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Here is a deep dive from Bungie into the ways you customize your gameplay experience through armor mods.

Armor mods are used to elevate your reload speeds, ability regen, and more to higher levels. In November, some of the mods you commonly use are being tuned. Some mods will be buffed, while others will be removed all together. Here, we’re going to dive into a patch note preview of sorts, with snippets of developer commentary from the development team throughout.

Energy Type Requirements

  • All of the weapon-oriented armor mods (i.e. Hand Cannon Loader, Fusion Rifle Ammo Finder, etc.) have been changed to be Any Energy Type.
      • As a result of the above change, all Arc Charged with Light mods now activate their second perk if you have any other Arc mod equipped on the same armor piece, OR if you have any other Arc Charged with Light mod socketed in any other armor piece you are wearing.

Developer Commentary: Removing the energy type requirements from weapon-focused mods has been a consistent piece of community feedback since Armor 2.0 launched. However, doing so meant that every mod socket would be displaying three times as many mods at a time, which would become cumbersome.

Enhanced Mod Rebalancing

  • All mods that have an Enhanced version of that mod (i.e. Enhanced Hand Cannon Loader) have had the base mods’ efficacy increased to match that of the Enhanced version of the mod.
      • As a result, those Enhanced mods have been deprecated, and the base mods’ energy costs have been adjusted upward slightly (but are still lower than the equivalent Enhanced mods).
  • Some mods have moved to different slots to create more competition for mod sockets across armor pieces (for example, the Fast Ready mods have moved to the Arms socket).

Developer Commentary: We consistently see feedback that players often don’t start feeling the impact of mods until they have an Enhanced mod, or two non-Enhanced mods, socketed. So, to resolve both issues, we decided to raise the floor on the effectiveness of all mods to the point where players were more likely to feel their impact,and to deprecate the two tiers of mods. This should also make having two different mods in the same category (say, Hand Cannon Loader and Shotgun Loader) socketed at the same time more appealing than it was previously, where players often needed to double-stack the same mod to feel like they are getting any benefit.

In essence, we are making Enhanced mods cheaper and more accessible, and deprecating the lesser mods.

Raid Mods

  • Starting in Season 12, the Last Wish, Garden of Salvation, and the upcoming Beyond Light raid armors will now drop with a fifth, dedicated armor mod socket that is exclusively for the mods related to that raid.
      • Last Wish and Garden of Salvation armor acquired prior to Season 12 will not have this dedicated armor socket, but will still be able to use the mods related to that raid in the new Legacy armor mod socket.
  • Anti-Taken mods from Last Wish will only function in the Last Wish raid.
  • Anti-Hive mods from the Leviathan Raid will be deprecated.
  • Anti-Fallen raid mods from Scourge of the Past will be deprecated.

Developer Commentary: The decision to give the raid armors a fifth mod socket, dedicated solely to its raid mods, should not only make the raid armors a more valuable reward, but also should compensate for the restriction on the usage of these raid mods with the ability to use that armor to craft your build both in and out of the raid.

Regarding the deprecation of the anti-Hive and anti-Fallen mods, and the restriction of the anti-Taken mods to Last Wish, this is something that we’ve had our eye on for a while. We consistently get feedback that  faction-specific mods are highly unbalanced outside of the content they were intended to work in (in this case, the raids, which are being moved into the DCV). Because these are useful with any instance of a combatant race, activity designers and sandbox designers were constantly having to be aware of how these mods would impact the play of those activities. They have proven to be problematic in Gambit (creating a clear divide between the Haves and the Have-Nots) and have significantly reduced the challenge of dungeons.

With the raids that provided the source for these mods going into the DCV provides, we have the opportunity to gracefully remove these mods and their long-reaching consequences. Last Wish, which was designed and balanced with its anti-Taken mods in mind, will remain a part of the game and continue to reward players with its mods. However, to prevent those far-reaching consequences mentioned above, we are aligning those mods with the other raid mods and making them function only in the raid that they drop from. We’ve had a positive response to the more mechanic-focused mods from Garden of Salvation, and future raids will have mods more like those.

Combat Mods

  • All armor released in Beyond Light and Season 12, all Last Wish and Garden of Salvation armor acquired starting in Season 12, and all Armor 2.0 Exotic armor pieces (including those already possessed by players) will have a Combat style mod socket. In Season 12, this socket will accept all Charged with Light and Warmind Cell mods.
  • All Armor 2.0 armor acquired during Seasons 8-11 have had their Seasonal mod sockets replaced with a single, unified Legacy mod socket that can socket all Charged with Light mods, all Warmind Cell mods, all Nightmare Hunt mods, all Garden of Salvation mods, and all Last Wish mods.

And with that, we’ve come to an end for our armor mod patch note preview. In the coming weeks, we’ll shift focus to your arsenal. We have a handful of weapon archetypes that are being tuned, with some hefty changes that may surprise you! Stay tuned.


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