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Here’s a look at what’s coming with Lightfall on February 28, 2023.

What’s Coming with Lightfall?

Shattered glass glints in the starlight. Soldiers of the Shadow Legion battle with Guardians under the unmistakable shadows of the fleet overhead—the Witness and its newest Disciple are here. Amid the chaos, begin a journey that will reveal the hidden threads that bind us, the ability to unravel them, and the mastery to weave them anew. With this new power in hand, find strength in your fellow Guardians and triumph in the face of impossibility; Legendary mode returns.

  • New Destination: Neomuna
  • New Supers: Strand
  • New Raid
  • New Story Campaign
    • Legendary Mode
      • Rewards a full set of armor.
  • New 6-Player Activity: Terminal Overload
  • Two New Dungeons – Coming in Season 20 and Season 23, both will have their own exotic weapon and collection of rewards.
  • New Exotics and Gear
    • Including Quicksilver Storm: Cloud Strider weaponry that has somehow been reshaped and found its way into our hands. We don’t pretend to understand nanite technology, but what we do know is that we have no record of another Auto Rifle that turns into a Rocket Launcher that turns into a Grenade Launcher.
    • View more below.



One definitive expansion. Two editions. Countless adventures.

Standard Edition

  • Exclusive Emblem
  • Exotic Ghost

✔️ New Campaign + Legendary Mode

✔️ New Power: Strand

✔️ New Raid

✔️ New Exotic Gear

✔️ Season 20

Lightfall + Annual Pass

  • Quicksilver Storm Exotic Auto Rifle
  • Exotic Emote
  • Exotic Ghost
  • Exclusive Emblem

✔️ New Campaign + Legendary Mode

✔️ New Power: Strand

✔️ New Raid

✔️ New Exotic Gear

✔️ Season 20, 21, 22, 23

✔️ Lightfall Dungeon Key

✔️ Quicksilver Storm Catalyst and Ornament

✔️ Lightfall Exotic Sparrow

✔️ Rahool’s Secret Stash x4 (one per Season)

Collector’s Edition

The Witness’s arrival is imminent. To prepare for this inevitable battle, the Vanguard shares Empress Caiatl’s insights into Calus’s psyche with you. Study Ikora’s notes about Osiris’s vision of hope on Neptune, and discover the possible link with the Exo Stranger’s mysterious pouka.


Here’s a look at some weapons and gear coming with Lightfall (the armor most likely drop from legend/master Lost Sectors). The Lightfall Weapons and Gear trailer also featured the Quicksilver Storm catalyst – grenade kills create Strand tangles that can be thrown at enemies.

  • Final Warning: Hold down the trigger of this Kinect slot Strand Sidearm to mark targets within range and load a burst of bullets. When hip firing, projectiles track aggressively toward marked targets.
  • Deterministic Chaos: While holding the trigger, every fourth bullet of this Void Machine Gun becomes a heavy projectile that weakens targets on impact. Every fourth heavy projectile makes targets volatile on impact.
  • Winterbite: This Heavy slot Exotic Stasis Glaive fires a large ball of energy that locks onto nearby targets and freezes them.
  • Cyrtarachne’s Façade – This Exotic helmet gives extra protection as Hunters gain armor and flinch resistance when they grapple.
  • Abeyant Leap – When Titans use their Barricade with this Exotic leg armor, it spawns seeking projectiles that suspend enemies and gives armor to its wielder.
  • Swarmers – This new Exotic leg armor allows Warlocks to create a Threadling to infest and attack enemies after destroying a tangle.

NOTE: Quicksilver Storm is available now for all Guardians that preorder Lightfall.



Quicksilver Storm

Exotic Heavy Glaive (Strand)

Final Warning

Exotic Heavy Glaive (Strand)

Deterministic Chaos

Heavy Machine Gun (Void)


Heavy Glaive (Stasis)

Cyrtarachne’s Façade

Hunter Helmet

Abeyant Leap

Titan Legs


Warlock Legs


An all new super is coming with Lightfall called Strand.

  • Warlock Super: Broodweaver
  • Hunter: Threadrunner
  • Titan: Berserker

New verbs:

“Tangles: These are bundles of quantum strands left over when enemies unravel. These tangles can be used by players using Strand to weave objects and creatures, or for other purposes tied to weapons.”

More details will be added here once Bungie provides more information about this.

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Lightfall + Annual Pass

All Lightfall + Annual Pass Pre-Orders include exotic auto rifle Quicksilver Storm and a legendary emblem (both are instantly unlocked and can be used in-game now).

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Quicksilver Storm

Instantly unlocked with your Lightfall + Annual Pass Pre-Order


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