Destiny 2: Exo Stranger – Stasis Aspect Quests and Fragments



Starting in Season 15, Bungie’s Darkness guide on Europa, the Exo Stranger, will now reveal more information on how to complete the tasks required for earning more Stasis power. Guardians who have finished the Beyond Light campaign and visit the Exo Stranger on Europa will see the entire path for unlocking Aspects and Fragments. Additionally, many of the pre-requirements for obtaining and completing the “Born in Darkness” quest chain will be reduced or removed. Previously, Guardians needed to complete several quest chains and unlock Salvation’s Grip before Stasis would grant them additional power.

Guardians that completed the Beyond Light campaign will have immediate access to the Born in Darkness quest chain from the Exo Stranger on Europa. The Exo Stranger also reveals every unowned Fragment, regardless of progression through the “Born in Darkness” questline, giving a preview of the many powers to unlock. With these improvements to messaging, aimed at removing a lot of the mystery around powering-up Stasis, we’re excited to see more Guardians unlock Stasis’s chilling power.

Source: This Week at Bungie – August 05, 2021



New Stasis Aspect Quests are Available Now with the Exo Stranger. Beyond Light is Required.

New Fragments:

New Stasis Aspects:

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