Destiny 2: Allegiance Quest (Season of the Drifter)


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Do you side with the Vanguard or the Drifter? Depending on your choice, you’ll receive a set of rewards specific to your allegiance. Through the Allegiance quest, each side will offer unique lore. Each week you’ll receive a small package as gratitude for your pledge. Throughout Season of the Drifter, depending on your pledge, one of these packages will be found at Ikora or Drifter upon each weekly reset:

Vanguard Weekly Package:

  • Powerful Vanguard Gear
  • Boon of the Vanguard
  • 10 Vanguard Tactician Tokens
  • Enhancement Core

Drifter Weekly Package:

  • Powerful Gambit Gear
  • Collector Synth
  • Invader Synth
  • Sentry Synth
  • Reaper Synth
  • 100 Infamy Points

If you’re the type of player who wants it all, or you’re an all-out lore collector, you can make a different pledge on alternate characters. Just remember that your choice will last. You can either side with a slick-talking Drifter or side with those who protect the last safe city and its people. (Source:

How to Unlock Quest:

To unlock this quest, you’ll need to have completed The Drifter’s initial Gambit Prime and The Reckoning quest steps up until the point you’ve got yourself some tier 1 Gambit Prime Armour. Once you’ve done all of this, go ahead and speak to The Drifter. He’ll then give a choice between siding with him, or the Vanguard. Do pay attention to the small print when you’re making a choice, as they both have different repercussions. (via


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