Destiny 2: Seething Heart Quest for Malfeasance Exotic Hand Cannon

destiny 2 forsaken malfeasance exotic hand cannon

Seething Heart Quest (Malfeasance Exotic Hand Cannon)

This exotic hand cannon is earned through completing a quest line obtainable from Gambit.


  • Defeat the Ascendant Primeval Servitor (could randomly summon instead of usual Primeval). You will receive the Seething Heart quest drops after killing the Servitor.
  • City of Secrets: Defeat 25 Taken Bosses or mini bosses in the Dreaming City.
  • The Corrupted: Complete the mission variant of The Corrupted Strike.
  • Business as Usual: Win Gambit matches and deposit Motes. Lost Motes subtract x2. You’ll have to deposit about 500 Motes.
  • Lights Out: Kill 25 opposing Guardians. Get 4 kills in 1 invasion or have a teammate invade the opposing team and get 4 kills Guardian kills 3 times.
  • Visit the Drifter to receive your exotic hand cannon!

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Weapon Info:

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Exotic Perk: Explosive Shadow – Shoot tainted slugs that burrow into the enemy. Stacking enough slugs causes them all to explode.

Lore: “Nothing kills a Guardian faster than another Guardian.” —The Drifter

Yes, I wrote you a note. I want you to burn this in your memory. If you’re wielding this gun, I’ve already told you all this and more. But I want you to keep it fresh in mind. I want you to have this. You may need it. You and I have done a lot together in this system, and I hope and pray we’ll get to do a lot more. It’ll be a lot safer with you wearin’ one of these. It’s the culmination of a lot of things. Long time ago I set out to find a replacement for a weapon called Thorn. This will never be that, but to me, it’s better. We built it together. And all of us, with this in hand? Even the Man with the Golden Gun should have pause. Maybe we can’t out-shoot him. Maybe he can’t be out-shot. But if we all take our shot together? We don’t have to beat him to it. He’ll die, too. Remember this. For when the day comes. —The Drifter


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