Destiny 2: Iron Banner (Live Now)


Availability: Sept 6 until Sept 13 at Reset (10 AM PDT)

Access: Free-to-Play

Mode: Eruption (Learn more below)

Power Level Advantages: Disabled

Heavy Ammo Crates: Shared

Rank Boost

Players can increase their reputation gains by completing the following:

  • Completing Challenges (x4)
  • Iron Banner armor (5 pieces)
  • Iron Banner emblem

Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge: Complete 3 matches as either Solar or Void subclasses.

Reward: Pinnacle Gear and Iron Banner Rank Boost

Daily Challenge

To view the daily Iron Banner challenge hover over the Iron Banner node in the Director. 

Rank Up Rewards


Powerful Gear



Allied Demand

Type: Sidearm 

Slot: Kinetic  |  Ammo: Primary  |  Element: Kinect


Roar of the Bear

Type: Rocket Launcher
Slot: Power  |  Ammo: Heavy  |  Element: Solar


Frontier's Cry

Type: Hand Cannon

Slot: Energy  |  Ammo: Primary  |  Element: Solar


The Wizened Rebuke

Type: Fusion Rifle 

Slot: Energy  |  Ammo: Special  |  Element: Arc


The Hero's Burden

Type: Submachine Gun

Slot: Energy  |  Ammo: Primary  |  Element: Void


Ascendant Shard

Type: Ascendant Shard

Details: Reset Rank, allowing you to earn additional Rank rewards. You will also receive an Ascendant Shard.

Rank Info

Rank Boost and Ranks Chart

Rank Boost

Players can increase their reputation gains by completing the following:

  • Completing Challenges (x4)
  • Iron Banner armor (5 pieces)
  • Iron Banner emblem

Iron Banner Ranks

Rank #Rank nameTotal PointsPoints to next rank
1Guardian I0 – 4950
2Guardian II50 – 12475
3Guardian III125 – 249125
4Brave I250 – 499250
5Brave II500 – 949450
6Brave III950 – 1549600
7Heroic I1550 – 1924375
8Heroic II1925 – 2524600
9Heroic III2525 – 3349825
10Fabled I3350 – 3874525
11Fabled II3875 – 4649775
12Fabled III4650 – 56991050
13Mythic I5700 – 6449750
14Mythic II6450 – 75241075
15Mythic III7525 – 89991475
16Legend9000 – 10000

News and Updates

NEW Eruption Game Mode

Arrives in Season 18

A new game mode called “Eruption” is coming to Iron Banner next Season.

What is Eruption?

Eruption is Clash with energy boosts based on kill streaks.

During Eruption, killing your opponents scores one point and a normal amount of energy.

After that, when you get your second elimination in a row without dying (assists count too!), you become “Surging.”  

  • You start lightly glowing.
  • Kills start generating 10% Super energy and 20% grenade, melee, and class energy.
  • You score 3 points per kill.

When you get your fifth kill without dying, then you become “Primed.”

  • You begin glowing brightly! 
  • Your team goes on the Hunt.
    • Everyone on the team gains 5%Super and 10% grenade, melee, and class energy.
  • You now gain 12% Super and 5% grenade, melee, and class energy per kill. 
  • You score 3 points per kill.

Sounds great, right? So, who wouldn’t want to be Primed? Well…

  • You also have a 15-second timer on you.
    • If the timer reaches 0, you erupt.
      • Erupting kills you, which resets your streak and ends the Hunt. 
    • Getting a kill resets the Eruptions timer back to 15 seconds.
  • You are then marked for both teams, so everyone can see right where you are. 
  • The other team gets 3 points for killing you.
    • Choices.
  • More than one player can be Primed at a time.

Source: This Week at Bungie – August 4, 2022

Rift will not be in Iron Banner next Season, it will be in a weekly rotator in the Crucible:  

  • Available to play Week 1, 8, and 14, as well as a Private Match.
    • Private Match is where you can play any map you want, even the unbalanced/asymmetrical maps.
  • Alongside the more standard overtime rules, we also expect Multispark to return in a future Season. 
  • AFK protections have been updated to utilize Rift-specific events.
  • Later this Season: We fixed a bug that didn’t allow you to always immediately dunk the Spark if you picked it up too close to the Rift. 

