Destiny 2: Grasp of Avarice Dungeon (Info and Loot Table)

A cautionary tale for adventurers willing to trade their humanity for riches.

Availability: Requires 30th Anniversary Pack

Fireteam: Up to 3 Players

Matchmaking: Disabled

Location: Cosmodrome

Weekly Challenge and Reward

  • Complete ‘Grasp of Avarice’
    • Reward: Pinnacle Gear

Difficulties and Modifiers

Featured Dungeon

When Grasp of Avarice is the weekly dungeon, legendary gear is 100% farmable. Double loot drops from the final boss on either difficulty.

Master difficulty is only selectable when it is the weekly featured dungeon.



  • Legendary Dungeon Gear

  • Final encounter grants double rewards.

Master is only available when it is the weekly featured dungeon.

  • Legendary Dungeon Gear

  • Artifice Armor (more details below)

  • Final encounter grants double rewards.

All Encounters

OpenerSkywatch – Loot Cave Crystal
PuzzleRusted Gangplank – Trap Puzzle
First EncounterPhry’zhia, The Insatiable
Timed Race (Sparrow not required)Shroud – Sparrows and Mines
Second EncounterSunken Lair – Destroy the Shield
Third EncounterCaptain Avarokk, The Covetous

Loot Table

UPDATE: I am in the process of updating the infographic and loot tables for this dungeon. This final encounter has two different loot pools like other dungeons. If you can confirm any drops for the boss (two different pools, pinnacle and non-pinnacle) comment below or send Kyber a DM on Discord or Twitter.

Final Encounter: Always drops double loot (any difficulty).

Reward Lockout: The legendary reward lockout is removed when Prophecy is the weekly featured dungeon. This means you may farm legendary dungeon loot, loot will continue to drop from any encounter completed (this does not include exotic loot).

Artifice Armor: Drops from master difficulty (this is only available as a reward from master difficulty which is only an option when it’s the weekly featured dungeon).

  • Artifice Armor contains a bonus socket that can be used to equip artifact armor mods from the current Season.

< Swipe chart below to the left to view more.

First Encounter


Second Encounter

Fallen Shield

Final Encounter (Boss)

Captain Avarokk


Thorn Artifice armor


Thorn Artifice armor

Any Piece of Armor

Thorn Artifice armor

Class Item

Thorn Artifice armor

Chest Armor

Thorn Artifice armor

Any Weapon

View weapons below



Hero of Ages


If you have any updated data for the split loot pool on the boss encounter, message Kyber (this is referring to what loot drops as a Legendary and/or Pinnacle at the final boss encounter).


Click image for details


Rating (

Matador 64

Shotgun (Arc)

PvE: 3.5 | PvP: 4.6

Hero of Ages

Sword (Arc)

PvE: 4.8 | PvP: 2.5

1000 Yard Stare

Sniper Rifle (Void)

PvE: 3.7 | PvP: 4.8


Kinetic Hand Cannon (Stasis)

PvE: 4.4 | PvP: 4.8


Twisting Echo Mask

Hunter Helmet

Descending Echo Helm

Titan Helmet

Corrupting Echo Cover

Warlock Helmet

Twisting Echo Grips

Hunter Arms

Descending Echo Gauntlets

Titan Arms

Corrupting Echo Gloves

Warlock Arms

Twisting Echo Vest

Hunter Chest

Descending Echo Cage

Titan Chest

Corrupting Echo Robes

Warlock Chest

Twisting Echo Strides

Hunter Chest

Descending Echo Greaves

Titan Legs

Corrupting Echo Boots

Warlock Legs

Twisting Echo Cloak

Hunter Class Item

Descending Echo Mark

Titan Class Item

Corrupting Echo Bond

Warlock Class Item

Other Loot

Gjallarhorn Exotic Weapon Catalyst

  • Perk: More Wolves – Increases magazine size. Final blows with Wolfpack Rounds spawn a faster, more powerful missile at the target’s location.
  • How to unlock: Defeat 400 targets using this weapon to unlock this upgrade.
Ensilvered SnareLegendary Shader

Absolutely Cursed EmblemLegendary Emblem
Piratical Ambitions EmblemLegendary Emblem
GjallarswiftExotic Sparrow
GJNKRExotic Ornament for Gjallarhorn
HraesveglurExotic Ornament for Gjallarhorn

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