This Weekend in Destiny 2 – Xûr and Trials (Feb 10 – Feb 14)

This week you can find Xûr hanging out on Nessus and Trials is live on the winning map, Radiant Cliffs with Exalted Truth as the Flawless reward . Learn more by checking out the full post.

Have a good weekend!

Next Week in Destiny

Here is a look at what’s going on next week in Destiny 2.

  • Trials: Capture Zone and Freelance
  • Activity Bonus: Double Nightfall Rewards
  • Nightfall: The Glassway
    • Expected Weapon: D.F.A. – This is also the last chance to earn this weapon before it leaves the loot pool.
  • Crucible: Mayhem
  • Rotators:
    • Last Wish raid
    • Shattered Throne dungeon

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Xûr, Agent of the Nine

A peddler of strange curios, Xûr’s motives are not his own. He bows to his distant masters, the nine.

Departs: Tuesday, February 10 at 9 AM PST

Where is Xûr?

This week Xur is hanging out at Watcher’s Grave, Nessus (on the big tree). Here is a video showing how to find him.

Watcher's Grave, Nessus (on big tree)

Exotic Armor

Cost: 23 Legendary Shards





Exotic Legs


Exotic Chest Armor


Exotic Helmet

Exotic Weapon

Cost: 29 Legendary Shards

Click image for details


SUROS Regime 

Auto Rifle (Kinetic)

Exotic Weapons (with Random Roll)



Random Roll 


Hand Cannon

Moving Target

Legendary Weapons and Armor

Click the weapon icon to view details on


Random Perks

Iota Draconis

Energy Fusion Rifle



Interference VI

Heavy Grenade Launcher

Grave Robber



Heavy Rocket Launcher



Tears of Contrition

Kinetic Scout Rifle

Triple Tap

Explosive Payload

Seventh Seraph SI-2

Energy Sidearm

Hip-Fire Grip

Elemental Capacitor

Extraordinary Rendition

Kinetic Submachine Gun

Firmly Planted

One for All


Hollow Denial

Energy Trace Rifle

Lead from Gold

Repulsor Brace

Legendary Armor

Anti-Extinction (Dead Orbit) armor from a past Faction Rallies event.


Hunter Helmet


Titan Helmet


Warlock Helmet



Hunter Arms


Titan Arms


Warlock Arms



Hunter Chest Armor


Titan Chest Armor


Warlock Chest Armor



Hunter Legs


Titan Legs


Warlock Legs


Hunter Cloak


Titan Class Item


Warlock Class Item

Ratings via

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Trials of Osiris

Trials of Osiris is a competitive crucible event that is available from Friday at 10 AM (PDT) until the Weekly Reset at 10 AM (PDT).

Ends: Tuesday, February 10 @ 9 AM PST

Access: The Witch Queen

Fireteam: 3-Players

Matchmaking Available: Yes

Activity Bonus: No

When Does Trials Of Osiris Arrive?

Trials of Osiris currently starts every Friday at 10 AM (PDT) and ends on Tuesday at 10 AM (PDT). Trials is usually not available for the first month when a new season begins. 

Trials of Osiris will not be live during the following:

  • The first week of a new season.
  • The week a new raid releases.
  • Any week Iron Banner is active.

Required to Access Trials of Osiris:

✅ Power  1520+

✅ Yearly Expansion

  • As of Season 21, this is Lightfall.

✅ A Passage (see below)

  • Purchase from Saint-14 while Trials is active.

Please note, Expansion ownership does not transfer between platforms.


  • Purchase a Trials Passage to start competing in Trials of Osiris and track rounds and matches won.
  • Complete Trials rounds and matches to earn Trials Ranks based on the number of round wins on your ticket and in the current match.
  • Complete a Flawless Ticket to open the Lighthouse and get the weekly Adept Trials weapon, a piece of Trials armor, and a chance at unique cosmetic items.
  • Complete Ranks to earn Trials Engrams.
  • Trials armor always drops with high-stat packages, as well as glows if you have gone flawless.


