This Weekend in Destiny 2 – Xûr and Trials (Mar 17 – Mar 21)

This week you can find Xûr hanging out at the Winding Cove, EDZ and Trials is Live on Javelin-4 with the NEW Submachine Gun The Immortal as this week’s flawless reward.

More details below.

Next Week 𝒾𝓃 Destiny

Week 4: March 21 – March 28, 2023

  • Seasonal Story continues.
  • Activity Bonus: Vanguard Ranks
  • Nightfall: The Arms Dealer
    • Expected Weapon: Unknown
  • Crucible: Momentum Control
  • Featured Rotators:
    • Vault of Glass raid
    • Shattered Throne dungeon
  • Iron Banner Control is back for all players!

Take care and Have a great weekend!

Rest in Peace to Lance Reddick, also known as Commander Zavala (1962 – 2023). His legacy and memory will continue to live on through the hearts and minds of many Guardians.

Tribute to our Commander, Lance Reddick. 🫡❤️ (here is a link to the video below if it does not appear)

Join fellow Guardians in honoring Reddick by equipping the “Push Forward” emblem (go to Collections > Flair > Emblems > Strikes and then equip the emblem.

Tweeted by Bungie

Feel free to share the video and/or image above.

Xûr, Agent of the Nine

A peddler of strange curios, Xûr’s motives are not his own. He bows to his distant masters, the nine.

Departs: Tuesday, March 21 at 10 AM PDT

Where is Xûr?

This week Xur is hanging out on the Winding Cove, EDZ.

  Winding Cove, EDZ 

Exotic Armor

Cost: 23 Legendary Shards





Exotic Legs


Exotic Chest Armor


Exotic Helmet

Exotic Weapon

Cost: 29 Legendary Shards

Tap icon for details!



Lord of Wolves

Shotgun (Solar)

Exotic Weapons (with Random Roll)



Random Roll 


Hand Cannon

Moving Target

Legendary Weapons and Armor

Tap on the weapon or armor icon/images to view details on

Legendary Weapons


Random Perks

Iota Draconis

Energy Fusion Rifle



Interference VI

Heavy Grenade Launcher

Grave Robber



Heavy Rocket Launcher



Tears of Contrition

Kinetic Scout Rifle

Triple Tap

Explosive Payload

Seventh Seraph SI-2

Energy Sidearm

Hip-Fire Grip

Elemental Capacitor

Extraordinary Rendition

Kinetic Submachine Gun

Firmly Planted

One for All


Hollow Denial

Energy Trace Rifle

Lead from Gold

Repulsor Brace

Ratings via

Legendary Armor

This week Xur is selling Pathfinder’s suits from Season of the Lost.



Hunter Helmet


Titan Helmet


Warlock Helmet


Hunter Arms


Titan Arms



Warlock Arms



Hunter Chest Armor


Titan Chest Armor


Warlock Chest Armor



Hunter Legs


Titan Legs


Warlock Legs



Hunter Cloak


Titan Mark


Warlock Bond

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Trials of Osiris

Trials of Osiris is a competitive crucible event that is available from Friday at 10 AM (PDT) until the Weekly Reset at 10 AM (PDT).

Ends: Tuesday, March 21 @ 10 AM PDT

Access: Lightfall

Fireteam: 3-Players

Fireteam Matchmaking: Enabled

Activity Bonus: Not Active

When Does Trials Of Osiris Arrive?

Trials of Osiris currently starts every Friday at 10 AM (PDT) and ends on Tuesday at 10 AM (PDT). Trials is usually not available for the first month when a new season begins. 

Trials of Osiris will not be live during the following:

  • The first week of a new season.
  • The week a new raid releases.
  • Any week Iron Banner is active.

Required to Access Trials of Osiris:

✅ Power  1520+

✅ Yearly Expansion

  • As of Season 21, this is Lightfall.

✅ A Passage (see below)

  • Purchase from Saint-14 while Trials is active.

Please note, Expansion ownership does not transfer between platforms.


  • Purchase a Trials Passage to start competing in Trials of Osiris and track rounds and matches won.
  • Complete Trials rounds and matches to earn Trials Ranks based on the number of round wins on your ticket and in the current match.
  • Complete a Flawless Ticket to open the Lighthouse and get the weekly Adept Trials weapon, a piece of Trials armor, and a chance at unique cosmetic items.
  • Complete Ranks to earn Trials Engrams.
  • Trials armor always drops with high-stat packages, as well as glows if you have gone flawless.


  • Dominion (Current Mode, as of Season 21)
    • To win, your team must become the last Guardian(s) standing by defeating the entire opposing team or capturing the zone.
    • Dominion: A capture zone appears at the start of each round. Win the round by capturing the zone.
    • Elimination: Wins can also be achieved by defeating the opposing team.
    • Revives: Teammate revives are enabled.
  • Classic 3v3 Elimination
    • Achieve victory by eliminating all opponents in this round-based mode.
  • Trials Labs: Freelance
    • Solo fireteams only
  • Trials Labs: Capture Zone
    • Classic 3v3 elimination with a twist. 30 seconds into the first round, a flag spawns in the middle of the map. Capturing the zone guarantees that the team who captured it will win the round regardless if all players die on both sides.


