Destiny 2: Xûr and Trials (Aug 20 – Aug 24)

💠 This weekend you can find Xûr hanging out at the Hangar in the Tower and Trials is live with rotating maps. Get a more detailed look at Xur and Trials below!



A peddler of strange curios, Xûr’s motives are not his own. He bows to his distant masters, the nine. (Note: Xur offers random rolls on all armor.)

Departs: Tuesday, Aug 24 @ 10AM Pacific

Where is Xur? Hangar, Tower (The green arrow below is where Xur is located)

Exotic Armor – 23 LS (Random Rolls are available)

Exotic Weapon – 29 LS (Random Rolls are available)

Other Items

Exotic Engram (97 LS)

  • An engram with a predestined outcome. Contains a new Exotic if any remain to be collected; otherwise, it contains a random piece of Exotic armor. This item can be purchase only once per week, per account.

Exotic Cipher Quest (No Cost)

  • Complete strikes or win matches in Crucible or Gambit. Extra progress is awarded for more challenging activities and for succeeding with clanmates. Reward: Exotic Cipher Present it to Xûr or the Monument To Lost Lights to receive a reward. You can only hold 1 of this item at a time. (Available on a weekly cadence)

More Info

Xur Graphic: | Post:

Reddit: Xûr Mega-thread via r/DestinyTheGame



Compete in a fireteam-required event version of Elimination. Earn as many wins on a ticket as you can. Three losses and you’re out. 

Ends: Tuesday, Aug 24 @ 10AM Pacific


Map: Rotating Maps

  • Altar of Flame
  • Javelin-4
  • The Dead Cliffs
  • The Burnout

Callout Maps by @R3likt

Trials Graphic: | Post:

More Info: View Guides, Rewards, and More for Trials | Trials Help Article via Bungie

RedditTrials Mega-thread via r/DestinyTheGame



New Exotic Bundle is Available Now for a Limited Time!!

Fireworks Exotic Bundle:

  • Fireworks Exotic Emote
  • Fast Lane Exotic Ghost Shell
  • Vanishing Point Exotic Sparrow
  • VOR PYL VIII Legendary Ship

If you do not have a membership, you may start your free trial here – This link supports Kyber3000 with a credit for each sign up. (visit this page to start your free trial and support Kyber at the same time or to sign up without using a link that supports Kyber with a small commission click here).

Once you have signed up, visit this page and link your account to start receiving your monthly gear drops. Each drop will contain four rewards, including Exotic weapons, Ghosts, ships, Sparrows, emotes, and weapon ornaments from previous Seasons.

When a drop is available, players with Twitch Prime can claim the rewards here! Once claimed, follow a visual indicator to Amanda Holliday in the Tower’s hangar. Amanda will have the rewards available in her inventory. As long as you claim the rewards on the Twitch Prime page by 10:00 AM on the last day of the drop, the gear will still be available from Amanda after the deadline.

Still have questions? Check out Bungie’s Help article with more details on how everything works.

Source: Twitch Prime and Bungie



Bungie invites you to jump into action with them to develop a fund that will both support their efforts as well as help us build a pool of reserves that can be leveraged to support future humanitarian needs strategically and rapidly. Between now and September 1 at 11:59pm PT, Bungie has a few exciting opportunities to help those in need around the world, along with some incredible incentives to thank you for doing so.

Here’s how it’ll work:


  • All donations to the Bungie Foundation will support the Disaster Relief Fund.
  • Donate $25+ and receive the Anchor Point emblem, distributed via email on Thursday, September 9.


  • Every customer will receive the Vital Elixir emblem, distributed on Thursday, September 9.


  • All purchases from Bungie Foundation Collection will support the Disaster Relief Fund.
  • All purchases from this collection will receive the Planet of Peace emblem, delivered via email after purchase is completed.

