Destiny 2: How to get Outbreak Perfected


Weapon Reward: Outbreak Perfected – Exotic Pulse Rifle

Exotic Catalyst: Complete Heroic Zero Hour Mission (guide)

Ornaments: There’s also 2 new ornaments available from Tess upon obtaining the weapon.

Quest Steps:

  • Complete the main campaign
  • Complete Enemy of My Enemy: If you haven’t completed this quest you will need to or get on a character that has. After you have completed this quest and got the reactor, return to Sloane and you will be rewarded with Exotic Hand Cannon Rat King and may proceed to the next step. (Recommended Power: 290)
  • Get the Fallen Transponder: This item can be found on Titan. You may need to complete the Heroic version of the Adventure, Bad Neighbors to get this item. However, I was able to access the room where the Fallen Transponder is found on a normal free roam Patrol. First you will need to spawn to The Rig, Titan and go towards Tidal Anchor. Head across the bridge and make sure to kill the Wizard or a Shrieker when you see one. Once the enemy is killed continue through the small area and you should arrive at an area with 2 doors, one was previously locked during mission Enemy of my Enemy but will be unlocked now. Head inside and get The Fallen Transponder, which is in a box of junk by the control booths. Collect it and the first step of the quest to obtain the Outbreak Perfected Exotic Pulse Rifle will be unlocked.
  • Decrypt all 6 Nodes on the Fallen Transponder: Open up the details of the Fallen Transponders in your inventory to view the 6 nodes you will need to complete, they contain a riddle that gives you a small hint. (View locations below via Once you are done decrypting all the nodes you can hover over the Fallen Transponder to view a bunch of letters and numbers. (visit Reddit post to view string)
  • Find the Rendezvous site: Visit the Farm social area and go into the basemen door that should be opened on the right side of the building, then follow the path and you will reach a dark room. Once you have entered the end of the dark room, you should find Mithrax (Fallen Captain from Enemy of my Enemy). Once you interact with Mithrax you be launced immediately into the Zero Hour mission.
  • Complete the Zero Hour timed mission: This mission takes place in the old Tower of Destiny 1 and has a max time limit of 20 minutes. (Recommended Power: 690)

Node 1: The Drain, EDZ (Lost Sector in the Outskirts)

Node 2: Whispered Falls, EDZ (Lost Sector in the region)

Node 3: Atrium, EDZ (Lost Sector in Trostland church)

Node 4: Widow’s Walk, EDZ (Lost Sector in Trostland)

Node 5: The Carrion Pit, Nessus (Lost Sector in Glade of Echos)

Node 6: The Rift, Nessus (Lost Sector in Exodus Black)



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