Cost: 10000 Glimmer + 15 Legendary Shards


  • Each class will receive Pinnacle Gear on a weekly basis.
  • After opening the Chest and leaving The Lighthouse, players must complete a new Flawless Passage to return.

Passage Name


Passage of Mercy

Always available

Forgives one loss per run.

Passage of Ferocity

Always available

Your third match win grants a bonus win.

Passage of Wealth

Unlocks at 5 wins

Increased Trials Rank points from reaching 3, 5, and 7 match wins on a ticket.

Passage of Wisdrom

Unlocks at 7 wins

Grants bonus XP from wins

Passage of Confidence

Unlocks at Flawless

Grants bonus rewards from Flawless Chest.

Game Mode

  • Classic 3v3 Elimination – Achieve victory by eliminating all opponents in this round-based mode.


Flawless Reward

The NEW Submachine Gun is this week’s flawless reward.


The Immortal (Adept)

Submachine Gun (Strand)

Recent Tweets by Bungie

TWAB Highlights

Updates Commendations and Guardian Ranks

Bungie has reduced the Commendations required for Guardian Ranks 7 through 15.

New Requirements are:

  • Rank 7: 460 (was 750)
  • Rank 8: 790 (was 1,250)
  • Rank 9: 1,290 (was 1,750)
  • Rank 10: 1,530 (was 5,000)
  • Rank 11: 1,800 (was 6,000)

Stay tuned for more changes coming (one of the updates coming soon is a change to move the Lost Sector objective to a higher Guardian Ranks so fewer players are stuck at Rank 6).

New Exotic Quest

A new exotic quest went live this week called, t //NODE.OVRD.AVALON//. Stop by The Gulch on the EDZ to start this quest (hint: look around for little white cubes hanging around).

The reward from this activity is a brand new Exotic Glaive called Vexcalibur. This weapon has a perk that gives you a replenishable Void overshield. This weapon can also be crafted and upgraded.

Character Boost vs Campaign Boost

Lightfall has two types of boosts: Lightfall Character Boost and Lightfall Campaign Skip Boost.

  • The Lightfall Character Boost appears when a player hits the soft cap without completing Lightfall and provides high Power level gear without skipping the campaign.
  • The Lightfall Campaign Skip Boost appears when a player completes Lightfall and skips the campaign while unlocking Strand, and includes high Power level gear only if the main character has hit the Soft Cap.


If you haven’t already, take a look at the latest patch notes for Update Here’s a few of the changes that arrived with this update.

  • Exotic armor drop rate increased for legend and master Lost Sectors when solo.
  • Issue with Jötunn has been resolved.
  • Twitch Gift Sub Bounty reward now appears in the Cryptarch.

Save the Date


  • March 7 (Week 2): Heist Battleground: Mars
  • March 14 (Week 3): Hypernet Current
  • March 21 (Week 4): Arms Dealer
  • April 6 (Week 5): Glassway
  • April 14 (Week 6): Lake of Shadows
  • April 11 (Week 7): Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes

Iron Banner

  • March 21 (Week 4)
  • April 4 (Week 6)
  • April 25 (Week 9)

Guardian Games

  • May 2 – May 23, 2023

Iron Banner

The first Iron Banner event of Season 20 begins next week! This season Iron Banner will feature three different modes each week it is available.

Next week (March 21): Control

Week 6 (April 11): Eruption

Week 9 (April 25): Fortress

Two legacy weapons are being added to the loot pool this Season:

Recent News & Updates

Visit for news, updates, and more.

Helpful Links and Resources

Hope you all enjoy the new raid and have a good weekend!

Until next time.


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2 thoughts on “This Weekend in Destiny 2 – Xûr and Trials (Mar 17 – Mar 21)

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  1. I have a question. Do you still have the Trails rewards info for the 1st trails weekend. I’m having some issues, they reset my rank from 15 back to 1 and I was just curious if you had anything about the rewards

    1. Rank up rewards are available the same every time Trials is available however, the rolls on the weapons change (unless something changed that I am unaware of). If you have played Trials a lot it you most likely are on the next reset tier (one reset or two resets, I am pretty sure two resets is the max number of times you can reset your rank).

      Here is that info:
      – The Flawless reward for the first weekend was (March 24): The Immortal Submachine Gun (Adept)

      Rank Up Rewards (changes every season)
      – Rank up Rewards (no resets): The Immortal (Rank 10) and Astral Horizon (Rank 16)
      – Rank up Rewards (one reset): Exalted Truth (Rank 10) and Unwavering Duty (Rank 16)
      – Rank up Rewards (two resets): The Inquisitor (Rank 10) and Whistler’s Whim (Rank 16)

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

      NOTE: I will be adding a history tab to the Trials page as well to be able to view past Flawless weapon rewards and rank up rewards.

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