  • Dominion (Current Mode, as of Season 21)
    • To win, your team must become the last Guardian(s) standing by defeating the entire opposing team or capturing the zone.
    • Dominion: A capture zone appears at the start of each round. Win the round by capturing the zone.
    • Elimination: Wins can also be achieved by defeating the opposing team.
    • Revives: Teammate revives are enabled.
  • Classic 3v3 Elimination
    • Achieve victory by eliminating all opponents in this round-based mode.
  • Trials Labs: Freelance
    • Solo fireteams only
  • Trials Labs: Capture Zone
    • Classic 3v3 elimination with a twist. 30 seconds into the first round, a flag spawns in the middle of the map. Capturing the zone guarantees that the team who captured it will win the round regardless if all players die on both sides.


Cost: 10000 Glimmer + 15 Legendary Shards


  • Each class will receive Pinnacle Gear on a weekly basis.
  • After opening the Chest and leaving The Lighthouse, players must complete a new Flawless Passage to return.

Passage Name


Passage of Mercy

Always available

Forgives one loss per run.

Passage of Ferocity

Always available

Your third match win grants a bonus win.

Passage of Wealth

Unlocks at 5 wins

Increased Trials Rank points from reaching 3, 5, and 7 match wins on a ticket.

Passage of Wisdrom

Unlocks at 7 wins

Grants bonus XP from wins

Passage of Confidence

Unlocks at Flawless

Grants bonus rewards from Flawless Chest.

Game Mode

  • Classic 3v3 Elimination
    • To win, your team must become the last Guardian(s) standing by defeating the entire opposing team. Tiebreaker: A capture zone appears when a round reaches overtime. Win the round by capturing the zone before the other team.


Flawless Reward

Tap icon for details



Exalted Truth (Adept)


Inside Strand

This week Bungie released a new trailer and article showing off the new Strand supers and abilities coming with Lightfall. Here’s a recap:

Details from the Bungie article 🔽


A new and exciting ability coming with Strand is the grapple. Here’s Bungie’s description about how the grapple works: “Players can press the grenade button and their Guardian will weave a hook from Strand matter which they can grab onto an anchor point. The grappling hook will then begin contracting, pulling the Guardian along. Strand’s grapple can create its own grapple points out of thin air, so you can always propel yourself through the sky even if there’s not a solid surface to latch onto. Guardians will also be able to execute melee strikes during or at the end of a grapple, known as a grapple melee, which will deal bonus damage, unravel an enemy, and push them backwards.” Sounds like fun to me!


  • Suspend – A suspended PvE enemy is lifted off the ground for a brief duration and is essentially disabled. In PvP, suspended players are lifted off the ground but can still move (albeit slowly) and fire their weapon to fight back.  
  • Unravel – Attacking an unraveled enemy will cause threads to burst out of the target and attack other nearby targets. Once hit, that target will also become unraveled.  
  • Sever – A severed enemy is less capable of affecting the material world, reducing their damage output as a result. 

“The major buff coming with Strand is Woven Mail. With this ability, the Guardian is sheathed in a protective mesh of Strand matter, reducing incoming damage. Note that in PvP, Woven Mail will only reduce damage taken on the body; head damage and melee damage will continue as normal.”

Titan: Berserker

  • Bladefury (Super): Weave powerful claws and charge the battlefield armed with new Light and Heavy attacks at your disposal.
  • Frenzied Blade (Melee): Dash at your targets and slash at them with blades of finely honed Strand.
  • Into the Fray (Aspect): Enhance your armor with Woven Mail and increase your melee regeneration.
  • Drengr’s Lash (Aspect): Unleash a frontal shockwave which suspends targets caught in the blast.

