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Official Destiny 2 Links

Destiny 2 on Steam | Xbox | PS | Stadia

Official Beyond Light Website | Official Bungie Website

Seasons Website | Current Season – Season of the Splicer

New Player Guide by Bungie

Bungie Companion App (Whether you’re on an Apple or Android mobile device, the Destiny 2 Companion App can help you track your characters, clans, fireteams, and gear)

Various Resources

This website is loaded with helpful Destiny 2 guides, charts, and more. We highly recommend checking it out!

Destiny 2 Wiki’s:

We also list Destiny 2 websites and resources in our Discord via the #useful-links channel.

Stats & Database

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TodayinDestiny (Activity/Reset Info) (View stats, item info, and more!)Destiny Trials Report (View your opponents stats and loadouts in Trials)Raid Report (Find out how many raids a player has completed)r/Destiny2 (Destiny 2 Redditr/RaidSecrets (Raid Secrets Reddit)Where is Xur? (Xur’s Inventory and Location)Power Calculator by /u/TennovanDestiny 2 Recipes (List of helpful tools for Destiny 2)Destiny Emblem Collector (Database of In-Game Emblems)

Helpful Reddit Posts