Destiny 2: Expunge // Weekly Pinnacle Mission

JUN 29 – JUL 06



Season of the Splicer Season Pass is required to access this activity.

Recommended Power: 1290 Normal | 1300 Corrupted

Weekly Challenge: 

  • Corrupted Caches: Open Corrupted Conflux Chests with Key Codes in Corrupted Expunge missions (0/3).

Rewards: Pinnacle Gear

NOTE: For the weekly challenge, you may do any of the Corrupted Expunge missions for the challenge (once you have unlocked them in order to get the weekly pinnacle reward).

Expunge Corrupted Tartarus Solo Gameplay & Dialogue [Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer] by Esoterikk on YouTube



The new Expunge mission went live this week as part of the weekly Seasonal quest. Bungie stated on the recent TWAB that they caused a bit of confusion on rewards by referring to this as a “Weekly Pinnacle Mission” and wanted to give you a better idea of what kind of sweet loot you can expect to extract from this new mission over the weeks to come.

“Mike Profeta at Bungie: With the removal of Seasonal armor in the Season Pass reward track, we still wanted to provide players with a way to earn a full set of high-stat Seasonal armor. With the Seasonal storyline quests requiring completion of Expunge each week once introduced, that felt like a great source for those armor rewards.

For the first four weeks of new Expunge missions, players should expect to earn a piece of high-stat Seasonal armor in addition to some Decrypted Data on their first time through each mission. Once players have earned their high-stat armor set by completing the first four missions, remaining weekly Expunge missions, upon first completion, will reward a Seasonal weapon with an additional perk choice in the final column instead of an armor piece.

Starting on June 15, a new Pinnacle activity challenge will roll out connected to Expunge missions, providing an additional Pinnacle reward source each week for the remainder of the Season. This coincides with an additional layer of replayability being introduced to Expunge missions along with unveiling the final three Splicer Gauntlet upgrades, which will provide additional rewards and a source of high-stat/double-perk Seasonal gear from Expunge each week for as long as the activity is available to players.”

Source: This Week at Bungie – May 27, 2021

All Expunge Missions


EXPUNGE: LABYRINTH (The Tangled Shore)

Labyrinth (Normal): Analysis of Vex Subjugated Minds have revealed a labyrinthine domain of the Vex Nexus, governed by a powerful Oppressive Mind. Destroy this mind and the entire domain will collapse.

Corrupted Labyrinth:  When the Labyrinth domain of the Vex Nexus collapsed it was not destroyed, but infected by an incursion of Taken. The Endless Night’s subroutines flow through a now corrupted Oppressive Mind. Return and destroy the Oppressive Mind once and for all. Important Note: Do not let the data spike fall in expunge or you’ll have to restart.

New “Expunge: Labyrinth” Weekly Pinnacle Mission Gameplay [Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer] by Esoterikk on YouTube


EXPUNGE: TARTARUS (Rathmore Chaos, Europa)

Tartarus (Normal): The architect of the Endless Night has routed programming directives deep within the Vex Nexus to a terminus domain where old code and abandoned terraforming projects are eradicated. Destroy the Oppressive Mind and collapse that domain.

Corrupted Tartarus: The Taken have infested what remains of the Tartarus domain within the Vex Nexus and wrested control of the Oppressive Mind. Return and destroy the Oppressive Mind once and for all.

Solo Flawless Expunge Tartarus Time Trial 6 Minutes (Expunge #3 / First Completion) [Destiny 2] by Esoterikk on YouTube

Expunge Corrupted Tartarus Solo Gameplay & Dialogue [Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer] by Esoterikk on YouTube



Styx (Normal): A river of Vex code flows into a hub within the Nexus where an Oppressive Mind manages the flow of directives maintaining the Endless Night. Destroy this mind and its domain will collapse.

Corrupted Styx: As the Styx domain of the Vex Nexus collapsed it allowed an incursion of Taken to assume direct control of the Oppressive Mind and its functions. Return and destroy the Oppressive Mind once and for all.

Destiny 2 Expunge Styx Walkthrough – No Shortcuts – Third Run 9:48 Minutes (Solo Flawless) by 360GameTV on YouTube


EXPUNGE: DELPHI (Rathmore Chaos, Europa)

Delphi (Normal): Hidden within a corrupted core of the Vex Nexus lies the domain of Quria, Blade Transform, the Dreaming Mind. This Taken agent of Savathûn, the Witch Queen, is the architect behind the Endless Night. Destroy Quria and save the Last City.


Destiny 2: How to Start Expunge by

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NEW Corrupted Chests have INSANE LOOT! – Corrupted Key Code Farm! by KackisHD on YouTube

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