Destiny 2: Leviathan Raid Guides and Loot


Defy the Cabal Emperor in the Leviathan raid.


Powerful Gear – You may get raid loot from the chests after successfully completing an encounter but it is not guaranteed (sometimes the chest do not drop any loot). Tokens that you may use with Benedict-99 at the Tower is the main way you will obtain raid loot.

Tokens – You will receive reputation tokens from each encounter in the raid. Visit vendor Benedict 99-40 in the Tower after you have completed the raid to rank up and earn raid specific rewards. If you are in a clan and your clan completes a raid with at least 3 clan members, you will be able to pick up one raid engram per week and per account with Hawthorne at the Tower.

Raid Chest Keys – Drops at each encounter, except Calus. Remember to use keys before each reset as they will be removed from your inventory every reset. These chests can drop legendary and exotic engrams, tokens, and other items however they do not drop raid specific loot.

Legendary Engrams – Engrams can drop from enemies in the raid. 

Normal Mode Guides

Leviathan Raid Guide – Best Way to Play by IGN

Ultimate Leviathan Raid Guide by Arekkz

The Royal Pools (Baths) Guide by Datto

Pleasure Gardens (Beasts) Guide by Datto

The Gauntlet Guide by Datto

Calus Guide by Datto


Guides by Gosu No0b

Leviathan Raid Rewards Loot – Armor and Weapons

Leviathan Loot Chest Locations

Leviathan Raid Lever Combinations

Irrigation, Aqueduct, Drain Key- Leviathan Raid Loot Chest Locations

destiny 2 legend of acrius

Destroyer of Worlds Quest – Legend of Acrius

More Info and Help

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Leviathan Raid Underbelly Maps

Pleasure Gardens Map (Normal Mode)

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