. Where it leads inside the Garden remains a mystery. One that whispers with temptation, yearning to be solved.

Click here to get more details and view the World’s First raid race rules.

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See you starside!

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