馃挔 This Weekend in Destiny 2 – X没r and Trials (02.26 – 03.02)

馃挔 This weekend you can find X没r hanging out at Watcher’s Grave on Nessus and Trials is live on Convergence (Trials has been cancelled, see Tweet below). Check out the info below for a look at Xur’s Inventory, Trials info, recent news, and more.



A peddler of strange curios, X没r’s motives are not his own. He bows to his distant masters, the nine. (Note: Xur offers random rolls on all armor.)

Departs: Tuesday, Mar 02 @ 9 AM PST

Where is Xur? Watcher’s Grave, Nessus聽(The green arrow below is Xur’s location)

Exotic Armor – 23 LS (Random Rolls are available)

Exotic Weapon – 29 LS

Other Items

Exotic Engram (97 LS)

  • An engram with a predestined outcome. Contains a new Exotic if any remain to be collected; otherwise, it contains a random piece of Exotic armor. This item can be purchase only once per week, per account.

Exotic Cipher Quest (No Cost)

  • Complete strikes or win matches in Crucible or Gambit. Extra progress is awarded for more challenging activities and for succeeding with clanmates. Reward: Exotic Cipher Present it to X没r or the Monument To Lost Lights to receive a reward. You can only hold 1 of this item at a time. (Available on a weekly cadence)

More Info

Xur Graphic: kyber3000.com/Xur | Post: kyber3000.com/Xurpost

Reddit: X没r Mega-thread via r/DestinyTheGame



Departs: Tuesday, Mar 02 @ 9 a.m. PST


Map: Convergence

Trials Graphic: kyber3000.com/Trials | Post: kyber3000.com/Trialspost

More Info: View Guides, Rewards, and More for Trials | Trials Help Article via Bungie

Reddit:Trials Mega-thread via r/DestinyTheGame



Ends: Tuesday, Mar 02 @ 9AM PT

Info: For any New Lights out there, Iron Banner is a limited time 6v6 Crucible activity with Power-enabled combat. While artifact power is disabled, you鈥檒l want to infuse and equip your most powerful gear before jumping in. Similar to Control, there are three zones on the map for your team to capture. The more zones you hold, the more points you get when defeating Guardians. If your team is brave enough to capture all three zones, the opposing team will be locked out of capturing zones for a short duration. In other words, this is your time to shine while your enemies cower in fear.

Rewards This Season:

NOTE: View more about Iron Banner here.



  • Get 2x rewards all week in the Fallen S.A.B.E.R. Nightfall: The Ordeal, with 2x platinum rewards starting on Friday!
  • Locate a distress signal in The Arms Dealer strike – Zavala has more intel (?).
  • Mayhem returns to the Crucible.
  • Deep Stone Crypt Developer Deep Dive view details below.
  • Hotfix goes live, update notes will be provided by Bungie on Tuesday.



As Bungie’s brave fireteam ventures through the frozen wastes of Europa and polished halls of BrayTech Research labs, developers will be providing commentary on how the secret sauce was made. They will have representatives from various disciplines of development including design, art, VFX, narrative, and more! Catch the Dev Deep Dive on March 03, 2021!

When: Wednesday, March 3 @ 10 AM PST

Where: Twitch.tv/Bungie聽and聽Youtube.com/Bungie




Here is some info from a recent Bungie blog post about the ritual playlist rewards, where to get them, and drop rates plans.

Written by Chris at Bungie:聽At the release of Beyond Light, we introduced new weapons into the reward pools of Crucible, Gambit, and Vanguard Strikes. To give a quick rundown for the New Lights out there, each of these weapons has a low drop rate and deep perk pools, intended to give players dedicated to a particular playlist a weapon to hunt. Our goal when introducing these rewards was to provide space for longer term, ritual-specific goals for players as they chase after the perfect roll on a given weapon, and explore the possibility space of perk rolls on a weapon archetype in the same way weapon designers do.

Pictured: Vanguard Shotgun, Crucible Pulse Rifle, Gambit Grenade Launcher聽

As we saw some positive reception to these weapons in Beyond Light, with players digging through the perks and comparing rolls, we鈥檝e added two more to each ritual in Season of the Chosen, bringing the total per ritual to three.

Pictured: Vanguard Pulse Rifle/Rocket Launcher, Crucible Sniper Rifle/Sidearm, Gambit Hand Cannon/Fusion Rifle.

