Destiny 2 Weekly Reset (June 21 – June 28)

This Week in Destiny

➤ Season of the Haunted continues.
➤ The latest Sever mission is available!
➤ Vanguard Ops Burn: Solar
➤ Nightfall: The Inverted Spire
➤ Crucible Playlist: Clash
➤ Crucible Labs: Zone Control
➤ Bonus Ranks: Gambit
➤ Rotators: Last Wish Raid and Shattered Throne Dungeon
➤ Trials Freelance returns on Friday!


Current Daily and Weekly Reset time: 10 AM PDT (1800 UTC)

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Crucible Labs


Zone Control – The initial capture grants one point and the two points for every fifteen seconds the zone is held after that. So keep in mind, keeping a zone has more value than initially capturing it.  

Capture Times 

  • 1 Guardian: 22.5 Seconds 
  • 2 Guardians: 10 Seconds 
  • 3+ Guardians: 7.5 Seconds

The first team to 125 points wins! If a team falls too far behind, a mercy rule will come into effect.

Source: TWAB – June 16, 2022

Weekly Pinnacles

Here is a look at challenges/activities that reward Pinnacle Gear every week.

All pinnacles award a Power increase of +2 except the weekly challenges for Crucible, Vanguard, and Gambit (which are a +1 Power increase).




Complete "Duality"

The Witch Queen or Dungeon Key from Eververse

Complete "Vow of the Disciple"

The Witch Queen

Win 7 matches

Win 50 matches

The Witch Queen

Tank Buster: Defeat powerful Cabal and Champions in the "Vox Obscura" Exotic quest.

The Witch Queen

Master mode completion.

The Witch Queen


Enter the Throne World Pyramid and prevent the Scorn from reclaiming its power.

The Witch Queen

Reaper's Cut - Defeat a Nightmare boss in Sever and loot their chests.

Season 17

Complete the weekly Dungeon rotator. 



Complete 3 matches.


Complete the weekly Raid rotator. 


Score 100,000 points or more


Vanguard Ops

Complete 3 strikes using the same subclass element as the currently active elemental burn. This week it is arc burn.



Complete 3 matches.


Score 250,000 points or more

30th Anniversay Pack

Complete "Grasp of Avarice".

30th Anniversay Pack

Seasonal Challenges

Week 5

Sorrow Bound VComplete Bound in Sorrow V and defeat Nightmares on the MoonBound in Sorrow V completed, defeat 75 NightmaresChallenger XP+
Nightmare Containment IIISuccessfully complete tiers of the Nightmare Containment public event on the Derelict Levithan throughout the seasonComplete 150 public eventsChallenger XP++
Empty GriefComplete Sever – Grief using only a Void subclass and Void, Kinetic, or Stasis weaponsComplete Sever – Grief under specific parametersFigments of Darkness, Challenger XP+
Umbral Focusing IIFocus equipment at the Crown of Sorrow throughout the seasonFocus six weapons, focus four armor piecesChallenger XP+
Linking the Chain of CommandAcquire the Chain of CommandEarn the seasonal machine gunChallenger XP++, 75 Bright Dust
SunburnDefeat Guardians. Bonus progress is granted for opponents defeated with the help of Solar effectsDefeat 200 GuardiansChallenger XP++, 75 Bright Dust
Leviathan Reaper – Cabal and Nightmare BossesDefeat Cabal bosses in Strikes or Vanguard playlists. Defeat Nightmares anywhere in the systemDefeat five Cabal bosses, defeat five Nightmare bossesChallenger XP++, 75 Bright Dust

Nightmare Containment

Evil resonates within the hull of the emperor’s wretched vessel. Summon the most challenging Nightmares and cleanse them with fire.

