Dive into the warring mindscapes of the exiled Cabal Emperor Calus to pull off a daring mind-heist and steal his darkest secrets.

Location: The Moon

Access: The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition or The Witch Queen Dungeon key.

  • Complete “A Single Thread” Quest to gain access to this Dungeon. This Quest can be picked up from Hawthorne in the Tower.
  • The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition or Dungeon Key is required to get access to the Duality Dungeon.
  • The Witch Queen Dungeon Key provides access to two dungeons, one launching during Season 17 and the other launching during Season 19. Actual launch dates to be announced via Bungie. The Witch Queen Dungeon Key cost 2000 silver and is located in the Eververse store on the Expansions tab.

Recommended Power

  • Legend: 1550
    • Modifiers: None
  • Master: 1590
    • Modifiers: Champions: Barrier and Unstoppable, Match Game

Main Encounters

Nightmare Of Gahlran, Sorrow Bearer
Unlock The Vault
The Nightmare Of Princess Caiatl

Weekly Reward

Pinnacle Gear

Note: Legendary gear can drop an unlimited amount of times, which means you may farm this activity for loot as much as you would like. Farm away!

Note from Bungie article

Similar to Season Passes, Dungeon Keys are applied to the first account that logs in after purchase, and moves between platforms with Cross Save.  

Dungeon Keys and Season Pass Premium Track rewards can’t be game shared between platform accounts, and must instead be purchased on each account that intends to access them. 

Game sharing is a platform feature and is not officially supported by Bungie. For more information, please see Bungie’s Help article

Source: TWAB


Deep Explorer Armor Sets

Artifice Versions can be acquired via Master Difficulty.

Duality Origin Trait

  • Bitterspite: While this weapon is equipped, taking damage accelerates the next reload. Taking more damage increases the effect.



NOTE: All Dungeon weapons/armors can drop from the final boss. Duality is 100% farmable, which means players can continue getting legendary loot from each encounter an unlimited number of times, regardless of how many completions you have.

The final encounter grants two engrams, which has divided loot pools:

Engram 1:

  • Weapons: Linear Fusion Rifle Heavy Machine Gun
  • Armor: Gauntlets Chest Boots

Engram 2:

  • All loot can drop from this engram loot pool.


Nightmare of Gahlran


Unlock the Vault


Nightmare of Caiatl

< Loot from previous encounters plus below.

Lingering Dread

Type: Grenade Launcher
Slot: Kinect
Ammo: Special

Element: Stasis


Type: Submachine Gun
Slot: Energy
Ammo: Primary

Element: Void   


Type: Exotic Sword
Slot: Power
Ammo: Heavy
Element: Void

The Epicurean

Type: Fusion Rifle
Slot: Energy
Ammo: Special

Element: Void


Type: Linear Fusion Rifle
Slot: Power
Ammo: Heavy
Element: Arc

New Purpose

Type: Pulse Rifle
Slot: Kinect
Ammo: Primary
Element: Stasis

Fixed Odds

Type: Machine Gun
Slot: Power
Ammo: Heavy
Element: Solar

Here is a look at the effect on a few Dungeon weapons:

Credit: Thank you to Nekrek in our Discord and everyone who has helped provide info and reported loot drops!