Destiny 2: Evidence Bounty Board

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Location: The Enclave

Access: Requires The Witch Queen


Report: Resonance-Comp

  1. Interact with the Evidence Board to get this quest.
  2. Search all 3 locations for the sources of the resonance: Quagmire, Florescent Canal, and Miasma.
    • Rewards: Osmic Fragment, Throne World Weapons
  3. Follow the new resonance to Witch’s Echo to collect another Osmic Fragment.
  4. Collect the Osmic Fragment.
  5. Log the evidence and review the case on the Evidence Board in the Enclave.

Report: Relic Data

  1. Interact with the Evidence Board to get this quest.
  2. You will need to craft three weapons using the Relic (Red Herring, Likely Suspect, Empirical Evidence).
  3. To craft these weapons, you will need to learn the patterns and you’ll need to get the Deepsight Resonance versions of those weapons, these weapons have a red border around them in your character. screen. Red Herring, Likely Suspect, Empirical Evidence all drop from activities within Savathun’s Throne World such as the Campaign missions, the new activity: The Wellspring, public events, and Lost Sectors. Once you have acquired the Deepsight Resonance versions of these weapons, you’ll then need to use them to complete their Attunement Progress. Once your at 100%, select the weapon, then go to Details, and then choose the ‘Adroid Element’ option under ‘Weapon Mods’. This will unlock the pattern.
  4. Craft Red Herring, Likely Suspect & Empirical Evidence with the Relic.
    1. Visit the Relic found on the Throne World and interact with it. It’s the large machine you interact with close to the beginning of the campaign.
    2. Select ‘Shape’ and then select either Likely Suspect, Red Herring, or Empirical Evidence from the Patterns & Catalysts screen.
    3. Complete the crafting process by selecting the weapon and select the button/key to ‘Shape’ or craft the weapon.

NOTE: To check your currently unlocked Weapon Patterns, go to ‘Triumphs’, then ‘Patterns & Catalysts’ and then you may scroll through to see which ones you’ve unlocked.



Resonance Comp Destiny 2 Report by Game Guides Channel

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