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Intro Mission Armor Synthesis: The Endless Night is available now and is free for all players! Speak with Banshee-44 in the Tower to begin this mission.

For more help and info view the Armor Synthesis Guide by Bungie.


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With players now able to turn their armor into universal ornaments, here are some clarifications on how and why some armor doesn’t appear unlocked in the Armor Customization area.

  • Armor won’t show up if a player is wearing that armor.
  • Some armor sets were purposely combined into one set to reduce players accidentally overspending their tokens for duplicate armor. Examples include:
      • Gambit Prime Armors – Anyone who unlocked a Gambit Prime armor set has access to the Illicit (Basic) Gambit Prime Armor Synthesis universal ornaments.
      • Leviathan Prestige Class Items – The Prestige class items from the Leviathan raid uses the same arrangement as the base version, but uses a different dye to distinguish the two, so we reduced these two items into one item for Armor Synthesis.
      • Red War Parade Armors – The Legendary sets share appearances with the armor from the Red War introductory mission.
      • Green and Blue Solstice Armor – The appearances of these armors are identical without support of the Glows and were reduced to a single set. The green set also matches the wrecked parade armor, so it was reduced further.
      • Purple Solstice Armor – As we announced last week, glows from 2018’s and 2019’s Solstice of Heroes are being worked on and will be implemented later this year for the Legendary armors only.
      • Exotic Armor – Exotic armor cannot take the appearance of alternate armor, nor can Exotic armor be converted into a Universal Ornament and used on Legendary armor.
      • Year 1 Armor Ornaments – These are being worked on and will be implemented later this year.

For more information about Armor Synthesis, view this support article.

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Destiny 2 Tying it All Together Quest Guide via

How to Create and Apply Ornament Destiny 2 by WoW Quests on YouTube




Armor Synthesis is Destiny 2’s version of “transmog,” a feature that allows players to use unlocked armor from their Collections to create Universal Ornaments for a specific class.

PLEASE NOTE! Universal Ornaments will only appear on “Legendary” purple-background armor pieces that show an Energy icon (Void, Solar, or Arc) on them.


Getting Started: Unlocking the Loom

Ada-1 has returned to the Tower Annex and has brought a modified Forge with her that she calls a “Loom.” To activate the Loom and begin using unlocked armor to create Universal Ornaments, players will need to:

  1. Speak to Banshee-44 in the Tower Courtyard.
  2. Visit Ada-1 in the Tower Annex.
  3. Head to Europa and locate a BrayTech processor needed to activate the Loom.
  4. Connect the processor to the Loom to activate it.


Creating and Applying Ornaments

Once the Loom is activated, Ada-1 will give players a package containing five Synthweave per character class that will allow players to use unlocked armor from their Collections to create Universal Ornaments.

Players can do so by going to their Character Appearance screen, going down to the Appearance Subscreen, entering Appearance Customization, and choose any armor piece (Legendary quality or lower) they’ve unlocked in their Collection to create a Universal Ornament.

Obtaining More Synthweave

To obtain more Synthweave, players can earn 10 free ones per character class per Season by completing the following:


1. Defeat Enemies to Earn Synthstrand
To use unlocked armor to create Universal Ornaments, players will need to earn Synthstrand, a currency that will drop into a player’s inventory when killing enemies and other players in Destiny 2.

PLEASE NOTE: 750 Synthstrand can be held at one time and won’t go to the Postmaster if players have a full inventory.


2. Purchase Threader Bounties
Once enough Synthstrand is obtained, it can be used to purchase Armor Synthesis Threader Bounties from Ada-1.

Each Season, Ada-1 will offer 10 Threader Bounties for each character class that will need to be completed in the following activities: Strikes, Crucible, Gambit, Destinations, and Raids & Dungeons. Upon completing and claiming Threader Bounties, Synthcord will be rewarded.

PLEASE NOTE: Dismantling a bounty won’t return the full amount of Synthstrand used to purchase the bounty.


3. Deposit Synthcord
When players claim completed Threader bounties, they will receive Synthcord, which will need to be deposited into the Loom to convert into Synthweave. Each class has its own Synthcord:

s14_DPS_Icons_Synthcord_Plush.jpg  Warlocks: Plush  s14_DPS_Icons_Synthcord_Rigid.jpg  Titan: Rigid  s14_DPS_Icons_Synthcord_Sleek.jpg Hunter: Sleek

PLEASE NOTE: Players holding 500 Synthcord for their class won’t be able to purchase Threader Bounties until Synthcord is converted into Synthweave.


