Destiny 2: H.E.L.M. – The War Table


H.E.L.M. (The War Table)

Designed as the ultimate Vanguard staging ground, the spaceport provides the resources Guardians need to face the most powerful of incursions. Here, the War Table has been set. Meet with Zavala, acquire the Hammer of Proving, and orchestrate an honorable victory.

NOTE: For a look at the H.E.L.M.’s inventory visit Visit the Seasonal Challenges page to view weekly seasonal challenges.



Cabal Ritual Artifact // A relic of the old tradition, resurfaced to wake long-sleeping warriors.

How to Unlock:

  • Earned 14 Cabal Gold (You can earn Cabal Gold by completing any Playlist Activity, Dungeons or Blind Well)

What does the Hammer of Proving do? 

The Hammer of Proving is an item tied to the Battlegrounds Activity which focuses unfocused Umbral Engrams, providing Focused Umbral Engrams directly, dishing out Cabal Gold and other seasonal goodies.

At the end of a run through the Battlegrounds Activity, a bunch of loot chests will spawn. When you open them with a Challenger Medallion in place, you’ll smash your Hammer of Proving to create a Hammer Charge. This Hammer Charge, along with Legendary Shards, is necessary to focus an Umbral Engram. That Engram can then be turned in at the Umbral Decoder to yield the specific type of item you’re looking for. There are three tiers of Umbral Engram focusing to unlock, with each one requiring a different grind to get there. For example, if you want a high-end Chosen Intellect Engram that always yields armor with high Intellect rolls, you’ll need to accrue 500 Super kills. Finishing the introductory Season of the Chosen quest starts you off with five Focused Engram categories based on seasonal items.

How to upgrade the Hammer of Proving?

The Hammer of Proving can also be upgraded at the War Table by selecting Hammer Enhancements. These enhancements allow the hammer to drop certain kinds of Focused Umbral Engrams, an increased number of Cabal Gold, and more based on the type of Medallion you’ve chosen to socket. The hammer can also be upgraded to unleash multiple Hammer Charges per chest as well. Unlocking these upgrades requires completing Seasonal Challenges which will be doled out on a weekly basis over 10 weeks. Guardians have the entire season to complete these objectives.


Check out all Hammer Enhancements.



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