馃挔 This Weekend in Destiny 2: X没r and Trials – Vault of Glass Raid Goes Tomorrow! (05.21 – 05.25)

馃挔 This weekend you can find X没r hanging out at Hangar in the Tower and Trials is live on Midtown. Get a more detailed look at Xur and Trials below!



A peddler of strange curios, X没r’s motives are not his own. He bows to his distant masters, the nine. (Note: Xur offers random rolls on all armor.)

Departs: Tuesday, May 25 @ 10AM Pacific

Where is Xur? Hangar, Tower聽(The green arrow below is Xur’s location)

Exotic Armor – 23 LS (Random Rolls are available)

Exotic Weapon – 29 LS (Random Rolls are available)

Other Items

Exotic Engram (97 LS)

  • An engram with a predestined outcome. Contains a new Exotic if any remain to be collected; otherwise, it contains a random piece of Exotic armor. This item can be purchase only once per week, per account.

Exotic Cipher Quest (No Cost)

  • Complete strikes or win matches in Crucible or Gambit. Extra progress is awarded for more challenging activities and for succeeding with clanmates. Reward: Exotic Cipher Present it to X没r or the Monument To Lost Lights to receive a reward. You can only hold 1 of this item at a time. (Available on a weekly cadence)

More Info

Xur Graphic: kyber3000.com/Xur | Post: kyber3000.com/Xurpost

Reddit: X没r Mega-thread via r/DestinyTheGame



Compete in a fireteam-required event version of Elimination. Earn as many wins on a ticket as you can. Three losses and you’re out.聽

Ends: Tuesday, May 25 @ 10AM Pacific


Map: Midtown

Callout Maps by @R3likt


Trials Graphic: kyber3000.com/Trials | Post: kyber3000.com/Trialspost

More Info: View Guides, Rewards, and More for Trials | Trials Help Article via Bungie

Reddit:Trials Mega-thread via r/DestinyTheGame



Ends: Tuesday, May 25 @ 10AM Pacific

Lord Saladin is back at the Tower with bounties and a slew of pinnacle rewards. Find him up on the top level and make sure you grab the quest he is offering as well. Bungie re-enabled the Heavy weapon step and, based on player feedback, have made it much easier to complete. It only requires three Machine Gun kills now to finish.

Here is a look at some rewards (to view more visit the Iron Banner page):



New Exotic Bundle is Available Now for a Limited Time!!

Vigilance Wing Exotic Bundle:

鉂刅igilance Wing – Exotic Weapon
鉂凚ook of the Dead – Exotic Weapon Ornament
鉂凴avager’s Ride – Exotic Sparrow
鉂凥ouse of Light Projection – Ghost Projection

If you do not have a membership, you may start your free trial here – This link supports Kyber3000 with a credit for each sign up. (visit this page to start your free trial and support Kyber at the same time or to sign up without using a link that supports Kyber with a small commission聽click here).

Once you have signed up, visit this page and link your Bungie.net account to start receiving your monthly gear drops. Each drop will contain four rewards, including Exotic weapons, Ghosts, ships, Sparrows, emotes, and weapon ornaments from previous Seasons.

When a drop is available, players with Twitch Prime can claim the rewards here!聽Once claimed, follow a visual indicator to Amanda Holliday in the Tower鈥檚 hangar. Amanda will have the rewards available in her inventory. As long as you claim the rewards on the Twitch Prime page by 10:00 AM on the last day of the drop, the gear will still be available from Amanda after the deadline.

Still have questions? Check out Bungie’s Help articlewith more details on how everything works.

Source: Twitch Prime


VAULT OF GLASS RAID (Free for All Players)

Located at the Ishtar Sink on Venus. The time lost Raid returns. Stored away, deep in the Vault of Glass on Venus is Atheon, Time’s Conflux. No one knows what this Vex is. Guardians must access the Vault, navigate the fractures in space and time, and terminate Atheon before it can become an unstoppable threat.

For all of you going for World’s First I wish you the best of luck and hope everyone has a great time diving back into the Vault of Glass again or experiencing it for the first time!聽 –Kyber (Kimberly)

Raid Race for World’s First Begins: Saturday, May 22 @ 10AM PDT


World’s First Title

As Bungie showed back in April, there is a new title belt for players to earn. Here鈥檚 a quick recap on the rules of engagement:

  • Vault of Glass will launch with Contest Mode enabled for 24 hours, starting at 10:00 AM Pacific on Saturday, May 22.
    • You will need to be at 1300 Power to be at the cap for all of the encounters.
  • Clearing the raid with Contest Mode active is the first step to access the new Challenge Mode in the Director.
  • Completing each encounter in this newly unlocked Challenge Mode, while also finishing a curated list of Triumphs will be how a fireteam crosses the World First finish line.
    • To remove the guesswork, in the Challenge Mode, your team will wipe if you fail the conditions of the Triumph during the encounter.