For future Seasons: 

  • Explorations with 3v3 Rift. 
    • Allows use of smaller maps like Wormhaven.
    • May also allow us to use slightly asymmetrical maps like Burnout. 
  • Fixing scenarios where one team can play keep away with the Spark longer than intended. 
  • Lessening the black screen time after scores. 
  • Further measures to discourage overt kill-farming. 
Iron Banner Season 17 Rework

Article by: Bungie


• Power level is disabled (does not apply to Trials).
• Rift will be the game mode for Iron Banner events.
• Tokens will be removed and will be replaced by a similar ranking system to Crucible/Shaxx.
• Saladin is getting a full focusing implementation. Players will be able to convert Iron Engrams into any current Iron Banner weapons or armor set that have been earned previously, for a cost with in-game materials.
• New Daily Challenges
• New “Iron Lord” Seal & Title
• Brand New Introductory Quest

Iron Banner will arrive two different times in Season 17, those times are:

  • Week 2: May 31
  • Week 8: July 12

Here is how the revamped Iron Banner reputation will work:  

  • Play matches with each match earning more towards Iron Banner reputation.  
  • Win matches to earn a small bonus based on your current Iron Banner rank.  
  • Wear Iron Banner armor (or just as ornaments on your own non-Iron Banner gear) and equip Iron Banner weapons to max out your gear multiplier at 200%.
    • Five total pieces must be equipped, though please remember this includes Iron Banner armor and Iron Banner ornaments.  
  • Complete the daily Iron Banner challenges to tack on 100% to your challenge multiplier for the rest of the week.
    • Yes, this means for each challenge.  
  • Use an Iron Banner emblem for an additional 10% emblem multiplier.  

All modifiers will be listed on the launch screen, seen below:  

Daily challenges: For the first four days of each Iron Banner week, Guardians will unlock a new daily challenge. These challenges unlock each day whether you complete them or not, so if you log in on Friday, you can do them all in succession if you want to. Rewards will also stack reputation bonuses for the remainder of the week alongside a Pinnacle Iron Engram. The weekly bounties that typically award Pinnacles have been deprecated appropriately to balance out this change.  

Becoming an Iron Lord: With these new Iron Banner reworkings, a new Seal and title will also be available to earn. To set expectations for this new Seal and title, Iron Lord hopefuls can expect to spend around 15 to 20 hours to unlock this flair. Some of the more hardcore players could unlock this in one week if focused, but Bungie expects most players to need a second week – maybe even a second Season. Intrepid Iron Lords will be able to gild the title in Season 18. 

Becoming a Young Wolf: For anyone that may be scratching their head at some of these changes, Lord Saladin will offer a brand-new quest that will introduce all of these features and demonstrate how they work. You only have to run through it once per account, but with this reset Bungie wanted everyone to get the same introduction, even Iron Banner veterans will need to do this. In fact, you’ll need to start this quest to even access the Iron Banner node.  

To even out this change and to welcome the new quest, we will no longer be producing the Seasonal Iron Banner quest.

Rift is back: Rift is a game mode that Destiny veterans may remember, but for those that may be new to what this is, here’s what you need to know. Rift is an objective-based Crucible mode that plays more like a game of soccer or rugby than it does Clash. Teams of Guardians will attempt to take the Spark from the middle of the map into the base of the enemy team and dunk it into the enemy Rift. One dunk equals one point, the first to make it to five points or to have the upper hand by the 10-minute mark wins.  

  • A Spark appears in the center of the map a few seconds after a match starts or a point is scored and can be picked up by interacting with it for a couple seconds. The Spark itself is a buff that allows full weapon and ability usage aside from Super. 
  • For the first five seconds after picking up the Spark, or for a few seconds after taking damage, both teams receive a waypoint for the Spark holder. After that, the waypoint only remains for the Spark holder’s own team—marking the Spark holder for your teammates is important! 
  • If you die while carrying the Spark, it drops to the ground where you died (or nearby if the spot is not navigable). 
  • If you hold onto the Spark too long, it detonates. 
  • Team resurrections are enabled in Rift, so make sure and help your teammates in the middle of a push, or if you are playing defense. 
  • There are no points for kills, just for Spark dunks, so playing the objective is key.  
  • When Rift is in Iron Banner, the Hunt is on when your team has the Spark. When the music intensifies, it’s time to score! 
  • There are several ways to extend matches past the time limit:
    • Continuation: At end of regulation time, If the current Spark holder could change the outcome of the match—either the game is tied, or if the current Spark holder is down one point—the match continues until the current Spark holder drops the Spark or scores. 
    • Sudden Death Multispark: If there is a tie after time is up, the game enters a 90-second overtime where three sparks spawn in midfield. Who will be the first to score? Chaos reigns.  
    • After the sudden-death timer is up, Sparks stop dropping on death, and any Sparks on the ground are removed. As soon as the last Spark is eliminated without a score, the match ends in a tie. 

