Destiny 2 Weekly Reset (Aug 31 – Sept 07, 2021)


This Week in Destiny 2:

  • Vanguard Singe: Void (Check out r/DestinyTheGame for Daily modifiers)
  • Wayfinder’s Voyage (Week 2) – Venture into the Shattered Realm once again!! (More info will be provided about this activity ASAP)
  • Iron Banner is available now for the first time this season, get more details below.
  • Mayhem is back in the Crucible, plus earn bonus Crucible Ranks all week long!




Available Now until Sept 7 @ 10AM PDT

Two new weapons are now available, the Forge’s Pledge Pulse Rifle and Peacebond Sidearm. They are each available through vendor packages, bounties, match rewards, and the Seasonal Iron Banner quest.

This season, Bungie has introduced the Iron Lord’s Pride intrinsic perk through this set. Wearing a piece of this armor grants a small chance of an Enhancement Prism dropping at the end of an Iron Banner match. Each additional piece worn increases the chance, capping out at four pieces total.

Season 15 Weapons:

Season 15 Armor:

View the Iron Banner page for more details about this limited-time event.



Week Two:

Challenge DescriptionRewards
Wayfinder’s Voyage IIUse the Wayfinder’s Compass to complete Wayfinder’s Voyage II. Also, defeat Scorn with Grenade Launchers.Challenger XP+, Canis Major – Grenade Launcher

Item Screenshot
Ley Line SecretsAlign beacons and discover Trivial and Enigmatic Mysteries within the Shattered Realm.Challenger XP, Wayfinder’s Compass Calibration Level
Umbral Wayfinder IIUse Parallax Trajectory to focus Umbral Engrams at the Prismatic Recaster in the H.E.L.M. Open Wayfinder’s Troves in the Astral Alignment activity.Challenger XP+, Wayfinder’s Compass Calibration Level
Astral LancerDefeat combatants with Linear Fusion Rifles. Combatants defeated in the Shattered Realm or Astral Alignment activities grant bonus progress.Challenger XP
Iron Sharpens IronComplete Iron Banner matches. Earn bonus progress for wins.Challenger XP+, Bright Dust
Drifter’s ChosenEarn points by banking Motes, defeating Blockers, and defeating Guardians in Gambit.Challenger XP+, Bright Dust
The Tangled Web We WeaveOn the Tangled Shore, earn progress by completing bounties, patrols, public events, and Lost Sectors.Challenger XP+, Bright Dust
Contender’s DelveComplete a Lost Sector on Legend or higher.Challenger XP+, Bright Dust
Close-Range CalibrationCalibrate close-range weapons—Sidearms, Submachine Guns, Shotguns, and Swords—on the Tangled Shore. Bonus progress for rapidly defeating combatants.Challenger XP+, Bright Dust
Taken EradicationDefeat Taken combatants in strikes. Earn bonus progress for defeating tougher combatants.Challenger XP+, Bright Dust

Check out the Seasonal Challenges page for more details!



Charge your Wayfinder’s Compass and reawaken ancient Ley Lines throughout the Dreaming City. Seal your accomplishments by defending the Blind Well from Xivu Arath’s encroaching forces.

Recommended Power: 1250 | Fireteam: 1-6 Players w/Matchmaking

Weekly Challenge: Open Wayfinder’s Troves (0/3)

Rewards: Powerful Gear (Tier 1)

For more info view the Astral Alignment page.



Recommended Power: 1290 | Fireteam: 1-3 Players without matchmaking

Weekly Shattered Realm: Debris of DreamsTraverse the Shattered Realms of the Ascendant Plane in search of the lost Awoken Techeuns.

  • Challenge: Defeat Champions in the Shattered Realm activity. (0/4)
  • Challenge Rewards: Pinnacle Gear


  • Champions
    • Unstoppable: This mode contains Unstoppable Champions, which cannot be stopped without an Unstoppable mod.
    • Overload: This mode contains Overload Champions, which cannot be stopped without an Overload mod.
    • Scorn: This mode contains both Overload and Unstoppable Champions, which cannot be stunned without an Overload or Unstoppable mod, respectively.