Warlock: Broodweaver

  • Needlestorm (Super): Weave a cloud of Strand before shattering it, causing a hailstorm of piercing missiles that detonate upon impact. 
  • Arcane Needle (Melee): Throw a Strand needle that tracks your target and unravels them.
  • Grapple: When you execute a grapple melee, the Warlock weaves three Threadling eggs from the target. 
  • Threadling Grenade: You can consume your Threadling Grenade to generate a full complement of perched Threadlings.  
  • Shackle Grenade: You can consume your Shackle Grenade to gain a buff, creating a suspending detonation on every kill.  
  • Weaver’s Call (Aspect): When casting a rift, weave three Threadlings on the ground in front of you.
  • Mindspun Invocation (Aspect): Empower your grenades with additional Broodweaver-specific qualities.

What are “Threadlings”?

“Threadlings are explosive minions woven from Strand matter,” he said. “The Warlock Broodweaver, being the cerebral type, is more in tune with Threadlings than the other classes. All Threadlings will run forward, jump on enemies, and explode. But only the Warlock’s Threadlings will return to the Warlock and travel with them if they can’t find a target.” 

“Let’s say I have three Threadlings and I only need two of them to defeat an enemy. If I’m a Warlock, that last one is going to run back, hop on to me, and condense down into a form that is orbiting me, which is known as ‘perching.’ Then, the next time I attack an enemy, it will pop off and attack that same enemy, which really gives it this sense of having these minions that are doing my bidding. They love me and they want to come back and hang out with me.”

Hunter: Threadrunner

  • Silkstrike (Super): Combine a grappling hook and rope dart to exploit the battlefield and deftly execute your targets.
  • Threaded Spike (Melee): Throw a rope dart that damages targets, ricochets, and returns melee energy.
  • Ensnaring Slam (Aspect): Descend upon your targets from above, slamming the ground and suspending them in the blast.
  • Widow’s Silk (Aspect): Grapple more often and create grapple points that you and your fireteam can use indefinitely.

Strand Fragments

  • Thread of Ascent: Activating your grenade ability reloads your equipped weapon and grants increased weapon handling and airborne effectiveness for a short time. 
  • Thread of Fury: Damaging targets with a Tangle grants melee energy. 
  • Thread of Finality: Finishers generate Threadlings.  
  • Thread of Warding: Picking up an orb of power grants Woven Mail.

What are your thoughts on Strand and which subclass do you plan on playing when Lightfall launches? Comment below.

TWAB Highlights


Issues that caused problematic relays to be taken offline last Friday have been resolved. Bungie stated they will be deploying with Lightfall for few hidden bugs they found. This fix should improve network quality for those with good network connections. Check out the TWAB article for more.

In-Game Appearance

All items that change appearance based on your currently equipped subclass will be compatible with Strand.

Subclass-Agnostic Legendary Finishers

Subclass-Agnostic Legendary Finishers2020, 2021, and 2022 Solstice Armor Sets

  • “Ghost Fist Bump” Exotic Emote
  • Aneatus Wards and Ornaments
  • No Backup Plans and Ornaments
  • Ghost Projections

The following armor and weapon perks will also be compatible with Strand, when applicable, come Lightfall:

  • Elemental Capacitor
  • Osmosis
  • Explosive Payload
  • Dragonfly
  • Cluster Bombs
  • Chain Reaction
  • Chromatic Fire’s “Crystalline Transistor”
  • Mantle of Battle Harmony’s “Absorption Cells”
  • The Bombadiers’ “Parting Gift”
  • Verity’s Brow’s “The Fourth Magic”
  • Felwinter’s Helm’s “Warlord’s End”
    • And more as a possibility in the future post-launch

Weapon Crafting Changes

“Starting with Lightfall, Bungie will be completely removing Resonant Elements and Deepsight attunement objective from the game. Standard currencies such as Glimmer, Enhancement Cores, etc. will replace the Element costs that exist today.

Resonant and Harmonic Alloys will still be used at launch; however, we are planning to overhaul these currencies later in the Lightfall year. Ascendant Alloys will remain as is for now.”

Destiny Content Vault Update

With the launch of Lightfall on February 28, 2023, some activities, vendors, and destinations will be vaulted.