Notes: To be eligible for the in-game items listed above, donations and/or purchases must be made between August 19 and September 1 at 11:59pm PT. Unique redemption code(s) will be emailed to you on Thursday, September 9 following the completion of the fundraiser. Donations must be exactly $25 or higher to qualify for the Anchor Point emblem. Combining smaller donations does not qualify. Limit one redemption code per item per email for qualifying donations or purchases.

A little bit more about Bungie’s partners:


Team Rubicon (TR) is a veteran-led disaster response organization helping vulnerable communities prepare, respond, and recover after natural disasters and humanitarian crises. They acknowledge that crises such as COVID-19, impacts of climate change, and increasing natural disasters are ubiquitous. That is why funds raised through this campaign will support TR’s efforts to meet critical needs around the U.S. and globally, including high priority efforts such as the Haiti earthquake, wildfires, and global COVID-19 support. But these funds will do more than that. The Bungie Foundation and TR’s goal is to leverage these funds to provide exponential and incremental impact to the most vulnerable populations here and around the world, now and into the future.


Direct Relief is a humanitarian aid organization, active in all 50 states and more than 80 countries, with a mission to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies – without regard to politics, religion, or ability to pay. Each emergency has specific characteristics that are dependent on local facts and circumstances. Direct Relief coordinates with local, national, and international responders to ensure efficient use of resources while avoiding duplication of efforts or logistical bottlenecks. Funds raised through this campaign will generate efficient responses to today’s major crises and will leverage resources to maximize continued health improvement around the world.


Your friends from the Bungie Foundation

Info above is directly from: This Week at Bungie – August 19, 2021



  • Season of the Lost begins!! Tune in on Tuesday, August 24 for the Destiny 2 Showcase and Reveal (get details below).
  • The Nightfall strike will be The Hollowed Lair.
  • Momentum Control returns to the Crucible.



When: Pre-show begins at 8AM Pacific and the showcase itself will kick off at 9AM Pacific.

Watch: Twitch and YouTube

Sign up for Updates:

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Visit for news, updates, and more!

News and Updates

Helpful Info



With the launch of Season 15 on August 24, Vanguard reputation ranks will be updated and no longer require the use of Vanguard Tokens.

Due to this, Vanguard Tokens will be deprecated at the launch of the Season. Players should turn in their Vanguard Tokens to Zavala to receive rewards this Season before August 24 when their Tokens expire.

Source: This Week at Bungie – July 08, 2021



In Season 15, Cross Play comes to life! Guardians across Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and Stadia will be able to join fireteams to take on the Darkness together. Boundaries will be broken and new friendships will be forged – no matter the platform.

There are a number of improvements Bungie will be bringing to the social experience of Cross Play leading up to The Witch Queen:

  • Early Season 15
      • Bungie Name and Bungie Friends
      • Cross Platform Invites, Multiplayer, and Matchmaking
      • Player Search and Social Privacy
  • Soon after launch – Cross Platform Voice Chat
  • Winter – Bungie  Name Changes
  • Winter – Text Chat Display on Consoles
  • Winter – Text Input Via USB Keyboards on Consoles
  • Till We See Each Other Again, Using Cross Play!

To learn more about Cross Play check out this Bungie article or view the Cross Play page on this website.



Bungie is saving a lot of the details until the reveal next week but for now they have provided a look of weapons you will be earning next Season.

Next Season’s ritual quest weapons is a rocket launcher with the Explosive Light perk. As is the custom, you can then collect Gambit-, Crucible-, and Vanguard-themed weapon ornaments by upgrading your rank on the vendors.

Three weapons have been added as post-game rewards for completing Vanguard Strikes, Gambit, and Crucible matches. These will drop randomly after completing these activities with random rolls. Here is a sneak peek:

Trials of the Nine weapons have been upgraded with random rolls and certain ones will drop from specific encounters of the Prophecy Dungeon.

Note: Bungie has plans to freshen up the loot pool of the Prophecy Dungeon.

World pool weapons will be updated with some fresh drops. Here are new weapons you can expect to start seeing pop up in the wild.

Source: This Week at Bungie – August 24, 2021



Learn more about changes coming with Season 15 by visiting this page or check out the latest TWAB article by Bungie.




