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The activities/challenges listed here reward Powerful and Pinnacle gear. Challenges that reward powerful and pinnacle gear are usually always weekly, meaning you can only do them once per week. However, events that are only here for a limited time also reward powerful and pinnacle gear, such as Trials or Iron Banner. Please note, some challenges may require the Season of the Splicer Season Pass and/or Beyond Light.

What has Changed in Season of the Splicer?

Here are a few things that have changed with the release of Season of the Splicer (see Update for more details):

  • The Infusion Cap for weapons and armor has risen 10 points. All sources will now offer upgrades up to 1260, Powerful sources up to 1310, and Pinnacle sources will go to 1320.
  • Removed the Infusion Caps from all Legendary armor pieces issued or reissued in Season of the Worthy or later.
  • Deep Stone Crypt and Presage Exotic quest no longer grant Pinnacle rewards.
  • Powerful sources released with Shadowkeep no longer grant Powerful rewards:
    • Rune table
    • Repeatable campaign missions
    • Nightmare Hunt completion and time trials
    • Pit of Heresy completion
    • Garden of Salvation completion
  • Strikes, Gambit, Crucible, and Seasonal drops now have a chance to reward Powerful rewards all the way up until the Hard Cap.
  • Gear earned through token purchases will be 20 Power below your Power Level.
  • Collection buybacks will be capped at 1100 Power.



  • Powerful T1= Tier 1 (Base PL +3)
  • Powerful T2= Tier 2 (Base PL +4)
  • Powerful T3= Tier 3 (Base PL +5)
  • Pinnacle +5


Level Cap Power Level
Starting Level 1100
Soft Cap 1260
Hard Cap 1310
Pinnacle Cap 1320
Note: Nightfalls and Empire Hunts have had their master difficulty modes increased to 1340 PL.


  • Vendor Challenges – Complete 8 bounties for each activity below.
    • Strikes: Vanguard Service (T1 + Bright Dust)
    • Gunsmith: Spare Parts (T1 + Bright Dust)
    • Crucible: Live-Fire Exercises (T1 + Bright Dust)
    • Gambit: Shady Schemes (T1 + Bright Dust)
  • Nightfall: The Ordeal – Complete 5, higher difficulties grant the most efficient progress. (T1)
  • Clan/Hawthorne: Earn 5000 XP for your clan. (T2)
  • Europa Challenge: Complete Europa bounties acquired from Variks. (T1)
  • Empire Hunts: Complete 2 Empire Hunts as part of a step on an Empire Hunt quest. (T1)
  • Deadly Venatics: Use the cryptolith Lure to hunt and eliminate Wrathborn, complete 5 times. (T1 – Legacy Gear)
  • Simulation: Simulated Skill-Set Training: Test your dexterity as you move against the Vex. (T1)
  • Exo Stranger Challenge: Defeat 100 combatants with Stasis on Europa. (T1)
  • Trials Wins: Earn powerful gear by winning three, five, and seven matches.
  • Valor, Glory, and Infamy Rank Up: Only works once, after resetting you will no longer receive Powerful rewards.
  • Override: Complete 3 Override missions.
  • Battlegrounds Playlist: Complete 3 (Powerful Legacy Gear)


  • Nightfall: The Ordeal: Complete Nightfall The Ordeal with a team score of 100k or more.
  • Vanguard Strikes: Complete 3 Strikes using the same subclass element (singe) as the currently active elemental burn.
  • Crucible: Complete 3 matches.
  • Crucible (Glory): Get 7 Wins in either Glory-ranked playlist. 
  • Gambit: Complete 3 matches.
  • Empire Hunt: Complete any Empire Hunt on Master difficulty.
  • Exo Challenge (Simulation): Complete an Exo challenge.
  • Rewiring the Light (Splicer Servitor): Complete 8 bounties from the Splicer Servitor.
  • Digital Trove (Override): Open 4 Conflux Chests with Key Codes in Override missions. Go to the quest tab and right-click on the Splicer Gauntlet. Use 50x Ether to create a Key Code so you can open the Conflux chest after defeating the Override boss. Info via
  • Prophecy: Dungeon completion
  • Deep Stone Crypt Raid: Complete the Deep Stone Crypt raid.
  • Flawless Trials
  • Iron Banner: 4 bounties


  • Exotic Engrams
  • Exotic Quests
  • Prime Engrams
  • Clan Engrams: Gambit, Crucible, Nightfall, and Raid (When your clan completes a weekly clan challenge, every member in the clan will get a powerful weapon or piece of gear for each weekly clan challenge completed. This is per account and not for ea. character)

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Destiny 2 Season Of The Splicer Leveling Guide 1320 Pl Power Cap 1




Info below is from the Bungie help page

Starting in Season 12, Legendary gear introduced in Seasons 1-8 reached the Max Power Level at the Season 11 Power Cap of 1,060, and gear introduced in Season 9 reached the Season 12 Power Cap of 1,260.

In Season 13, it was announced that all Legendary gear starting from Season 10 and beyond won’t have a Max Power Level for Infusion.

Legendary gear that has reached Max Power Level can still be used in most activities in Destiny 2 that don’t rely on a player’s Power, such as the Crucible. Legendary gear can also be re-issued in future Seasons with a new Max Power Level, but previously acquired gear won’t be updated as a re-issued version.

What is Infusion?

Infusion is a way for players to increase their gear’s Power by consuming another piece of gear of the same type.

Click here to Learn More About Infusion!!


Players will be able to Infuse gear within an item’s details screen. Infusing an item cannot be undone! In the image above, the Current Power of the weapon is 950, the Power Limit (Max Power Level) is 1,060, and the Seasonal Power Cap is 1,060.

Gear from Seasons 1-9

Legendary gear released in Seasons 1-8 will have a Max Power Level at the Season 11 Power Cap of 1,060. If this gear tries to Infuse gear from Season 12 and beyond the gear will still only be able to reach the Max Power Level of Season 11.

Legendary gear released in Season 9 will have a Max Power Level at the Season 12 Power Cap of 1,260 and can’t reach a higher Power Cap.

Gear from Season 10 and Beyond

Legendary gear released in Season 10 and beyond will not have a Max Power Level for Infusion.

Watermark Updates

Legendary gear watermarks connected to the Season or Expansion they were introduced in will be updated to reflect when that gear can and can’t reach a Season’s Max Power Level. Watermarks appear in the corner of a gear’s icon or details screen.

Legendary gear that previously didn’t have a watermark will be given one retroactively, notably gear from Season 1.

Weapons and armor from live events, such as The Dawning or Festival of the Lost, will no longer use event watermarks. Instead, they will use the Season or Expansion watermark they were introduced in.

Able to Reach Max Power

If Legendary gear doesn’t have a Max Power Level, the watermark will be white with a dark shade behind it.

Gear_Max_Power.jpg Max_Power.jpg

Not Able to Reach Max Power

When Legendary gear can’t reach a Season’s Max Power Level, the watermark will be black with a light shade behind it.

Gear_Non-Max_Power.jpg Non-Max_Power.jpg

Seasonal Chart

Below is a chart of information showing what seasonal gear (with appropriate watermark) will reach its Max Power Level through Infusion when it reaches that season’s Power Cap.

*Legendary armor from the Last Wish and Garden of Salvation Raids will drop to the Season 12 watermark, and select gear from the Dreaming City and the Moon will drop with the Season 13 watermark.

Source: Help Article



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