While the drop rates for each individual weapon are not intended to be so high that it鈥檚 easy to quickly acquire a large amount of rolls, we鈥檝e been seeing some feedback that they currently feel too scarce. Our current plan is to increase drop chances for these ritual-specific weapons later in Season of the Chosen. While we don鈥檛 want these weapons to become a short-term grind for players seeking perfect rolls, we do believe that they need to drop a bit more frequently for them to be a positive experience when completing their associated activities. Once these drop changes are live, we鈥檒l be watching the conversation to see if any other changes need to be made.

Our current plan is to continue adding weapons to these pools in future Seasons. There may be some Seasons where these pools remain the same, and others where a new weapon is added while one is rotated out. This should help keep the offerings streamlined for players on the hunt for a specific reward.

Thank you to all who鈥檝e been sounding off with feedback since these were introduced, and we鈥檙e excited to hear more! – Chris at Bungie聽

Source: Bungie.net



Hotfix Next Tuesday, March 2, Hotfix will be released. Here is a timeline of events:

  • March 2, 8 AM PST (1600 UTC): Destiny 2 maintenance for Hotfix begins.
  • March 2, 8:45 AM PST (1645 UTC): Players are removed from activities and won’t be able to log back into Destiny 2 until 9 AM PST when Hotfix is available.
  • March 2, 9 AM PST (1700 UTC): Destiny 2 Hotfix is rolled out across all platforms and regions. Players can log back into Destiny 2 at this time. Ongoing maintenance is expected to conclude at 10 AM PST.
  • March 2, 10 AM PST (1800 UTC): Destiny 2 maintenance is expected to conclude.

Below are some issues that will be resolved with Hotfix A complete list will be shared by Bungie when the update goes live.

  • Barrier Colossus in Battleground: Behemoth will no longer mosey out of their barrier shields to say hello to unsuspecting Guardians.
  • The聽Chosen Destruction Umbral Focusing Lens will now allow players to focus Umbral Engrams.
  • Beneficial modifiers in the Battlegrounds playlist now work as intended.

Presage Completions

To ensure progress is recorded for 鈥淭he Voice on the Other Side鈥 quest for Dead Man鈥檚 Tale, players should make sure that they have the quest in their inventory prior to starting Presage. If the quest was originally acquired on another character, players will need to reacquire the quest on their current character from the Quest Archive at the Tower.

Upon completing Presage, players will need to pick up Dead Man鈥檚 Tale and wait for the mission complete end timer to appear prior to returning to orbit. Failing to pick up the weapon or leaving before the mission completes will result in progress not being recorded for the quest.

Mislabelled Exotic Ornaments聽

Earlier this week, a refund was sent out to players affected by the mislabeled Exotic ornaments in Eververse. Players who qualified for the refund received a message on login and had the Silver from their ornament purchase added back to their account.

Bungie is continuing to investigate the issue causing some players to not receive their Bright Dust rewards from completing the Weekly Challenges for Gambit, Crucible, and Vanguard. Players affected by this issue will be granted the Bright Dust they should have earned in a future update.

Help Center Migration

Last week, the Help Center at聽help.bungie.netcompleted its migration to a new service. Players who encounter broken links, untranslated sections (excluding Contact Forms), or other issues with the new Help Center should report them to Bungie’s #Companion Forum.

Companion聽App Known Issues聽

Players can now stay up to date on current Destiny Companion App known issues on Bungie’s new #Companion Forum Known Issues List. Players who encounter issues not already on the Known Issues List are encouraged to report them to Bungie’s #Companion Forum.

For a full list of emergent issues in Destiny 2, players can review Bungie’s Known Issues article. Players who observe other issues should report them to Bungie’s #Help forum.

Source: Bungie.net




Visit Bungie.net for news, updates, and more!

News and Updates

Helpful Info



Here is a quick list of topics covered in the Destiny 2021 Update article by Bungie:

  • News about The Witch Queen鈥檚 release date, Lightfall, and beyond.
  • Power, and how it raises Season over Season.
  • No additional Infusion Caps.
  • PvP: Our goals for the future of Crucible, Stasis balancing, game security, and Trials of Osiris
  • Information about Vault of Glass.
  • The new transmog system we鈥檙e calling Armor Synthesis.
  • Cross-play
  • And more!

To read the full article visit: bung.ie/3aOYhcn

Witch Queen DELAYED! – Sunsetting REMOVED! – PvP is SAVED! | Destiny 2 Developer Update by KackisHD on YouTube << Check them out for more Destiny videos!

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