Access: Free for all players

Fireteam: Up to 3 players

Location: Derelict Leviathan

Weekly Challenges:

  • Binding Performed (x2): In Nightmare Containment aboard the Derelict Leviathan, defeat Nightmare bosses and bind Vestiges of Dread with the Nightmare Harvester.
    • Reward: Powerful Gear (Tier 1)
  • Bindings Performed (x6): In Nightmare Containment aboard the Derelict Leviathan, defeat Nightmare bosses and bind Vestiges of Dread with the Nightmare Harvester.
    • Reward: Powerful Gear (Tier 3)

➡️ Check out what weapons and armor drops from this activity.

Weekly Story Mission

Access: The Witch Queen

Mission: The Ritual – Disrupt Savathûn’s ritual to steal the Traveler by revealing a lost secret from her past.

Weekly Challenges:

  • Complete the weekly campaign on any difficulty.
    • Reward: Powerful Gear (Tier 1)
  • Get a team score of 100,000 or better.
    • Reward: Pinnacle Gear
🔸 Recommended Power: 1520
High-Stat Veritas Armor (Rare)
Ascendant Alloy (Rare)
Fire Pit: When defeated, Acolytes spawn fire pools that cause damage over time.
Champion Foes: You will face Barrier and Unstoppable Champions. You must equip Anti-Barrier and Anti-Unstoppable mods to your arms armor to defeat them. These mods come from the Seasonal Artifact.
🔸 Recommended Power: 1550
High-Stat Veritas Armor (Uncommon)
Ascendant Alloy (Uncommon)
Above modifiers plus:
Shielded Foes: You will face combatants with Arc, Solar, and Void Shields.
Equipment Locked: You will not be able to change your equipment after this activity starts.
Match Game: Enemy shields are highly resistant to all unmatched elemental damage.
Equipment Locked: You will not be able to change your equipment after this activity starts.
🔸 Recommended Power: 1580
High-Stat Veritas Armor (Common)
Ascendant Alloy (Common)
All modifiers above (Hero and Legend):
Champions: Mob: This mode contains additional Champions.
Attrition: Regeneration is greatly impaired. Defeating enemies may create wells of Light.

NOTE: Visit the weekly story page for more details.

The Wellspring Schedule

The Wellspring is a new six-player matchmade activity at the heart of the ongoing struggle for the Throne World. The balance must be maintained.

Access: The Witch Queen

Fireteam: 1-6 Players

Recommended Power: 1510

Location: Savathun’s Throne World

Offensives: Attack and Defend (Rotates Daily, along with a specific weapon)

Weekly Challenge: Complete runs of The Wellspring 0/3

  • Rewards: Powerful Gear (Tier 1)

Possible Rewards:


[wptb id="91918" not found ]

NOTE: Wellspring weapons can be crafted. Check out our The Wellspring page for more details.


The Inverted Spire (Nessus): End the Red Legion expedition that’s ripped open the planet’s surface.


  • Complete 5, higher difficulties grant the most efficient progress. (Powerful Gear/T1)
  • Complete with a team score of 100k or more. (Pinnacle Gear)

Featured Nightfall Weapon



The Hothead

Type: Rocket Launcher

Element: Arc 

Slot: Power

Ammo: Heavy


(Adept) The Hothead

Type: Rocket Launcher

Element: Arc

Slot: Power

Ammo: Heavy


Old Nightfall Unique Loot




Exotic Sparrow


Drop Chance

  • Adept: Exotic Gear (rare), Enhancement Cores (uncommon), and Nightfall Weapon (rare).
  • Hero: Exotic Gear (uncommon), Enhancement Cores (common), Enhancement Prisms (rare), and Nightfall Weapon (uncommon).
  • Legend: Exotic Gear (common), Enhancement Prisms (uncommon), and Nightfall Weapon (common).
  • Master: Exotic Gear (common), Enhancement Prisms (common), Ascendant Shards (uncommon), and Nightfall Weapon (common).
  • Grandmaster: Exotic Gear (common), Ascendant Shards (common), and Nightfall Weapon (common).