Activities include:

  • Nightmare Containment
  • Ketchcrash
  • Expeditions
  • Hideouts
  • Sever Missions
  • Vox Obscura
  • Operation: Seraph’s Shield
  • Operation Missions

“Expansion content will no longer be added to the DCV. Players can expect all Season 16-19 content to enter the DCV, excluding the Season 16 PsiOps Battlegrounds and the Season 19 Heist Battlegrounds, which will instead be added to the Vanguard Ops playlist beginning in Season 20.”

View the The Destiny Content Vault (DCV) Guide for a full look at what’s being removed.

Other Resources:

Festival of the Lost Poll

Results of the poll are in and the winner for the Festival of the Lost armor ornament is: TEAM SPIDER!

  • Hunters: 56% of the vote for Team Spider
  • Titans: a huge 72% of the vote for Team Spider
  • Warlocks: broke the mold with a 53% vote for Team Beetle.

Support for Syria and Turkey

“In the early hours of Monday, February 6 a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck southern Turkey near the Syrian border. Hours later, the region was hit again by 7.5 magnitude aftershock. Cities across Turkey and Syria lie in destruction, over 11,000 have been killed with many more presumed dead, and hundreds of thousands are seeking refuge during the freezing winter months.”

Bungie is calling on all Guardians to come together to help support humanitarian aid efforts in the region (Turkey/Syria).

A special emblem has been designed to show support for Syria and Turkey relief efforts. All donations of $25 or more will receive the Compassion Concentric emblem. Click the link below to donate and/or get more details or visit

*All funds raised during this campaign will go directly to Direct Relief and the IRC.

Prime Gaming Exotic Bundle

The Sunshot Exotic bundle is available now for Prime Gaming members!

Bundle expires: March 8, 2023

For Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox X/S, Xbox One

Membership: Prime Gaming Exotic Bundles are only available for Prime Gaming members. Each bundle contains at least four rewards (and sometimes an emblem), these bundles include exotic weapons, ghosts, ships, sparrows, and weapon ornaments from previous Seasons. If your new to Prime Gaming, all new members can get a free 30-day trial which may be cancelled at any time

Important details from the Prime Gaming website: If you’re located in one of the “Amazon Prime Supported Countries” listed here, click the “Try Prime” button above to sign up for a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime (excluding customers located in Quebec, Canada). Or, if you’re located in one of the “ Supported Countries” listed here, click the “Try Prime” button above to sign up for a free 7-day trial of Prime Video. If you’re already a Prime member, then click “Sign In” to sign in to your Prime account and click “Get in-game content” to begin the claim process.(Please note that Prime Gaming is not available in Russia, China, and embargoed territories).

View more details on this Prime Gaming post.

 The Sunshot Bundle Includes

🟡 Sunshot Hand Cannon

🟡 Red Dwarf Weapon Ornament

🟡 Jotuneer Vehicle

🟣 Seraph Projection Legendary Ghost Holo

🟣 Plus, a new emblem called – Firmament

Click/tap images below to view on

Recent News & Updates

Visit for news, updates, and more.

Helpful Links and Resources

Articles Regarding Upcoming Changes

Changes Coming with Lightfall/Season 19

Here’s a look at some changes coming with Lightfall and Season 20.

The following weapons are leaving and arriving starting in Season 20:

Trials of Osiris weapons leaving in Season 19

  • Forgiveness (Sidearm) 
  • Burden of Guilt (Fusion Rifle) 

Trials of Osiris weapons being added

  • Astral Horizon (Shotgun) 
  • The Immortal (SMG) 

 Iron Banner weapons leaving in Season 19

  • Razor’s Edge (Sword) 
  • Frontier’s Cry (Hand Cannon) 

Iron Banner weapons being added

  • Jorum’s Claw (Pulse Rifle) 
  • Bite of the Fox (Sniper) 

Nightfall weapons leaving in Season 19

  • Horror’s Least (Pulse Rifle) 
  • D.F.A. (Hand Cannon) 

Nightfall Weapons being added

  • Buzzard (Sidearm) 
  • THE SWARM (Machinegun) 

Source: Bungie

Umbral Engrams

"Starting in Season 20, Umbral Engrams will no longer drop in Destiny 2, but don’t worry: Seasonal content will transition to using Seasonal engrams. 

