Destiny 2: Crown of Sorrow Raid

CROWN OF SORROW RAID (S7: Season of Opulence)

This raid requires the Annual Pass.

  • Encounter #1: Menagerie Depths – Dispel The Hive Ward
  • Encounter #2: Kingdom of Sorrow – Parkour Puzzle
  • Encounter #3: Kingdom of Sorrow – Gahlran’s Deception
  • Encounter #4: Gahlran, The Sorrow Bearer [Final Boss]

Possible Unique Exotic Drop:

This weapon has a very rare chance to drop from the treasure chest after completing the final boss Gahlran.

Tarrabah – Exotic Submachine Gun

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Once your clan has reached level 4 you may pick up the weekly clan raid challenge with Hawthorne, once per week and per character. (updating section)

Limited Blessings: There cannot be more than 2 players at one time who possess the Witch’s Blessing buff.

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Total Victory: Break the shield of Gahlran’s Deception five times in a single damage phase. (This will require players to one-phase the boss as well.)

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