ModifiersAdept (1490 Power)Hero (1530 Power)Legend (1560 Power)Master (1590 Power)
# of ChampsCollecting DataBarrier: 12
Unstoppable: 7
# of ShieldsCollecting DataVoid: 11
Arc: 5-8
Solar: 3
Shielded Foes – Arc, Void, and Solar Shields
Champion Foes – Barrier, Unstoppable
Champions: Mob
Scorched Earth
Ashes to Ashes
Acute Arc Burn
Equipment Locked
Match Game


Nightfall page | Nightfall Weapon Schedule

NOTE: The weapons below has a chance to drop from the currently active Nightfall strike. Adept versions will become available when Grandmaster unlocks on July 5.

Raid and Dungeon Rotator

Available Now for all players!

For any raid or dungeon that offers a higher difficulty, such as Master Vault of Glass, that higher difficulty is also available to select. All lockouts on encounter rewards for Legendary gear have been removed, which means all Legendary drops in both raids and dungeons are farmable.

Rotators: Raid and Dungeon



Last Wish

Access: Forsaken Pack
Reward: Pinnacle Gear (First Completion)
Lockout: Removed (For Legendary Gear)

All Challenges: Active

Shattered Throne

Access: Forsaken Pack
Reward: Pinnacle Gear (First Completion)
Lockout: Removed (For Legendary Gear)

VoG Timelost Weapon

Power Recommendation:

  • Legend: 1350
  • Master: 1590

Master Challenge Reward

  • Armor Focus: TBA


Timelost Weapon

Curated Perks

Strangers in Time

Earned by completing the weekly Master Vault of Glass challenge.

- Overflow
- Cluster Bomb

Earned by completing all Vault of Glass Master Challenges.

NOTE: Vault of Glass rewards Powerful Gear (Tier 3), for Pinnacle gear complete Vow of the Disciple encounters (x4). Check out the Vault of Glass page for more details.

Raid Challenges

Vow Master Armor Focus

Week of: Sept 13, 2022


Armor Focus

Base Information (The Caretaker)

Guardians must not pick up more than one (1) stack of Knowledge (Glyph) on each run.


Last Wish Raid Challenges

[wptb id="93814" not found ]

Last Wish Raid Challenges




Summoning Ritual

Activate and cleanse all nine plates, then kill all nine Knights and Ogres, before damaging Kalli.

Which Witch

Guardians must not get hit or take damage from Shuro Chi’s Arc Blast.

Forever Fight

Do not kill the smaller Ogres.

Keep Out

Ensure that no Might of Riven knights make it into the center chamber during the Vault fight.

Strength of Memory

Guardians must not shoot the same Riven eye twice.



  • The newest raid Vow of the Disciple rewards Pinnacle Gear (x4, one per encounter, per character each week). Vault of Glass awards Powerful Gear (Tier 3). All other raids reward Legendary Gear. Raids still drop their exclusive rewards (such as raid exotics or Timelost weapons).
  • Vow of the Disciple Master Challenge: Adept weapons work on a knockout system and can only be obtained from the weekly Master challenge. After collecting all Adept raid weapons, randomly rolled versions will drop.


Vow of the Disciple

VoG Raid Page | Master VoG Timelost Weapons Schedule

Deep Stone Crypt

Garden of Salvation

Last Wish

NOTE: View more details on our Raid Challenges page.

Lost Sector Schedule

Required to Unlock Lost Sectors

  • Complete normal version of the Lost Sector.
  • Reach Power level 1500

Recommended Power Levels

  • Legend 1560
    • Exotic Drop Chance: Rare
    • Masterwork Core Chance: Uncommon
  • Master 1590
    • Exotic Drop Chance: Common
    • Masterwork Core Chance: Uncommon

Resources: Info Page | Infographics

Weekly Schedule

NOTE: The daily Lost Sector and exotic reward is the same for both Legend and Master difficulties. Lost Sectors change daily at Reset. Check out our Lost Sector page for more details.

PsiOps Battlegrounds (Legend)

Weekly PsiOps: Cosmodrome

The Lucent Hive are using stolen Guardian Light for some wicked purpose. Breach their stronghold and uncover their plot.