For more info view the Shattered Realm page.



Power Recommendation: There is no minimum Power requirement to enter, enemies are at 1350 Power.

Master Challenge and Rewards:

Master ChallengeRewards
Only Oracle for You (Oracles)Timelost Weapon:
Praedyth’s Revenge – (Timelost) Sniper Rifle
Curated Perks: Feeding Frenzy, Firefly
Armor Focus (Stat): Strength

Check out the Raid Challenges and/or Vault of Glass page for more details.



Weekly Challenge: Complete the Vault of Glass raid challenge on any difficulty. (Reward: Pinnacle Gear)

RaidChallengeChallenge Requirement
Vault of GlassOnly Oracle for You (Oracles)Players cannot destroy the same oracle more than once.
Deep Stone CryptCopies of Copies (Atraks)Do not send any “Atraks-1 Replication” debuffs into airlocks/space.
Garden of SalvationZero to One Hundred (Sanctified Mind)Fully fill each conflux with x30 motes within ten seconds of initially banking the first set of motes.
Last WishSummoning Ritual (Kalli)Activate and cleanse all nine plates, then kill all nine Knights and Ogres before damaging Kalli.

View more info on the Raid Challenges page.



Lake of Shadows: Stem the tide of Taken flowing into the European Dead Zone from beneath the waves.

Location: European Dead ZoneEarth | Boss: Grask, the Consumed


  • Complete 5, higher difficulties grant the most efficient progress. (Powerful Gear/T1)
  • Complete with a team score of 100k or more. (Pinnacle Gear)

Possible Rewards

  • Adept: Exotic Gear (rare), Enhancement Cores (uncommon), and Nightfall Weapon (rare).
  • Hero: Exotic Gear (uncommon), Enhancement Cores (common), Enhancement Prisms (rare), and Nightfall Weapon (uncommon).
  • Legend: Exotic Gear (common), Enhancement Prisms (uncommon), and Nightfall Weapon (common).
  • Master: Exotic Gear (common), Enhancement Prisms (common), Ascendant Shards (uncommon), and Nightfall Weapon (common).
  • Grandmaster: Exotic Gear (common), Ascendant Shards (common), and Nightfall Weapon (common). 

Possible Nightfall Weapons


*Grandmaster difficulty opens October 5, 2021 (Matchmaking is OFF for Legend and above.)

ModifiersAdept (1250 Power)Hero (1290 Power)Legend (1320 Power)Master (1350 Power)Grandmaster (1370 Power)
Champions: Mob
Champions: Unstoppable
Champions: Overload
Grask’s Bile
Match Game
Equipment Locked
GM Modifiers
Limited Revives

MORE INFO: For more details visit the Nightfall page



Recommended Power: 1230

Challenge: Complete an Exo challenge.

  • Agility: Simulated Skill-Set Training – Test your dexterity as you move against the Vex.

Reward: Pinnacle Gear

MORE INFO: For more details about Exo Challenges, click here.




  • Complete 2 Empire Hunts (as part of a step on an Empire Hunt quest).
    • Reward: Powerful Gear (Tier 1)
  • Complete any Empire Hunt on Master difficulty.
    • Reward: Pinnacle Gear

Weekly Empire Hunt:

The Warrior: Phylaks: Defeat Eramis’s military commander, Phylaks, the Warrior.

Possible Rewards

  • Adept: Enhancement Cores (uncommon)
  • Hero: High-Stat Crystocrene Armor (rare), Enhancement Cores (common) and Enhancement Prisms (rare).
  • Legend: High-Stat Crystocrene Armor (uncommon), Enhancement Cores (uncommon) and Enhancement Prisms (common).
  • Master: High-Stat Crystocrene Armor (common) and Enhancement Prisms (common).
  • Any Difficulty Above: Cloudstrike – Exotic Sniper Rifle (Random drop)

MORE INFO: For more details about Empire Hunts, click here.