Any Umbral Engrams that the player may still have in their inventory after Season 20 begins will be decryptable by Rahool."

Ada will sell some shaders starting in Season 20 (10,000 glimmer)

  • Bergusian Night 
  • Satou Tribe 
  • House of Meyrin 
  • Rasmussen Clan 
  • Refurbished Black Armory 
  • New Age Black Armory 
  • Dark Omolon 
  • Envious Touch 
  • Goldleaf 
  • Golden Empire 
  • Cinderchar 
  • Shadow Gilt 
  • Vitrified Chronology 
  • Vitrified Duality 
  • Valkyrie Zero 
  • Midnight Exigent 
  • The Mad Monk 
  • Bray Innovation 
  • Arctic Dreamscape 
  • Kairos Black 
  • Kairos Bronze 
  • Kairos Gold 
  • Mercury Prophetic 
  • Tangled Bronze 
  • Tangled Rust 
  • New Pacific Sink (Worn) 
  • New Pacific Sink 
  • New Pacific Rush (Worn) 
  • New Pacific Rush 
  • Flowers of Io (Worn) 
  • Flowers of Io 
  • Echoes of Io (Worn) 
  • Echoes of Io 
  • New Monarchy Allegiance 
  • War Cult Scheme 
  • Dead Orbit Vision 
  • New Monarchy Succession 
  • War Cult Endgame 
  • Dead Orbit Resurrection 
  • New Monarchy Regalia 
  • New Monarchy Diamonds 
  • War Cult Camo 
  • War Cult Rain 
  • Dead Orbit Camo 
  • Dead Orbit’s Fate 

Zavala will offer focusing for Vanguard weapons and armor starting in Season 20.  "Vanguard will be the final of the core rituals to get comprehensive engram focusing options."

  • Vanguard Engrams
    • Vanguard Engrams will be a virtual currency and will live exclusively on the Rank Progress bar on Commander Zavala. 
      • Vanguard Engrams may be opened individually by players directly on Zavala. 
  • Vanguard Gear Focusing
    • You can focus Vanguard Engrams directly into either Vanguard Armor or Vanguard Weapons.
      • Vanguard Engrams DO NOT need to be claimed in order to be spent on focusing.
      • Individual pieces of gear must have been acquired at least once prior to being available for focusing. 
  • Vanguard armor available for focusing in Season 20
    • Photosuede Set* 
      • *Class Item not focusable, as Class Items do not have base stats. 
  • Vanguard weapons available for focusing in Season 20
    • Xenoclast IV 
    • The Third Axiom 
    • Royal Entry 
    • Empty Vessel 
    • Punching Out 
    • Fortissimo-11 
    • Strident Whistle 
    • Pure Poetry 
    • Prolonged Engagement 

Brand new Vanguard weapons are drop-only for a single Season and are then available for focusing the following Season.  

  • Zavala’s focusing options will expand further during following Seasons.  


Zavala will also offer Nightfall weapon focusing

  • Nightfall weapons must have been acquired from Nightfall strikes at least once before being available for focusing. 
  • Nightfall weapon focusing cost: 
  • 1 Vanguard Engram 
  • 20,000 Glimmer 
  • 50 Legendary Shards 

Nightfall Weapons available for focusing in Season 20

  • The Militia’s Birthright 
  • Mindbender’s Ambition 
  • Wendigo GL-3 
  • Hung Jury SR-4 
  • The Swarm 
  • Buzzard 

Adept Nightfall Ciphers: 

  • When completing Grandmaster Nightfalls, in addition to previously existing rewards, players will also acquire Adept Nightfall Ciphers. The number of Ciphers that players earn depends on whether players qualify for Platinum, Gold, or Silver rewards at the end of the Nightfall.  
  • Number of Ciphers awarded per GM Nightfall completion score:  
  • Platinum = 2 
  • Gold = 1 
  • Silver = 0 

For a deeper breakdown:

  • Nightfall Weapon
    • 1 Vanguard engram
    • 20,000 Glimmer
    • 25 Legendary Shards
    • 0 Adept Nightfall Cipher
  • Adept Nightfall Weapon
    • 3 Vanguard engrams
    • 50,000 Glimmer
    • 50 Legendary Shards
    • 10 Adept Nightfall Ciphers


Adept Nightfall Focusing

  • Zavala will offer a single Adept Nightfall weapon for focusing each week, matching the Nightfall weapon currently in rotation. 