  • Empath: Enhanced radar. Take increased damage from melee.
  • Martyr: Exploder units have more health.
  • Empath: Enhanced radar. Take increased damage from melee.
  • Champion Foes: You will face [Shield-Piercing] Barrier and [Stagger] Unstoppable Champions. You must equip Anti-Barrier and Anti-Unstoppable mods to your arms armor to defeat them. These mods come from the Seasonal Artifact.
  • Equipment Locked: You will not be able to change your equipment after this activity starts.
  • Match Game: Enemy shields are highly resistant to all unmatched elemental damage.
  • Shielded Foes: You will face combatants with Arc, Solar, and Void Shields.

NOTE: This activity no longer rewards Pinnacle or Powerful gear.

Dares of Eternity (Legend)

A cautionary tale for adventurers willing to trade their humanity for riches.

Access: 30th Anniversary Pack

Fireteam: Up to 3 Players (no matchmaking)

Location: Cosmodrome (Launch activity from Eternity on the main screen)

Weekly Challenge and Reward

  • Complete Dares of Eternity x3.
    • Reward: Powerful Gear
  • Complete Dares of Eternity with a score of 25000 or higher.
    • Reward: Pinnacle Gear
  • Master Difficulty: Can drop Enhancement Prisms


Recommended Power: 1560

Matchmaking OFF


  • Equipment Locked: You will not be able to change your equipment after this activity starts.

  • Match Game: Enemy shields are highly resistant to all unmatched elemental damage.

  • Contestants: Disciples of the Neigh
    - Round 1: Hive
    - Round 2: Fallen
    - Final Round: Valus Ta'aurc (Cabal)

  • Champion Foes: You will face Barrier, Overload, and Unstoppable Champions.

  • Melee Health Increase: Melee units have increased health. Item

  • Scorched Earth: Enemies throw grenades significantly more often.

  • Arc Singe: Arc damage increases slightly from all sources.

Weapon Name


First In, Last Out

Type: Shotgun

Element: Arc

Ammo: Special


Type: Sidearm

Element: Kinetic

Ammo: Primary

Gnawing Hunger

Type: Auto Rifle

Element: Void

Ammo: Primary

Night Watch

Type: Scout Rifle

Element: Kinetic

Ammo: Primary

Main Ingrident

Type: Fusion Rifle

Element: Arc

Ammo: Special


Type: Submachine Gun

Element: Arc

Ammo: Primary

Long Shadow

Type: Sniper Rifle

Element: Kinetic

Ammo: Special

Steel Sybil Z-14

Type: Sword

Element: Void

Ammo: Heavy

Toil and Trouble

Type: Shotgun

Element: Kinetic

Ammo: Special

Last Perdition

Type: Pulse Rifle

Element: Void

Ammo: Primary


Type: Shotgun

Element: Solar

Ammo: Special

Berenger's Memory

Type: Grenade Launcher

Element: Void

Ammo: Heavy

The Last Dance

Type: Sidearm
Element: Arc
Ammo: Primary


Type: Sniper Rifle
Element: Solar
Ammo: Special

NOTE: Only the weekly Master difficulty rewards Pinnacle gear. Check out the Dares of Eternity for more details.

Starhorse Bounties

A mysterious, impossible horse. Starhorse’s origins and motives are unknowable.

