Here are infographics for Lost Sectors available during Season 19, Season of the Seraph (all Lost Sectors available should be known in a few weeks). Tap or click the images below to open full res version.

Lost Sector’s this Season

Total: 11

  • K1 Logistics (Rating: F)
  • K1 Crew Quarters (Rating: F)
  • K1 Revelation (Rating: F)
  • K1 Communion (Rating: F)
  • Bunker E15 (Rating: A)
  • Concealed Void (Rating: S/A)
  • Perdition (Rating: S/A)
  • Sepulcher (Rating: S)
  • Extraction (Rating: S)
  • Chamber of Starlight (Rating: S)
  • Aphelion’s Rest (Rating: S)

Community Ratings

If you would like to rate any Lost Sectors available this season, click the link or fill out the form below. Please note, more Lost Sectors will be added as we find out which are in the rotation this season.

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K1 Logistics

K1 Crew Quarters

K1 Revelation

Bunker E15

Concealed Void




Chamber of Starlight

Aphelion‘s Rest

If your looking for more Lost Sector information (such as a chart showing the # of shields/champs for a Lost Sector) or want to find out what the Lost Sector is today, check out our Lost Sector page.

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Geolocating Shark, Nekrek, TY the Dashing, Iguana Don, and more from the Destiny community.