Adept Nightfall weapons available for focusing in Season 20

  • The Militia’s Birthright (ADEPT) 
  • Mindbender’s Ambition (ADEPT) 
  • Wendigo GL-3 (ADEPT) 
  • Hung Jury SR-4 (ADEPT) 
  • The Swarm (ADEPT) 
  • Buzzard (ADEPT) 

All info above is from


"Vanguard and Nightfall focusing isn’t the only big update that focusing will get. In fact, every ritual will see growth in the number of items available for focusing as we introduce legacy gear focusing. This system will allow players to obtain many pieces of gear from the last several years of Destiny 2, many of which have not been accessible for quite some time."

Here are the details from this article:


Armor Sets Available for Legacy Focusing:

  • Swordfight 4.1 
  • Phoenix Strife Type 0 
  • Ankaa Seeker IV 
  • Wing Contender 
  • Wing Discipline 
  • Wing Theorem 
  • Cinder Pinion 

Armor Focusing Cost:

  • If a player has NOT acquired a piece of armor previously: 
  • 3 Crucible Engrams 
  • 50 Legendary Shards 
  • 10,000 Glimmer 
  • If a player has acquired a piece of armor previously: 
  • 1 Crucible Engram 
  • 25 Legendary Shards 
  • 5,000 Glimmer 


Nightfall Weapons Available for Legacy Focusing:

  • PLUG One.1 
  • Uzume RR4 
  • The Hothead 
  • The Comedian 
  • Duty Bound 
  • Silicon Neuroma 
  • D.F.A. 
  • Horror’s Least 

Note: Adept version of legacy weapons will not be available for focusing. 

Nightfall Weapon Focusing Cost:

  • If a player has NOT acquired the weapon previously: 
  • 7 Vanguard Engrams 
  • 100 Legendary Shards 
  • 10,000 Glimmer 
  • If a player has acquired the weapon previously: 
  • 3 Vanguard Engrams 
  • 25 Legendary Shards 
  • 25,000 Glimmer 

Vanguard Armor Sets Available for Legacy Focusing:

  • The Took Offense 
  • The Shelter in Place 
  • Xenos Vale IV 
  • Phobos Warden 
  • Vigil of Heroes 

Vanguard Armor Focusing Cost:

  • If a player has NOT acquired a piece of armor previously:
    • 3 Vanguard Engrams 
    • 50 Legendary Shards 
    • 10,000 Glimmer
  • If a player has acquired a piece of armor previously: 
    • 1 Vanguard Engram 
    • 25 Legendary Shards 
    • 5,000 Glimmer 


Gambit Armor Sets Available for Legacy Focusing:

  • Calamity Rig 
  • Ancient Apocalypse 

Gambit Armor Focusing Cost:

  • If  a player has NOT acquired a piece of armor previously: 
    • 3 Gambit Engrams 
    • 50 Legendary Shards 
    • 10,000 Glimmer 
  • If  a player has acquired a piece of armor previously: 
    • 1 Gambit Engram 
    • 25 Legendary Shards 
    • 5,000 Glimmer 


Iron Banner Weapons Available for Legacy Focusing:

  • Archon’s Thunder 
  • Riiswalker 
  • Occluded Finality 
  • Forge’s Pledge 
  • Peacebond 
  • Frontier’s Cry 

Iron Banner Armor Sets Available for Legacy Focusing:

  • Iron Forerunner 
  • Iron Will 
  • Iron Truage 
  • Iron Fellowship 
  • Iron Remembrance 