Location: Eternity

Access: 30th Anniversary Pack


Starhorse, Eternity

Sticky SituationComplete the following objectives in a single run of Dares of Eternity. Objectives will reset if not completed when the activity ends. Defeat combatants with attached grenade abilities, defeat combatants with grenades, and complete the activity with an impressive score.5 Strange Coin15 Attached grenades & 50 [Grenade] Grenade & 1 {var:3447066373} Points2 Paraversal Haul & 1 Enhancement Core & XP++
Bring the OverkillComplete the following objectives in a single run of Dares of Eternity. Objectives will reset if not completed when the activity ends. Defeat combatants with your Super, disintegrate combatants with high-damage elemental final blows, and complete the activity with an impressive score.5 Strange Coin75 Super & 80 Disintegrations & 1 {var:3447066373} Points2 Paraversal Haul & 1 Enhancement Core & XP++
Match GameComplete the following objectives in a single run of Dares of Eternity on Legend difficulty. Objectives will reset if not completed when the activity ends. Defeat combatants using a Void, Arc, or Solar weapon that matches your currently equipped subclass; defeat combatants with any Power weapon; and complete the activity with an incredible score.7 Strange Coin115 Matching weapon & 60 Power weapon & 1 {var:73817828} Points3 Paraversal Haul & 1 Enhancement Prism & XP++

Europa (Legacy)

These activities no longer reward Powerful or Pinnacle Gear.

  • Eclipsed Zone: Cadmus Ridge, Europa
    • Buff: Stasis Regeneration – Stasis abilities recharge faster.
  • Exo Challenge: Safeguard
  • Empire Hunt: Technocrat


Courageous ExpeditionOn Europa, complete Lost Sectors, public events, and patrols.1000 Glimmer15 ProgressXP++
Controlled ExperimentDuring the Empire Hunt “The Technocrat,” defeat Praksis and earn points by defeating combatants with precision final blows. Higher difficulties grant more efficient progress.1000 Glimmer50 [Headshot] Precision & 1 Praksis, the Technocrat defeatedXP++

The Moon (Legacy)

The activities below no longer reward powerful or pinnacle gear.

  • Nightmare Boss: Nightmare of Jax, Hellmouth
  • Nightmare Hunts: Phogoth, Ghaul, Taniks

Eris Morn, Moon

Slow-Wave DisruptionComplete waves of Altars of Sorrow in Sorrow’s Harbor.1000 Glimmer7 Waves completedHymn of Desecration
Lunar SpelunkerLoot chests in 3 of the Moon’s Lost Sectors.1000 Glimmer1 K1 Communion Lost Sector looted & 1 K1 Logistics Lost Sector looted & 1 K1 Crew Quarters Lost Sector looted1 Firewall Data Fragment

Lectern of Enchantment, Moon

Nightmare HunterDefeat Nightmares in Nightmare Hunts.5 Phantasmal Fragment100 NightmaresXP++ & 1 Phantasmal Core
Nightmare SojournerDefeat Nightmares in Lost Sectors across the solar system. Nightmares defeated on the Moon only grant reduced progress.5 Phantasmal Fragment100 NightmaresXP++ & 1 Phantasmal Core

Altars of Sorrow Schedule

DateBossPossible Reward (from boss)
06-21-2022Nightmare of PhogothBlasphemer
06-22-2022Nightmare of TaniksApostate
06-23-2022Nightmare of ZydronHeretic
06-24-2022Nightmare of PhogothBlasphemer
06-25-2022Nightmare of TaniksApostate
06-26-2022Nightmare of ZydronHeretic
06-27-2022Nightmare of PhogothBlasphemer
06-28-2022Nightmare of TaniksApostate

RELATED: Nightmare Hunt | Wandering Nightmares | Altars of Sorrow

Dreaming City (Legacy)

Location & Quest


Ascendant Challenge

Blind Well

Location: Rheasilvia

Quest: Dark Monastery


Keep of Honed Edges (Harbinger Seclude)

Taken, Plague: Inomina


Petra Bounties

A warrior of the Reef, Petra Venj puts duty above all else.

Ascendant Challenge“The Awoken have long practiced the art of walking between worlds.” —Techeun Kalli1500 Glimmer1 Ascendant challenge completedXP++ & Dark Fragment & Legendary Gear
Gateway Between Worlds“The Blind Well can split wide the veins that run between realities.” —Techeun Sedia40 Dark Fragment10 Activity completionsXP++ & Offering to the Oracle & Baryon Bough

NOTE: Dreaming City activities and challenges reward legendary gear.

