Nightfall: The Ordeal

JAN 19 – JAN 26



πŸ’  Reminder: All Grandmaster Nightfalls are available this week!

The Inverted Spire: End the Red Legion expedition that’s ripped open the planet’s surface.


  • Complete 5, higher difficulties grant the most efficient progress. (Powerful Gear/T1)
  • Complete with a team score of 100k or more. (Pinnacle Gear)

Possible Rewards

  • Adept: Exotic Gear (rare) and Enhancement Cores (uncommon).
  • Hero: Exotic Gear (uncommon), Enhancement Cores (common) and Enhancement Prisms (rare).
  • Legend: Exotic Gear (common) and Enhancement Prisms (uncommon).
  • Master: Exotic Gear (common), Enhancement Prisms (common) and Ascendant Shards (uncommon).
  • Grandmaster: Exotic Gear (common) and Ascendant Shards (common).


Modifiers Adept (1180 Power) Hero (1220 Power) Legend (1250 Power) Master (1280 Power) Grandmaster (1300 Power)
Scorched Earth βœ” βœ” βœ” βœ”
Champions: Unstoppable βœ” βœ” βœ” βœ”
Champions: Barrier βœ” βœ” βœ” βœ”
Champions: Mob βœ” βœ”
Modular Algorithm βœ” βœ” βœ” βœ”
Equipment Locked βœ” βœ”
Attrition βœ” βœ”
Chaff βœ” βœ”
Contest βœ”
Join In Progress Disabled βœ”
Locked Loadout βœ”
Match Game βœ” βœ” βœ”
Extra Shields βœ”
Extinguish βœ”
NOTE: For a description about each modifier click here.

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