Destiny 2: The Lost Forges (Black Armory)

THE LOST FORGES (Annual Pass Required)

Summary: An all-new three-player matchmade activity that will unfold over the Season. Survive the chaos at each Forge to craft the Black Armory’s Golden Age weapons.

Forges Available:

  • Volundr Forge – EDZ
  • Gofannon Forge – Artifacts Edge, Nessus
  • Izanami Forge – Nessus
  • Berguisa Forge

Bergusia Forge has been unlocked by Bungie

Notes: Forges are on a cycle like the Dreaming City. View info about Niobe Labs here and a preview of Ada-1’s weekly inventory/challenges here.


Volundr Forge

Location: Sunken Isles, EDZ

How to unlock and reignite:

  • First go to Spider at the Tangled Shore and speak to him. He will give you an access card, which lets you meet with Ada-1 in the Black Armory. Go to The Tower and head towards Ikora. There should be a new path open to the right by the Ramen shop that lets you down into the annexed area of The Tower. Enter the room, trigger the cutscene, and then speak with Ada-1 when you regain control.
  • She will give you a quest that requires you to obtain a Weapon Core in the EDZ and kill 25 Fallen enemies. Go to the broken highway in the Outskirts and open up the cache that spawns with the Servitor Saboteur.
  • Get Heavy multi-kills on hive enemies and remember you have to be the one who secures the kill for it to count towards your progress.(Thunderlord or something like Tractor Cannon are recommended)
  • Collect 25 Seeds that are dropped from challenging enemies. You don’t need to be the one that kills the enemies, just make sure to damage them.
  • Go back to Ada-1 and she will send you on a mission to the Volundr Forge. Complete this and you should unlock this Lost Forge activity on the EDZ.

Source and Credit:

Volundr Forge Guide for Noobs: How to Easily Beat it (Destiny 2 Black armory) by Mtashed

Destiny 2 EASY VOLUNDR LOST FORGE! How To Complete Lost Forges & Get New Weapons! by Mesa Sean

GoFannon Forge

Location: Artifact’s Edge, Nessus

How to Unlock:

  • Kill Fallen enemies until one of them drops an item called Stolen Black Armory Gear.
  • Go to the Tower and speak to Ada-1 and she’ll give you the next step.
  • Collect 35 Tainted Gear by killing Fallen with Precision Kills.
  • Go to The Tangled Shore and speak to Spider. He’ll give you a step called Needle in the Tangled Shore.
  • Complete the Cryo-pod Heroic Event at Thieves Landing and defeat 75 Fallen enemies using your melee.
  • Visit Spider again and he’ll give you a quest step called Scourge of the Armory that takes you to the Winding Cove. Power level of around 620 is recommended.
  • Go to the various Lost Sectors that will be marked on your map. Look for the large black Fallen Caches until the step updates on completion.
  • The next step is Sivik’s Delivery Note, head to Nessus. This is a spawn timed activity so it will take some patience. You will need to ;ook for Captains and kill them (Exodus Black is a recommended spot. Keep an eye out for named, yellow bar targets, particularly around Public Events.)
  • A new quest should appear after completing the previous step. Go to the Lost Sector on Nessus, kill the Boss and scan some gear. From there, head to Artifact’s Edge. Head over to the damaged ship and you should see a square entrance on a ledge above. The Gofannon Forge is through the other side. Once you’ve found the Forge, head back to Ada-1 and she’ll give you the Basic Sniper Rifle Frame quest that will lead to you eventually reigniting the Gofannon Forge.

How to reignite the Gofannon Forge:

  • Find a Weapon Core and 25 Compound Ether, on Nessus. Head to Artifact’s Edge or the Hallows to find the crate with the Weapon Core, and target Fallen enemies until the quest step updates.
  • Get 25 Precision Kills using a Sniper Rifle and 5 Powerful enemy kills.
  • Get 10 multikills with a Sniper Rifle.
  • Collect 20 Radiant Seeds and head back to the Tower to see Ada-1 to receive the Radiant Sniper Rifle Frame.
  • Head back to the Gofannon Forge and ignite the Forge the same way you did Volundr. You’ll receive a Sniper Rifle called Tatara Gaze.
  • Once you’re finished with that, you should go and find the Mysterious Box and family crests.

Source and Credit:

Destiny 2 – HOW TO UNLOCK THE GOFANNON FORGE! by DestinyGuides on YouTube

Izanami Forge

Location: Nessus

How to unlock:

  • Get the Vex Transporter by killing 100 Vex on Nessus (The Orrery Lost Sector in Artifact’s Edge is a good method to farm Vex enemies)
  • Complete The Spire Integration Heroic Public Event in the Hallows on Nessus. It has to be this Public Event, in this location, and heroic. To trigger the Heroic, stand on the three plates that the white beams of light lead to. Once each plate hits 100% you will start the Heroic variant and just need to stop the Vex from reaching the spire in the center.
  • Kill 20 Vex Minotaurs on Nessus in specific public zones, view quest item to find out the locations. (The Hallows is a recommended area to farm Minotaurs)
  • Finish the Rekindle The Flames Mission – Recommended power is 630.
  • Repair the Izanami Igniter by completing a Glimmer Extraction, Witch’s Ritual, Spire Integration heroic public event on any planet.
  • Collect Blended Ether, Condensed Blights, and Radiolarian Vapor – You can get Blended Ether by getting precision multi-kills on Fallen. You get Condensed Blights by destroying Taken Blights (Sanctum of Bones Lost Sector is a good area to destroy them). And last you can get Radiolarian Vapors by finishing a new quest on Nessus in The Cistern.
  • Complete the Volundr Forge.
  • Finish an Advanced Variant of The Insight Terminus Strike
  • Reignite the Izanami Forge (FINAL STEP!)

How to unlock by

Destiny 2: How to Unlock the IZANAMI FORGE! | Black Armory by KackisHD on YouTube

Destiny 2 – How to Complete IZANAMI Forge / Full Guide – Mysterious Box Drones & New Exotic Bow by DPJ on YouTube

The Bergusia Forge

Guides will be added soon…


Posted by Bungie: We have just delivered a server-side update to reduce the Power requirements for all the encounters in the Lost Forges by five. We fully acknowledge that this is a small move, but it is the one that we can make today. This is not the full extent of the changes to the player experience that we are investigating, but it should give Guardians at 600 Power a better chance at completing the activity. Source:

This page will be updated with more details soon… Last page update: 12/19/18

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