Gunsmith // Banshee-44

The Gunsmith is located in the Courtyard in The Tower. The Gunsmith’s Weapons change every week at Reset, Mods change Daily at Reset, check mods out at r/DestinyTheGame or Mods for both Banshee-44 and Ada-1 are Tweeted out every day at @D2_Director.


Weapons Available

NameTypeColumn 1Column 2Column 3Column 4Grade on
Memory InterdictHeavy Grenade LauncherConfined Launch // Hard LaunchAugmented Drum // High-Velocity RoundsUnderdogUnrelentingF
Annual SkateEnergy Hand CannonFastdraw HCS // SteadyHand HCSSteady Rounds // Flared MagwellSlideshotWellspringF
Perses-DKinetic Scout RifleArrowhead Brake // Hammer-Forged RiflingSteady Rounds // Flared MagwellCompulsive ReloaderOpening ShotD
Typhon GL5Heavy Grenade LauncherLinear Compensator // Smart Drift ControlProximity Grenades // Alloy CasingImpulse AmplifierAdrenaline JunkieA
Fugue-55Energy Sniper RifleFull Bore // SmallboreAppended Mag // Tactical MagLead from GoldMoving TargetF
Staccato-46Energy Scout RifleArrowhead Brake // SmallboreAccurized Rounds // Tactical MagTriple TapExplosive PayloadS

Prime Gaming Bundle

The Polaris Lance Bundle is Available Now! Offer ends in one month!

Players with an active Prime Gaming membership can earn in-game Exotic Gear Drops in Destiny 2. Each drop will contain at least four rewards, including Exotic weapons, ghosts, ships, sparrows, and weapon ornaments from previous Seasons.

If you do not have a membership, new members get a free 30-day trial! (*Signing up via this link supports us with by crediting a commission for each sign up, we appreciate all of you that use our link!). If you are already signed up for Prime visit the Prime Gaming website.

Exotic Bundle Includes


Once you have signed up for Prime Gaming and have connected your accounts, you can claim your Destiny 2 Exotic Gear Drops every month on the Destiny 2 Prime Gaming website.

After claiming your drop, log into Destiny 2 and visit Amanda Holliday in the Tower’s Hangar where you will be able to claim your rewards from her inventory screen.

You will have until the 10 AM Pacific on the last day of the drop to claim the rewards on Destiny 2 Prime Gaming website.

Where do I get my Destiny 2 Prime Gaming Bundle?

  • Your claimed drop will be available from Amanda Holliday in The Tower next time you log in to Destiny 2.
  • Additional drops will be available to claim as long as you remain an Amazon Prime member.
  • Note: New players will need to complete the game introduction prior to receiving in-game content.
  • If you’re unable to receive your content, see the FAQs for more detail.


  • If you claim a reward on a wrong account, you will be unable to reclaim that reward.
  • Additionally, if you use Amazon Prime Household Sharing, only ONE person will be able to claim a reward.

Still have questions? Check out Bungie’s Help article for more details on how everything works.

*We will receive a small commission whenever someone signs up for Prime Gaming or buys eligible items from using our Affiliate link.

Xûr, Agent of the Nine

A peddler of strange curios, Xûr’s motives are not his own. He bows to his distant masters, the nine.

Arrives: Friday, June 24 @ 10 AM PDT

Departs: Tuesday, June 28 @ 10 AM PDT

NOTE: Check out the Xûr page on Friday’s for more details.

Trials of Osiris

Modes: Elimination and Freelance (Solo Fireteams)

Begins: Friday, June 24 @ 10 AM PDT

Ends: Tuesday, June 28 @ 10 AM PDT

NOTE: Check out our Trials page on Friday’s for more details.

Destiny News and Updates

Visit for news, updates, and more!

News and Updates

Useful Links


Mid Season Update

There will be a small mid-Season weapon balance update shipping with Solstice, which will include some buffs to weapon subfamilies that have been languishing for a while, a fix for certain Special weapons not getting enough ammo per Special brick for one defeat in PvP, and some tuning for oppressive Exotic weapons. 

Source: TWAB – June 9, 2022

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