Update 3.3.0

On Tuesday, August 24, Destiny 2 will undergo maintenance in preparation for Destiny 2 Update 3.3.0. Below is a timeline of events. Note, some times may be subject to change during this maintenance period:

  • 8 AM PDT (1500 UTC): Maintenance begins.
  • 8:45 AM PDT (1545 UTC): Players are removed from activities. Destiny 2 is brought offline.
  • 10 AM PDT (1700 UTC): Update 3.3.0 will be available across all platforms and regions. Players will be able to log back into Destiny 2.
  • 12 PM PDT (1900 UTC): Destiny 2 maintenance is expected to conclude.

Below are some issues that will be resolved with update 3.3.0. A complete list will be shared when the update goes live.

  • Players will no longer receive the BIRD error code when trying to get to the Wall of Wishes.
  • The Adept Big Ones Spec’ weapon mod will now correctly appear in the Collections.
  • Bounties, Valor, and Weekly Challenges will correctly gain progress in Crucible matches.

For more information, players should visit the Destiny Server and Update Status help article.

Cross Play Names

As a reminder, Cross Play will go live early in Season of the [REDACTED]. When players log in for the first time to play Season of the [REDACTED], the name on whatever platform they log in on will become their Bungie Name for when Cross Play goes live. Below is a list of reminders regarding a player’s Bungie Name:

  • The display name of the first platform that players log in with to play Destiny 2 beginning at 10 AM PDT on August 24, 2021, will become the player’s Bungie Name.
  • Platform ID numbers, non-standard characters, and symbols will be removed and excluded.
  • If a name violates our Code of Conduct, it will be changed to “Guardian.”
  • Name changes won’t be available until a later update.
  • For Steam players: your Steam profile name, not your Steam account name, will become your Bungie Name.
  • A name can be up to 26 characters in length.
  • Cyrillic characters are supported in each language that Destiny 2 supports.
  • The following languages are also supported: Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

Claim Your Rewards

The following will reset and become unclaimable when Season of the [REDACTED] launches on August 24:

  • Season 14 Bungie Rewards.
  • Season 14 Seasonal Challenges.
  • Vanguard Tokens – Visit Commander Zavala to turn them in.
  • Valor rewards – Visit Lord Shaxx to claim these items, including engrams.
  • Infamy rewards – Visit the Drifter to claim these items, including engrams.
  • Splicer Servitor engrams.
  • Season 13 Season Pass items on the Previous Season webpage. Make sure to check each character! Some people may have to use the Destiny Companion mobile app to claim these rewards.

How to Report Game Issues

Players who encounter issues in game are encouraged to report them to the Help Forums where other players, volunteer Community Moderators, and Destiny Player Support can help answer questions and escalate issues.

When reporting an issue, please make sure to include the following information to help Bungie with their investigations:

  • A detailed description of the issue.
  • What you were doing when it occurred.
  • Where in the game it occurred.
  • An image or video of the issue if applicable.
  • If an error code was received, specify the exact code.
  • The platform and character you were playing on.

Players are also encouraged to view the Known Issues article for the current Season prior to reporting issues to ensure that they are not already under investigation.

Heroes’ Memorial Quest

Some players have reported issues acquiring the final Season of the Splicer quest. To resolve this issue:

  • Players should log into each character and check the Splicer Servitor and the Quest Archive for this quest to collect. Please be aware that this quest can only be completed on one character.
  • Players may have to listen to each radio message in the H.E.L.M. first by going to orbit and back to the H.E.L.M. each time until all radio messages have been listened to.
  • Players may have to complete all Season 14 quests in their inventory and log out and back into the game.
  • Players may have to pick up and complete a bounty and complete the Override activity.

Help and Info

Known Issues List  |  Help Forums  |  Bungie Help Twitter

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Please note, since the reveal is on the day the new season starts and on Reset day, the Reset Infographic will be made later than usual but I do plan to make it.

Have a good weekend everyone!!

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