4. Use Synthweave
Synthweave is a currency that can convert a player’s unlocked armor into a Universal Ornament.

To use Synthweave, go to the Character Appearance screen, go down to the Appearance Subscreen, enter Appearance Customization, and choose any armor piece (Legendary quality of lower) unlocked in Collections to create a Universal Ornament. Each class has its own Synthweave:

s14_DPS_Icons_Synthweave_Bolt.jpg  Warlocks: Bolt   s14_DPS_Icons_Synthweave_Plate.jpg   Titans: Plate   s14_DPS_Icons_Synthweave_Strap.jpg   Hunters: Strap

PLEASE NOTE: Players can’t hold more than 15 Synthweave per character class.


5. Obtain More Synthweave
After completing all 10 Threader Bounties that Ada-1 offers for each class, players will need to wait until the next Season to obtain more bounties.

Players can also visit Eververse at any time to purchase universal Synthweave Templates, which can be used to create ornaments for any class.

Armor Exceptions for Universal Ornaments

Exotic armor cannot take the appearance of alternate armor, nor can Exotic armor be converted into a Universal Ornament and used on Legendary armor.

Some Year 1 armor ornaments won’t be available for Armor Synthesis at the start of Season of the Splicer:

  • Vanguard Sets: Steadfast, Take Shelter, On the Offense, Xenos Shore
  • Crucible Sets: Ankaa Friend, Fire-Forged, Phoenix Battle, Soaring Sword
  • Iron Banner Sets: Iron Pledge, Gheleon’s Iron, Perun’s Iron, Weyloran’s Iron, Haakon’s Iron, Radegast’s Iron, Silimar’s Iron, Bretomart’s Iron, Tormod’s Iron, Skorri’s Iron, Colovance’s Iron, Ashraven’s Iron, Timur’s Iron
  • Faction Rallies Sets: Extinction Orbit, Arach’s Chosen, War Simulator, Executor’s Will, Sovereign Lion, Cape/Mark/Bond of the Royal, Cape/Mark/Bond of Last Departure, Superior’s Vision, Cape/Mark/Bond of Eternal War
  • Prestige Leviathan Raid Sets: Eater of Wolds, Spire of Stars
  • Trials of the Nine Sets: Trials, Trials Prestige

Glows from 2018’s and 2019’s Solstice of Heroes live event won’t be supported for Armor Synthesis at Season 14 launch, but legendary versions are being worked on and will be implemented in Summer 2021.

Credit: Armor Synthesis Guide by Bungie



All Steps Armor Synthesis Introduction Destiny 2 by WoW Quests on YouTube

Destiny 2: How Armor Synthesis (Transmog) Will Work & Datto’s Thoughts by Datto on YouTube



Info below is from the This Week at Bungie article.

Ada-1 will be returning to the Tower to help Guardians customize their appearance in a brand-new way. Here is an explanation on how this feature will work, and how you can work your way towards your favorite looks. Quick note, many of the following screenshots were from Bungie test builds, so some things may look slightly different when released!

Here’s a quick list of steps that players will take to convert their armor appearance into Universal Armor Ornaments:

  1. Defeat enemies to earn Synthstrand.
  2. Spend Synthstrand on bounties to earn Synthcord.
  3. Convert Synthcord at the Loom in the Tower into Synthweave.
  4. Use Synthweave to convert an unlocked armor appearance (Legendary quality or lower) from Collections into a Universal Armor Ornament.

To start, players will begin earning Synthstrand when defeating enemies in Destiny 2. After earning 150 Synthstrand , players may visit Ada-1 in the Tower to acquire class-specific bounties, which will reward Synthcord.

