Destiny 2: Season 17 Loot Pool Changes



Leaving loot pools at the beginning of Season 17

  • Iron Banner 
    • Occluded Finality Sniper Rifle 
    • Finite Impactor Hand Cannon 
  • Nightfalls 
    • The Comedian Shotgun 
    • Palindrome Hand Cannon 
  • Trials of Osiris 
    • Shayura’s Wrath Submachine Gun 
    • The Messenger Pulse Rifle 

Leaving loot pools at the beginning of Season 18

  • Iron Banner 
    • Peacebond Sidearm 
    • Archon’s Thunder Machine Gun 
  • Nightfalls 
    • PLUG ONE.1 Fusion Rifle 
    • The Hothead Rocket Launcher 
  • Trials of Osiris 
    • Eye of Sol Sniper Rifle 
    • The Summoner Auto Rifle 

Season 17 Ritual Weapon

Unique ornaments depending on vendor will be available for this weapon as usual.  

  • Crucible 
    • Mandated Artillery Ornament 
  • Gambit 
    • Insubordination Ornament
  • Vanguard 
    • Standard Regulation Ornament

Playlist Weapons 

  • Crucible 
  • Riptide Fusion Rifle 
  • Gambit 
    • Dead Weight Shotgun 
  • Vanguard 
    • Strident Whistle Bow

Nightfall Weapons (includes both standard and adept versions)  

  • Horror’s Least Pulse Rifle 
  • D.F.A. Hand Cannon 

Trials of Osiris

  • Forgiveness Sidearm  
  • Burden of Guilt Fusion Rifle 
    • The Messenger Pulse Rifle and Shayura’s Wrath will be leaving the Season 17 pool. 

Note: Weapons included in Bungie’s planned rotation are subject to change. Season 16’s weapons will be shifting over into the standard loot pools with the Crisis Inverted Hand Cannon in Crucible, the Herod-C Auto Rifle in Gambit, and the Vanguard Shotgun Fortissimo-11. More details will be shared closer to the launch date.

Sources: TWAB articles – April 21, April 28

This page will be updated periodically with more/new information and details.

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