Destiny 2: Nightfall – The Ordeal

OCT 12 – OCT 19



Lake of Shadows: Stem the tide of Taken flowing into the European Dead Zone from beneath the waves.


  • Complete 5, higher difficulties grant the most efficient progress. (Powerful Gear/T1)
  • Complete with a team score of 100k or more. (Pinnacle Gear)

Possible Rewards

  • Adept: Exotic Gear (rare), Enhancement Cores (uncommon), and Nightfall Weapon (rare).
  • Hero: Exotic Gear (uncommon), Enhancement Cores (common), Enhancement Prisms (rare), and Nightfall Weapon (uncommon).
  • Legend: Exotic Gear (common), Enhancement Prisms (uncommon), and Nightfall Weapon (common).
  • Master: Exotic Gear (common), Enhancement Prisms (common), Ascendant Shards (uncommon), and Nightfall Weapon (common).
  • Grandmaster: Exotic Gear (common), Ascendant Shards (common), and Nightfall Weapon (common). 

Possible Nightfall Weapons

If you got different Nightfall Weapons than Palindrome or Hothead, please DM Kyber on Discord or Twitter.


*Matchmaking is OFF for Legend and above. A minimum Power level of 1345 to access Grandmaster difficulty.

ModifiersAdept (1250 Power)Hero (1290 Power)Legend (1320 Power)Master (1350 Power)Grandmaster (1370 Power)
Champions: Mob
Champions: Unstoppable
Champions: Overload
Grask’s Bile
Match Game
Equipment Locked
GM Modifiers
Limited Revives

NOTE: For a look ahead, check out the Nightfall Schedule. Nightfall Weapons have a chance to drop with random rolls every week from Nightfall completions, there is one old weapon and one newly added weapon. Adept Nightfall Weapons only have a chance to drop from Grandmaster difficulty.



  • The Hollowed Lair
  • The Corrupted
  • Proving Grounds
  • Exodus Crash
  • Lake of Shadows
  • The Devil’s Lair

Resources: Nightfall Schedule + Number of Champions and Shields (GM Champs and Shields are the same as Master)

Nightfall NameLegend ChampsLegend ShieldsMaster/GM ChampsMaster/GM Shields
Proving Grounds
(Requires Beyond Light or Season 13)
Unstoppable: 10
Barrier: 9
Arc: 3-6
Solar: 0-5
Void: 4-7
Unstoppable: 10
Barrier: 9
Arc: 3-6
Solar: 0-5
Void: 3-6
Devils’ Lair
(Free to Play)
Overload: 8
Barrier: 4
Arc: 17
Solar: 5
Void: 8
Overload: 15
Barrier: 4
Arc: 8
Solar: 5
Void: 8
The Corrupted
(Requires Forsaken)
Unstoppable: 6
Overload: 3
Arc: 15
Solar: 22
Void: 30
Exodus Crash
(Free to Play)
Overload: 9
Barrier: 3
Solar: 4
Void: 1
The Hollowed Lair
(Requires Forsaken)
Unstoppable: 3
Overload: 5
Void: 2
Arc: 2
Solar: 2
Warden of Nothing
(Requires Forsaken)
Unstoppable: 7
Barrier: 10
Overload: 4
Void: 10
Lake of Shadows
(Free to Play)
Unstoppable: 6
Overload: 6
Arc: 3
Solar: 10

NOTE: The chart above is being updated, if you would like to provide any data please fill out this form.


All Nightfalls require ownership of their associated expansion to access, with examples for previous expansion-gated Nightfalls versus free Nightfalls below:

  • Free to all players: The Arms Dealer, The Devil’s Lair, The Disgraced, Exodus Crash, Fallen S.A.B.E.R, The Inverted Spire, The Insight Terminus, Lake of Shadows
  • Requires Forsaken: Broodhold, The Corrupted, The Hollowed Lair, Warden of Nothing
  • Requires Shadowkeep: The Scarlet Keep
  • Requires Beyond Light: The Glassway, Proving Grounds

Nightfall Difficulty and Weapon Drop Rate:

DifficultyRecommended LevelDrop Rate



Nightfall: The Ordeal weapons have a chance to drop at the end of the activity depending on your medal (Platinum, Gold, etc.) and difficulty. Master difficulty will give you the highest chance at a drop of the base versions of these weapons. Adept difficulty weapons have a chance to drop at the end of a Grandmaster Nightfall. Drop chance also dependent on your medal. Slay enough Champions to hit Platinum and you will have a high chance at an Adept weapon.

New in Season 15:

New in Season 14:

Old Nightfall Weapons:

Season 15 – New Anti-Champion Mods:

  • Anti-Barrier Auto Rifle
  • Unstoppable Pulse Rifle
  • Unstoppable Sidearm
  • Unstoppable (Linear) Fusion Rifle
  • Overload Bow
  • Overload Sword
Adept Season 14 Weapons
SWARM, Palindrome, and Shadow Price


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