When developing this feature, an early goal was to ensure players could earn Synthweave through numerous activities in Destiny 2. That way, players who spend most of their time in the Crucible could continue to do so and still engage with Armor Synthesis. There will be five categories of Armor Synthesis bounties: Vanguard, Crucible, Gambit, Destinations, or Raids and Dungeons. Here are a few examples of bounties that you will see:

  • Vanguard
      • Complete playlists strikes using specific subclasses.
      • Accumulate points in Nightfall strikes.
  • Crucible
      • Capture zones in Crucible Control matches.
      • Complete Crucible matches and defeat opponents using specific damage types as a team.
  • Gambit
      • Send and defeat blockers in Gambit.
      • Defeat Primeval Envoys, high value targets and Primevals in Gambit.
  • Destinations
      • Defeat Nightmares on any destination or in Nightmare Hunts.
      • Defeat bosses while defending the Blind Well within the Dreaming City.
  • Raids and Dungeons
      • Complete the final encounter of any Raid or Dungeon.
      • Generate Orbs of Power in raids or dungeons.

If you pick up the wrong bounty, some of the Synthstrands will be refunded if you choose to abandon it. But not the full amount, so think carefully before abandoning!

How many of these can you earn?

Players may earn up to ten Synthweave per class, per Season. Except in Season of [REDACTED]…

To celebrate the introduction of Armor Synthesis, in Season of [REDACTED], players may earn ten additional Synthweave per class through the introductory experience. In total, during Season of [REDACTED] players may earn up to 20 Synthweave per class, which can either be used to convert four full sets to ornaments, or 20 specific items.

As a quick example for the Hunters out there, that could mean you unlock four armor pieces, plus sixteen individual cloaks to swap between depending on your mood.

Please Note: Some exceptions apply.

Universal Ornaments may only be applied to Legendary armor pieces. Exotic armor pieces cannot take the appearance of alternate armor, as we want to maintain their appearance for players to quickly identify and understand what Exotic perks a player may have in all activities.

There will also be a few exceptions at launch for Year-1 Armor Ornaments due to technical constraints, but Bungie is currently working on solutions for a future Season. These exceptions include:

  • Year-1 Armor Ornaments
    • Vanguard
    • Crucible
    • Iron Banner
    • Faction Rallies
    • Prestige Raids
    • Trials of the Nine

Ornaments can still be applied if the base armor piece is from an activity that the ornament originates. As an example, if a player owns Crucible ornaments from Curse of Osiris, they may be applied to Crucible armor pieces at no cost. However, these ornaments cannot be applied to Seasonal armor.

Additionally, all base armor appearances from 2018 and 2019 Solstice of Heroes events will be available for Armor Synthesis. However, due to an issue where 2018 and 2019 glows cannot be socketed alongside armor appearances in the new Guardian Appearance system, the glows will not be supported. Solstice 2020 armor glows were developed with the Guardian Appearance system in mind, and players will retain the white armor glow if it was earned during the event. Subclass based glows will continue to function on their Universal Ornaments as well.


Eververse will also offer Synthweave Templates for direct purchase through the Guardian Appearance screen. Players may either purchase a single Synthweave, or they may purchase a five-piece bundle.

Item Silver Cost
Synthweave Template (1 Token) 300
Synthweave Template Bundle (5 Tokens) 1000

For reference, Universal Armor Ornament Bundles cost 1500 Silver. 

To avoid mistaken purchases, Synthweave Templates from Eververse can be applied to any class.

Let’s talk Shaders

Through the Guardian Appearances screen, Bungie took an opportunity to improve the shader experience. Currently, shaders are one-time use consumables that must be repurchased from Collections for Glimmer or Legendary Shards.

Starting next Season, all unlocked shaders will be visible on the Guardian Appearance screen when hovering over the shader bucket. Players may apply shaders for 500 Glimmer per armor piece. Additionally, Bungie added the often requested “apply all” button for shaders, which will cost 2500 Glimmer total. This is the same Glimmer cost to purchase shaders right now, but Bungie has done away with the Legendary Shards requirement.

Shaders will continue to be earned through various activities in Destiny 2 or can be purchased using Bright Dust or Silver from Eververse. With the update to shaders, Bungie is increasing their cost from 40 Bright Dust to 300 Bright Dust. This will continue to be a one-time purchase and will appear in the Guardian Appearance menu when unlocked. In celebration of Armor Synthesis, a Year-1 Eververse shader bundle will also be available in the Eververse for Glimmer, no Silver required!

Sources and Credit: This Week at Bungie – April 22, 2021

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