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The activities and challenges listed on this page reward either Powerful and Pinnacle gear. Challenges that reward powerful and pinnacle gear are usually available to complete once per week and once per character. Events that are here for a limited time also reward powerful and pinnacle gear, such as Trials or Iron Banner. Please note, some challenges may require the current Season Pass and/or Expansions/DLCs.

Power Levels

With the start of a Season 18 (Season of Plunder), Power levels have increased by 10 (starting at the soft cap).

Power LevelDescriptionDetails
Floor/Starting Level: 1350The lowest possible Power for a piece of gear; starting point for new characters. Any player who signs in will be at appropriate Power levels to start the Witch Queen campaign, even if they’ve taken a recent break from the game. Through general gameplay, players can reach the soft cap of 1520 by earning general gear through activity completions, chests, and more. This includes Rare and Legendary drops.
Soft Cap: 1520The point at which general drops stop being automatic upgrades; Powerful gear drops are now the best way to gain Power. Once reaching the soft cap, players will need to earn Powerful drops from vendor challenges and other objectives in the game.
Powerful (Hard) Cap: 1570Power cap – The point at which Powerful drops stop being upgrades; Pinnacle gear drops are now the only way to gain Power. Once reaching the Power cap of 1570, the only upgrades that players will find are from endgame activities that offer Pinnacle rewards.
Max Cap (Pinnacle): 1580Max possible Power from Pinnacle drops (ignoring Artifact Power). Once reaching the Power cap of 1570, the only upgrades that players will find are from endgame activities that offer Pinnacle rewards. Your final stretch to the hard cap of 1580 will be through raids, Trials of Osiris, Iron Banner, and other endgame PvE sources.  

Content Requirements

Here is a chart showing what activities currently in-game are free-to-play and what requires DLC/Expansions or Season Pass. Trials of Osiris requires whatever the most recent DLC/Expansion is (currently this is The Witch Queen). This page will be updated with more details soon to try to better explain things.



The Witch Queen 

30th Anniversary

Season of the Risen

Season of the Haunted

Season of Plunder

King's Fall Raid

Vow of the Disciple

Grasp of Avarice

PsiOps Battlegrounds

Duality Dungeon



Witch Queen Story Campaign

Sever mission



The Wellspring

Nightmare Containment


Altar of Reflection


Iron Banner Seasonal Event

Dares of Eternity

All Destinations

In-Game Events

NOTE: The chart above is currently being updated, thank you for your patience.


Once you are at the hard cap, the activities below drop gear +1 or +2 higher than your current Power.



Access Requirement

King's Fall Raid

Complete raid.

Seasonal Activity: Ketchcrash

Complete Master difficulty.

Featured Raid

Complete the weekly Raid.


Featured Dungeon

Complete the weekly Dungeon.


Trials of Osiris

  • Win 7 matches

  • Win 50 matches


Score 100,000 points or more

Vox Obscura Exotic Quest

Tank Buster: Defeat powerful Cabal and Champions in the "Vox Obscura" Exotic quest.

The Wellspring

Master mode completion.

Grasp of Avarice

Complete "Grasp of Avarice".

Dares of Eternity

Score 250,000 points or more


Complete Quest.

Vanguard Ops

Complete 3 strikes using the same subclass element as the currently active elemental burn.


Complete 3 matches.


Complete 3 matches.

Powerful Gear

Powerful gear sources will reward gear +3 to +5 power.

Weekly Info

View the full weekly reset post by visiting the home page and clicking on the pinned weekly reset post or by visiting the “Reset” link below. The links below are updated every week.

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