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A few TWAB’s ago, Luke Smith took some time to run through changes for rewards through the various activities of Destiny 2. Check out the article again if you’d like a refresher on vanity, cosmetics, and more.

Here’s what you can expect on November 10:

  • A new set of Armor for the core playlists (Strikes, Gambit, and Crucible).
  • This armor shares a set of new geometry, with decals and shaders specific to the activity.
  • Bungie will create new sets like this each Year (e.g., Year 4, Year 5, Year 6, etc.)
  • This set will arrive alongside the next expansion.

This armor can be earned by completing activities or through vendor rank-ups. Weekly challenges are also being updated to offer avenues for players to earn higher-stat packages for these armor sets.

Additionally, Year 4 will see the return of pursuit weapons. These weapons have static perks, but allow for some customization. The final two perk columns have multiple perks to choose from, so you can tailor your weapon to your desired playstyle. Guardians may recognize this beauty from a recent Stasis trailer….

Bungie’s goal is to have a pursuit weapon available per Season, earned through a focused quest. Banshee will give you a choice between Strikes, Crucible, or Gambit to earn the base model. Make sure you take a moment to think about how you want to earn the weapon, as you’ll be locked in to specific objectives for whichever activity you pick.

Once you finish the main quest, Commander Zavala, Lord Shaxx, and the Drifter will offer you an additional quest which will reward you with weapon ornaments to the theme of their respective activities. If you’re omnivorous and enjoy all three offerings, all three will be available to you.


Starting in Season 12, the Director will be updated to reduce the number of playlists available at a given time.

  • Featured Modes:
      • Control
      • Elimination
      • Rumble
      • Survival
          • Both Survival and Survival: Freelance will be available
      • Weekly rotator:
          • Clash, Mayhem, and Showdown
      • Private matches
      • Limited Availability
          • Iron Banner
          • Iron Banner: Freelance will make its debut in Season 12.
              • Similar to Competitive, this will be a smaller node next to Iron Banner when the playlist is available.
      • Weekend Availability
          • Trials of Osiris
          • Note: Adept weapons, rewarded to those reaching the Lighthouse, return to Trials of Osiris in Season 12. (More details on functionality to come in a Sandbox preview, currently planned for October.)


  • Vanguard strikes and Nightfall: The Ordeal will be your two playlist options.
      • Each playlist will continue to offer weekly challenges for Powerful loot.
      • Nightfall: The Ordeal will continue to feature matchmaking at lower difficulties, and increased rewards for higher difficulty options.
      • Note: Bungie is also looking to add Adept weapons to strikes in a future Season. We’ll have updates closer to Season 13 on what to expect.


Gambit and Gambit Prime will be consolidated into a single mode. Here is an explanation of rules changes coming to Gambit in November, as well as a key update from last week.

First, here are some goals Bungie has:

  • Build a more approachable Gambit Prime, keeping the one-round format with a longer round, but without the Gambit Prime armor perks.
  • Rebalance the motes phase to last 2/3 of each match, rather than half of the match.
  • Speed up the Primeval fight (compared to Gambit Prime) to give more of the feeling of a ‘boss rush.’


  • Gambit Prime encounters: Large bosses that come in enemy waves have all been pulled down to miniboss or elite. The pacing should feel like how Gambit feels for a pickup group, or how Prime feels for a fully kitted team.
  • Motes: Pulled back to the current Gambit Prime mote target and drain.
  • Gambit Prime Blockers: Pulled the Taken Captain from the Blocker lineup, as he proved a little too potent for a 10-mote Blocker. Replaced him with the Phalanx, who can be tough to kill, but not as lethal. Since they do not have the armor perks, they also had to remove the 20-mote Giant Blocker.
  • Invasions: Pulled back the minimum time between invasions during mote phases from 10 seconds to 20 seconds. It never feels good to get invaded back-to-back.
  • Gambit Primeval fight: Removed the timed Slayer buffs, increased the Primeval health and potency of the slayer buff given by when killing envoys. Envoys will respawn every 40% damage done to the Primeval – so if you get invaded and the Primeval is healed a lot, you have the opportunity to get more Slayer buffs and catch up. The fight length ends up somewhere in between the original Gambit and Gambit Prime, so they adjusted the invasion timer during the Primeval phase to match – right in between Gambit and Gambit Prime timing.

Overall this mode will be a little quicker than Gambit Prime – mostly due to shortening of the boss phase and the removal of the larger bosses from the fronts, but one that still gives that great Gambit feeling that you all love. As we approach Beyond Light, Bungie will have more details on how your weekly rituals are changing. Economy, Eververse, Sandbox, and more. They are looking forward to talking about things like solo queue Iron Banner, but they have a few things left to tie up as we approach the launch date.

Stay tuned…

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