Lost Sectors infographics below are for Lost Sectors available in the rotation this season (Season 18, Season of Plunder). These infographics are updated every Season/DLC. Tap or click the images below to open full res version.

If your looking for more Lost Sector information or want to find out what the Lost Sector is today, check out our Lost Sector page.

Concealed Void

Bunker E15


The Conflux

K1 Logistics

K1 Communion

K1 Crew Quarters

Skydock IV

Scavengers Den

The Quarry

Excavation Site XII


Data Collection: Data Collectors Team on Discord (Geolocating Shark, TY the Dashing, Iguana Don, Nekrek and more)

An archive of other Lost Sector infographics (not available this Season) will be added to this page soon.