Here鈥檚 a link to the Bungie Help Article covering all the details. If you鈥檙e planning on going for this belt, make sure to review this content to ensure your clear is fully complete in Bungie’s logs!

Important Tweet by @BungieHelp:

*IMPORTANT NOTE: The Hunter Exotic 鈥淪tar-Eater Scaleswill be disabled for the first 24 hours of Vault of Glass being live. The Bungie team has discovered an issue where some abilities were being granted a bit more damage than intended.



  • Hack the Vex Network on the The Tangled Shore in the next Override!
  • Uncover vulnerabilities in the Vex Network in the first weekly Expunge mission.
  • Shaxx brings Mayhem to the Crucible!
  • Stop Kargen in the Insight Terminus Nightfall.



Availability: May 25 through May 27

Summary: A unique Vanguard Strikes Cross Play Beta playlist will be available to all players in Destiny 2. You鈥檒l be matchmade with Guardians playing on PlayStation, Xbox, Steam and Stadia. The Cross Play Beta will be restricted to this matchmade activity. You won鈥檛 be able to form a fireteam just yet and you won鈥檛 be able to send invites to friends.

Exclusive Emblem: 鈥淪tars Crossed鈥

  • Any player who complete three strikes in the Vanguard Strikes Cross Play Beta playlist will be rewarded with the unique 鈥淪tars Crossed鈥 emblem.

In the early hours of Season of the Splicer, a few of you got your first unfiltered taste of Cross Play. Even though this was caused by a bug, Bungie saw players mingling between platforms, which was awesome for Bungie! That said, they needed to smash that bug like a subscribe button to get their release back on track. While their current goal is for Cross Play to ship in Season 15, they have a list of things to do before it鈥檚 ready, one of which is a Beta starting early next week.

Yes, you read that right! You are formally invited to the Destiny 2 Cross Play Beta. This will serve as a short, sweet, and important moment in the development of this feature.

From May 25 through May 27, a unique Vanguard Strikes Cross Play Beta playlist will be available to all players in Destiny 2. You鈥檒l be matchmade with Guardians playing on PlayStation, Xbox, Steam and Stadia. As you fight through the enemy waves of Darkness, their teams will be scouring data and preforming a multitude of actions to test the integrity of our upcoming Cross Play system.

All players who complete three strikes in the Vanguard Strikes Cross Play Beta playlist will be rewarded with the unique 鈥Stars Crossed鈥 emblem.

NOTE: The Cross Play Beta will be restricted to this matchmade activity. You won鈥檛 be able to form a fireteam just yet and you won鈥檛 be able to send invites to friends. Bungie is specifically targeting our matchmaking systems as Bungie preps this feature for next Season.

Source: This Week at Bungie – May 20, 2021




Hotfix will go live next Tuesday, May 25, at the daily reset. Maintenance windows and expected downtime can be viewed聽here once they are made available.

Here is a sampling of the list of the issues being addressed:

  • Completing 8 bounties for the Splicer Servitor weekly Challenge will correctly reward Pinnacle gear.
  • Energy Accelerant no longer increases damage against players. Additionally, Energy Accelerant no longer increases the base damage of Symmetry, Telesto, Black Talon, and Deathbringer.
  • Fixed an issue where the exotic catalyst for sidearm “Cryosthesia 77K” was incorrectly accruing progress through energy slot weapon kills.
  • The Presage activity will now reward Pinnacle gear as intended.

Vault of Glass World First

Fireteams who wish to compete in the World First race for the Vault of Glass raid will be able to do so when the raid launches on May 22, 2021, at 10 AM PDT (1700 UTC).

The first Fireteam of 6 to complete the Vault of Glass raid, then complete the Vault of Glass Challenge Mode and claim the Tempo’s Edge Triumph will be declared World First by Bungie from @Bungie on Twitter after verification from our analytics team.

If a Fireteam cycled through different members during their attempt, the final 6 remaining upon the completion of the final encounter of the Challenge Mode activity where at least one member of the Fireteam claims the Tempo’s Edge Triumph will be declared the winners and be awarded raid World First title belts.

The Fireteam must loot the final chest before returning to Orbit and claim the Triumph or their finish may not be recorded. A team’s official finish will be recorded when they return to Orbit.

For more information, please visit our Vault of Glass World First Rules and Legal Terms article.

Help and Info

Known Issues List聽 |聽聽Help Forums聽 |聽聽Bungie Help Twitter

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I hope you all have a good weekend!!

See the source image聽 Kyber (Kimberly)


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