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Available Now until Nov 09 @ 9AM PDT

Two new weapons are available, the Forge’s Pledge Pulse Rifle and Peacebond Sidearm. They are each available through vendor packages, bounties, match rewards, and the Seasonal Iron Banner quest.

This season, Bungie introduced the Iron Lord’s Pride intrinsic perk through this set. Wearing a piece of this armor grants a small chance of an Enhancement Prism dropping at the end of an Iron Banner match. Each additional piece worn increases the chance, capping out at four pieces total.

Season 15 Weapons:

Forge’s Pledge – Energy Pulse Rifle

Peacebond – Kinetic Sidearm

Season 15 Armor:

Iron Forerunner Armor Sets



Season 15 Armor:

Season 15 Weapons:

Reprised Armor:

Reprised Weapons:

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Step 1

  • Defeat 30 Guardians
  • Capture 10 zones
  • Get 10 Arc or Void ability kills

Reward: Finite Impactor

Step 2

  • Complete 6 matches
  • Capture 20 zones
  • Get 20 hand cannon kills

Reward: Occluded Finality

Step 3

  • Defeat 100 Guardians
  • Capture 30 zones
  • Get 10 sniper rifle kills

Reward: Riiswalker

Item Screenshot

Step 4

  • Get 15 melee kills
  • Capture 40 zones
  • Get 10 shotgun kills

Reward: Archon’s Thunder

Step 5

  • Get 15 Super kills
  • Earn 25 “match points”
  • Get 3 machine gun kills



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Iron Banner is a week-long Crucible event in Destiny 2 that offers its participants unique rewards. For information regarding the availability of upcoming Iron Banner events, players should look for announcements on Bungie’s News page.

While active, the Iron Banner activity can be found in the Crucible node of the Director.

Entry Requirements

When Iron Banner is available, it will begin at the weekly reset and remain active until the following weekly reset. For information on the weekly reset, players should visit the Destiny 2 Ritual Reset Guide.

To participate in the Iron Banner while the event is available, players must:

  • Reach Lord Shaxx in the New Light quest.
  • Speak with Lord Saladin in the Tower Courtyard.

All players of Destiny 2, regardless of expansion ownership, can participate in Iron Banner events.

Earning Reputation and Rewards

Lord Saladin will offer rewards to players who rank up their reputation with him by turning in Iron Banner Tokens. Lord Saladin is found in the Tower Courtyard and can be accessed by taking the stairs next to the Gunsmith.

  • Match Completions: Upon completing an Iron Banner Crucible match, players will be awarded Iron Banner Tokens to turn in to Lord Saladin. While all Iron Banner match completions award tokens, wins will award more tokens than losses.
  • Weekly Bounties: Player may earn additional Iron Banner Tokens by completing Weekly Iron Banner bounties. These can be completed on each character throughout an Iron Banner event.
  • Iron Banner Emblems: Players may earn an Iron Banner emblem by completing various objectives during an Iron Banner event.

Power Matters

  • Power level advantages matter. Players who are higher-leveled will deal more damage to players who are lower-leveled.
  • Year 2 rewards, featuring random rolls and compatibility with Year 2 modifications, will be available to all players.
  • Iron Banner rewards will be capped at the maximum Power available for players who do not own Destiny 2: Forsaken or the Destiny 2: Forsaken – Annual Pass.

Vital Information

Listed below is Vital Information that players may need to know:

  • Iron Banner Engram Preview: Players who preview the contents of an Iron Banner engram will see the previous season’s armor set. We’re currently investigating this issue.
  • Event Conclusion: At the end of an Iron Banner event, Iron Banner bounties will expire. Players can keep these in their inventory until the next Season where they will be removed. Players who choose to not turn in their Iron Banner tokens to Lord Saladin will be able to keep their tokens for the next Iron Banner event.
  • Lord Saladin not appearing in the Tower: If during the Iron Banner event, Lord Saladin does not appear in the Tower, players should return to Orbit and try relaunching into the Tower activity again. After the Iron Banner event concludes, players may still be able to launch into a Tower that still shows Iron Banner decorations, but Lord Saladin will no longer appear until the next Iron Banner

PLEASE NOTE: There may be information, activities, or issues not yet on this page due to Shadowkeep’s launch. Please stay tuned for more information related to Iron Banner in Shadowkeep and beyond.

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(Updated: Nov 19, 2020)

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