Lost Sectors change Daily @ Reset, 10 AM PDT. There is one Legend and one Master Lost Sector each day, each one has a chance to drop a piece of Exotic Armor (see schedule below).

Lost Sector Resources

Info Page | Infographics

Required to Unlock Lost Sectors

  • Complete normal version of the Lost Sector.
  • Reach Power Level 1260 (NOTE: If you are lower than 1260 Power you will not see Legend and Master Lost Sectors. Keep in mind, even though you may access Lost Sectors at a Power level lower than what is recommended, I recommend not being much more than 10 Power Levels below the Recommended Power Level, 20 max.)

Recommended Power Levels

  • Legend 1320
    • Exotic Drop Chance: Rare
    • Masterwork Core Chance: Uncommon
  • Master 1350
    • Exotic Drop Chance: Common
    • Masterwork Core Chance: Uncommon

Weekly Schedule

This schedule will be updated manually everyday until the rotation is known.

Schedule (Weekly View)

Schedule (Weekly View)

DateLegendPossible RewardMasterPossible Reward
8/31/2021K1 Revelation
ArmsK1 Crew Quarters
9/1/2021Concealed Void
ChestK1 Revelation
9/2/2021 Concealed Void



Location of Eclipsed Zone: Eventide Ruins, Europa

MORE INFO: For more details about the Eclipsed Zone and Augmented Obsession Triumph, click here.



Fireteams of six will use Splicer tech to hack the Vex Network. Uncover their secrets, steal their code, and user their power against them. Season of the Splicer Season Pass required to access this activity. 

Recommended Power: 1300

Weekly Override Mission: The Moon

  • Use teamwork and your Splicer skills to force your way into the Vex network and crash it from the inside.


  • Champions: Barrier – This mode contains Barrier Champions, which cannot be stopped without an Anti-Barrier mod.
  • Champions: Unstoppable – This mode contains Unstoppable Champions, which cannot be stopped without an Unstoppable mod.
  • Check out r/DestinyTheGame for remaining modifiers (which change daily at reset).

Weekly Challenges and Rewards:

  • Complete Three Override Missions (0/3)
    • Reward: Powerful Gear (Tier 3)
  • Open Three Conflux Chests with Key Codes in Override missions. (0/3)
    • Reward: Pinnacle Gear

Weekly Challenges and Rewards:

  • Complete Three Override Missions (0/3)
    • Reward: Powerful Legacy Gear

MORE INFO: View the Override page for more details.



MORE INFO: This is a Legacy activity and does not reward Powerful Gear. View more details for this activity here.



  • Nightmare Boss: Nightmare of Xortal
  • Location: Sorrow’s Harbor, The Moon
  • Trove Guardian: Hellmouth, The Moon

MORE INFO: This is a Legacy activity and does not reward Powerful Gear.



Weekly Location: Rheasilvia

Dreaming City Cycle: Full Strength Curse (“The Shattered Throne” Dungeon is available at all times. It can be launched and from the Director.)

Challenges and Quests:

  • Ascendant Challenge: Ouroborea, Aphelion’s Rest
  • Quest: Dark Monastery – Provide recon for Petra’s forces by investigating strange enemy activity in Rheasilvia.
  • Blind Well: Taken, Plague: Inomina

MORE INFO: This is a Legacy activity and does not reward Powerful Gear.



Location: Sorrow’s Harbor, Moon


DatePossible Reward (Can drop from the final boss)
8/31/2021Blasphemer (Shotgun)
9/1/2021Apostate (Sniper)
9/2/2021Heretic (Rocket Launcher)
9/3/2021Blasphemer (Shotgun)
9/4/2021Apostate (Sniper)
9/5/2021Heretic (Rocket Launcher)
9/6/2021Blasphemer (Shotgun)
9/7/2021Apostate (Sniper)

MORE INFO: This activity is a Legacy activity and no longer rewards Powerful Gear. Only one weapon drops per day and changes every day at the daily reset time, check the schedule to make sure which weapon is dropping. You may also confirm what the weapon is each day at r/DestinyTheGame if this page is incorrect or not updated.