Iron Banner Gear Focusing Cost:

  • If a player has NOT acquired a piece of Iron Banner gear previously: 
    • 7 Iron Engrams 
    • 100 Legendary Shards 
    • 10,000 Glimmer 
  • If a player has acquired a piece of Iron Banner gear previously: 
    • 3 Iron Engrams 
    • 25 Legendary Shards 
    • 25,000 Glimmer 


Trials of Osiris Weapons Available for Legacy Focusing:

  • Shayura’s Wrath 
  • Reed’s Regret 
  • Aisha’s Embrace 
  • Burden of Guilt 
  • Forgiveness 

Note: Adept version of legacy weapons will not be available for focusing. 

Trials of Osiris Armor Sets Available for Legacy Focusing:

  • Pyrrhic Ascent 
  • Exile 

Trials of Osiris Gear Focusing Cost:

  • If a player has NOT acquired a piece of Trials of Osiris gear previously: 
  • 7 Trials Engrams 
  • 100 Legendary Shards 
  • 10,000 Glimmer 
  • If  a player has acquired a piece of Trials of Osiris gear previously: 
  • 3 Trials Engrams 
  • 25 Legendary Shards 
  • 25,000 Glimmer 

"Items like shaders, emblems, Ghost projections, and other cosmetics that players could previously earn in the game, will be added to match rewards. This means players who missed out on cosmetic rewards in the past have a chance of receiving rewards like the Carminica shader or The Redjack Projection at the end of a match. 

As of Season 20 we will see these legacy match rewards implemented for Crucible, Vanguard, Gambit, and Iron Banner. Details for legacy match rewards for Trials of Osiris will come down the road."


Bungie reduced the cost of focusing when focusing items that are currently in the ritual loot pool. This is available now (1-26-2023).

 Crucible, Gambit, and Vanguard focusing will see the following costs:

  • 1 Ritual Engram
  • Crucible, Gambit, or Vanguard (depending on the vendor) 
  • 5,000 Glimmer 
  • 25 Legendary Shards 

Trials of Osiris, Iron Banner, and Nightfall focusing will see the following costs: 

  • 1 Ritual Engram 
  • Trials, Iron Banner, or Vanguard (depending on the vendor) 
  • 20,000 Glimmer 
  • 50 Legendary Shards 

Adept weapon focusing for Trials of Osiris and Nightfall weapons will see the following costs: 

  • 1 Ritual Engram 
  • Trials or Vanguard (depending on the vendor) 
  • 50,000 Glimmer 
  • 50 Legendary Shards 
  • 7-Win Trials Ticket or 10 Adept Nightfall Ciphers 


Information below is from the following articles: TWAB Enhancing Weapon Crafting

Craftable in Season 20

  • Seasonal weapons. 
  • Neomuna weapons. 
  • Base raid weapons 
  • Plus, a handful of other weapons that don't have direct comparisons to TWQ sources. 

Craftable in Season 21 and beyond

  • Seasonal weapons.
  • Raid reprise weapons. 

Here's a look at crafting changes coming:

  • No more Deepsight Attunement objectives
    • "If you obtain a Deepsight weapon and just want the pattern progress, you can dismantle it. If you want pattern progress and also want to keep the Deepsight weapon, you will also have the option to immediately obtain the pattern without dismantling the weapon."
  • Only locked weapon patterns will drop with Deepsight.
    • "When a Deepsight weapon drops after the release of Lightfall, it will signify a reward you will want to engage with immediately, rather than an afterthought you might toss into the vault for later. Deepsight will operate like a checklist – every red border weapon that drops will be pattern progress that can be earned." 
  • Resonant and Harmonic Alloys will be removed in upcoming seasons.
  • Enhance Adept Lightfall raid weapons starting a few weeks after master difficulty for the Lightfall raid releases.
  • Activate Deepsight on any craftable weapon pattern (coming in Season 21).
  • Leveling a weapon will not require equipping it (coming after Season 21).
    •  Level crafted weapons the current if preferred.

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