Destiny 2: Deep Stone Crypt Raid

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DEEP STONE CRYPT RAID Beyond Light Required

Recommended Power: 1220

Weekly Challenge: Complete the Deep Stone Crypt Raid for Pinnacle Gear.


  • Entrance: Pike & Sparrow
  • 1st Encounter: Crypt Security
    • Possible Drops: Trustee, Arms, Legs, and Class Items.
  • 2nd Encounter: Atraks-1
    • Possible Drops: Heritage, Succession, Arms, Legs, and Class Items.
  • Jumping Puzzle: Descent (Keep an eye out for a hidden chest on the main path.)
  • 3rd Encounter: Taniks, Reborn – Rapture
    • Possible Drops: Posterity, Arms, Chest and Class Items 
  • 4th Encounter: The Abomination – Taniks
    • Possible Drops: Commemoration, Bequest, Helmet, Chest and Legs.


TBA: These challenges will become available at a later time this Season.

  • Red Rover
  • Copies of Copies
  • Of All Trades
  • The Core Four

More Details: Deep Stone Crypt Raid Triumphs


ARMOR + WEAPONS (updating section)





  • Herd Thinner: Your weapons deal additional damage to non-powerful combatants.
  • Enhanced Operator Augment: Requires 5 SOLAR energy
    • Rapid Regen: With the Operator Augment, you gain periodic bursts of healing when your health is depleted.
    • Conversionist: With no augment, collecting Orbs of Power causes you to periodically spawn Heavy ammo.
  • Enhanced Suppressor Augment: Requires 5 VOID energy
    • Evasive Maneuvers: With the Suppressor Augment, you take decreased damage from powerful foes.
    • Stop, Stunnertime: With no augment, grenades temporarily stun your targets.
  • Enhanced Scanner Augment: Requires 5 ARC energy
    • Paint the Target: With the scanner augment, powerful targets are marked by precision shots and take increased damage for a short period.
    • Supercharged: With no augment, you gain a bonus to Resilience and Recovery, and your class ability recharges faster.

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Destiny 2 Beyond Light: How to Get Eyes of Tomorrow Exotic Rocket Launcher by



All encounters require teammates to obtain augments (a new buff type that grants players a certain passive effect). There are three augments throughout the raid:

  1. Scanner: This yellow, oval-shaped buff will denote critical raid objectives with a bright yellow outline.
  2. Operator: Denoted by a red human holding a diamond, Operators can interact with certain objects that are considered immune to others.
  3. Suppressor: A blue buff that looks similar to the raid logo. Introduced in the third encounter, Suppressors are capable of stunning the raid boss while standing under certain drones. The boss must be damaged while under three different drones for the stun to occur. Drones always appear in sets of three.

NOTE: Challenges are not currently live, details will be added here when a challenge is available. (This section is being updated.)

1st Encounter: Crypt Security 

Destiny 2: The Security Door Encounter – Deep Stone Crypt Raid Guide by Datto on YouTube << Visit their YouTube for more Destiny 2 videos!

2nd Encounter: Atraks-1, Fallen Exo

Destiny 2: Atraks-1 Raid Guide – Deep Stone Crypt by Datto on YouTube << Visit their YouTube for more Destiny 2 videos!

3rd/4th Encounter: Taniks, the Abomination

Destiny 2: Taniks, the Abomination Guide (Part 1 and 2) – Deep Stone Crypt Raid by Datto on YouTube << Visit their YouTube for more Destiny 2 videos!



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