The Eververse page is updated each week herePlease note, this page is updated manually after the weekly reset graphics and posts are made.



A peddler of strange curios, Xûr’s motives are not his own. He bows to his distant masters, the nine.

Arrives: Friday, Sept 03 @ 10AM Pacific

Departs: Monday, Sept 07 @ 10AM Pacific

MORE INFO: Check out the Xûr page on Friday’s for more details.



3v3 Competitive Activity – Available for all Destiny 2 players! 

Returns: Friday, Sept 10 @ 10AM Pacific

MORE INFO: Trials will return on September 10, 2021 with some changes. Read about those here on the Bungie website.



Visit for news, updates, and more!

News and Updates

Helpful Websites



Players with an active Prime Gaming membership can now earn in-game Exotic Gear Drops in Destiny 2. Each drop will contain four rewards, including Exotic weapons, Ghosts, ships, Sparrows, and weapon ornaments from previous Seasons.

Wardcliff Coil Exotic Bundle Available Now 

  • Wardcliff Coil Exotic Rocket Launcher
  • Dieselpunk Exotic Ornament
  • Eon Drive Exotic Sparrow
  • Lost Legendary Ghost Projection

If you do not have a membership, you may start your free trial here (*This link supports Kyber3000 with a small commission for each sign up). You may visit this page to start your free trial and support Kyber at the same time or here is a non-affiliate link).

Once you have signed up for Prime Gaming and have connected your accounts, you can claim your Destiny 2 Exotic Gear Drops every month on the Destiny 2 Prime Gaming website.

After claiming your drop, log into Destiny 2 and visit Amanda Holliday in the Tower’s Hangar where you will be able to claim your rewards from her inventory screen.

You will have until the 10 AM Pacific on the last day of the drop to claim the rewards on Destiny 2 Prime Gaming website.


  • If you claim a reward on a wrong account, you will be unable to reclaim that reward.
  • Additionally, if you use Amazon Prime Household Sharing, only ONE person will be able to claim a reward.

Still have questions? Check out Bungie’s Help article for more details on how everything works.

Sources: Prime Gaming and Bungie



Bungie invites you to jump into action with them to develop a fund that will both support their efforts as well as help us build a pool of reserves that can be leveraged to support future humanitarian needs strategically and rapidly. Between now and September 1 at 11:59pm PT, Bungie has a few exciting opportunities to help those in need around the world, along with some incredible incentives to thank you for doing so.

Team Rubicon and Direct Relief have teams on the ground across the world and are actively providing life-saving medical care, critical medical and PPE supplies, food, water, and shelter to hundreds of thousands of people in need following the recent natural disasters – including the Haiti earthquake, West Coast and Mediterranean wildfires, and Tennessee and Germany floods. They have not let up on their mission to vaccinate vulnerable populations against COVID-19.

Here’s how it’ll work:


  • All donations to the Bungie Foundation will support the Disaster Relief Fund.
  • Donate $25+ and receive the Anchor Point emblem, distributed via email on Thursday, September 9.


  • Every customer will receive the Vital Elixir emblem, distributed on Thursday, September 9.


  • All purchases from Bungie Foundation Collection will support the Disaster Relief Fund.
  • All purchases from this collection will receive the Planet of Peace emblem, delivered via email after purchase is completed.

Notes: To be eligible for the in-game items listed above, donations and/or purchases must be made between August 19 and September 1 at 11:59pm PT. Unique redemption code(s) will be emailed to you on Thursday, September 9 following the completion of the fundraiser. Donations must be exactly $25 or higher to qualify for the Anchor Point emblem. Combining smaller donations does not qualify. Limit one redemption code per item per email for qualifying donations or purchases.

Info above is directly from: This Week at Bungie – August 19, 2021

To stay up-to-date with gaming infographics/posts, news and updates, enter occasional giveaways and more, make sure to join us on Discord!

Please note, since the reveal is on the day the new season starts and on Reset day, the Reset Infographic will be made later than usual but I do plan to make it.

Have a good week everyone!

See the source image  Kimberly (Kyber)



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