New Crucible Map

Disjunction will be available on day-one of Season 17 for all 6v6, 3v3, and Free -for -All modes in Crucible, as well as in Iron Banner. The map is called Disjunction and is a symmetric map with a base on either end, three lanes with plenty of crossovers, and large backfields. It takes place in the swampy Pyramid area of Savathûn’s Throne World, so expect lots of many-butted horses, transparent brown glass, and art deco designs.  

Other Crucible changes

Season 17 is also bringing back Zone Control to Crucible. Zone Control, for anyone that might not be familiar, is a 6v6 mode like Control, only that Guardians don’t get any points for kills. This is intentional, because sometimes matching with random players can result in disjointed team play that can obscure objective focus. To keep all eyes on the objective, players will get points every 15 seconds for every zone that is in their control – so it is very much more diving into a defensive area control game that will allow players to highlight various skill and abilities, rather than just focusing on landing that headshot.  

  • Each waypoint has a timer that shows when points are being awarded in addition to which team currently owns it.  
  • Because this is a team effort mode, solo capping takes 22.5 seconds versus having a full fireteam playing together can cap a zone in 7.5 seconds. “Stronger together” isn’t just said because we like Saladin’s voice actor.  
  • Cap all zones and dramatic music will intensify. Spooky. 

Crucible Labs: Zone Control

Zone Control will be launched via a new Crucible Labs node starting in Week 5 (June 21) and will be available until the end of the Season with the exception of when Iron Banner is live.

In addition to what’s new, we are also making some tuning changes to various existing Crucible modes: 


  • Team gains 1 point per participant when capturing a zone, rather than 1 flat point. 
  • This is how it was in Destiny 1. 


  • Time limit is lowered to 90 seconds to match Trials of Osiris. 


  • Points for Super kills increased to 3 (previously 2).  
  • Increased score target to 200 (previously 150). 
  • Decreased time limit to 7 minutes (previously 8). 


  • Increased time limit to 10 minutes (was 8). 


  • Increased round score targets to 15 (was 10). 

There are just a few more things. Still with me? Good. Onto Gambit.  

Ritual Reputation Streak balancing: Speaking of streaks, Bungie has been listening to your feedback on the activity streak system that has been used for the last two Seasons and we’ve made a few adjustments for the Seasons ahead. 

The activity streak now takes the sum of streak values across the four reputations (Crucible/Gambit/strikes/Dares) and adjusts them to a maximum of 5 total. If you complete a match that would bring the sum of these over 5, it subtracts a point from the streak of every ritual besides the one you just played. Most importantly, entering any non-ritual activity has no effect. 

An example: 

  • You play 5 Crucible matches. You have an activity streak value of Crucible: 5. 
  • You play a Gambit match. You now have Gambit: 1, Crucible: 4. 
  • You play 2 more Gambit matches. You now have Gambit: 3, Crucible: 2. 
  • You play 1 strike. You now have Vanguard: 1, Gambit: 2, Crucible: 1. 
  • You play another strike. You now have Vanguard: 2, Gambit: 2, Crucible: 1. 

Source: This Week at Bungie – May 12, 2022

Iron Banner Loot (S18)

To view all of Lord Saladin’s items and quests in the database, check out


Weapons Loot Table

Click image for details



Roar of the Bear

Type: Rocket Launcher

Slot: Power

Element: Solar

Ammo: Heavy

PvE: 3.7 | PvP: 3.0

Allied Demand

Type: Sidearm

Slot: Kinect

Element: Kinect

Ammo: Primary

PvE: 3.0 | PvP: 4.3

Razor's Edge

Type: Sword

Slot: Power

Element: Void

Ammo: Heavy

PvE: 4.4 | PvP: 1.7

Frontier's Cry

Type: Hand Cannon

Slot: Energy

Element: Solar

Ammo: Primary

PvE: 3.8 | PvP: 4.3

The Wizened Rebuke

Type: Fusion Rifle

Slot: Energy

Element: Arc

Ammo: Special

PvE: 2.0 | PvP: 5.0

The Hero's Burden

Type: Submachine Gun

Slot: Energy

Element: Void

Ammo: Primary

PvE: 3.4 | PvP: 4.5

Forge's Pledge

Type: Pulse Rifle

Slot: Energy

Element: Solar

Ammo: Primary

PvE: 3.3 | PvP: 4.0


Type: Shotgun

Slot: Kinetic

Element: Kinetic

Ammo: Special

PvE: 2.6 | PvP: 4.4

Archon's Thunder

Type: Machine Gun

Slot: Power

Element: Solar

Ammo: Heavy

PvE: 3.4 | PvP: 3.7

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