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Note: You can find the complete inventory for Eververse on the Bungie companion app if this page isn’t updated (the desktop version of does not have the Eververse inventory). On the main page on the app swipe over the vendors and then go down until you see Eververse.

NOV 12 – NOV 19



Silver (Featured Items)


Bright Dust 


Events – Festival of the Lost

Skeletal Bundle – Legendary Armor Ornaments Package (1500 S)

Skerren Corvus Hunter Bundle – Legendary Armor Ornaments Package (1200 S)

Skeletal Bundle – Legendary Armor Ornaments Package (6000 BD)

Skerren Corvus Hunter Bundle – Legendary Armor Ornaments Package (4800 BD)



Eververse Fall Changes (06.19.2019)

Destiny 2 Eververse Items Guide via

Drop Chances by Eververse Item Type:

Below are the drop chances for each of the available Eververse Item types.

Season 8 Bright Engram from

The Season 8 Bright Engram, called the Nostalgic Engram, is available for purchase using Silver from the Eververse Trading Co. storefront. Additionally, it can be earned through gameplay. This Bright Engram is only available to be purchased or earned during Season 8.

  • Reward Categories and Item Types: When opened, each Season 8 Bright Engram will provide the player with one item from each of the Cosmetic and Consumable lists of potential rewards. Items in the potential reward lists are grouped into Reward Categories (such as Exotic Accessory, Exotic Account Scoped, etc.) which may contain multiple Item Types (for example, the Exotic Accessory Reward Category contains the Ghosts, Ships, and Sparrows Item Types).
  • Duplicate Protection: When receiving items from the Cosmetic or Consumable lists of potential rewards, a player’s account will not be awarded the same item type twice in a row (i.e. two Exotic Ghosts), but may be awarded the same reward category twice in a row (i.e. an Exotic Ghost and then an Exotic Ship).
  • Account Knockout: When an item with an account knockout modifier is acquired, it is removed from the list of potential rewards for that account. Items with account knockout modifiers are unlocked on an account when acquired. Buying account knockout items directly from the Eververse Trading Co. storefront will also remove them from the list of potential rewards and may affect individual drop probabilities.
  • Increasing Probabilities: Each time a reward in the Cosmetic or Consumable lists of potential rewards fails to drop, the chances of that reward being awarded on future rolls increases. This accumulating chance lowers when a reward is acquired. Each time an item is acquired within an individual reward category, the chances of receiving other items players have not yet acquired from that reward category increases on future rolls. This occurs until players acquire all rewards from that category.
  • (Korea Region Only) Random Shaders at Purchase: Season 8 Bright Engrams purchased in the Korean Region will immediately provide a number of random Shaders when a single Bright Engram or a bundle of Bright Engrams are purchased. The Shaders in the list of potential rewards all have an equal chance of being acquired.
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Cosmetic Reward Categories Item Type Account Knockout Average Drop Chance
Exotic Accessory Ghosts 2%
Ships 2%
Sparrows 2%
Exotic Account Scoped Emotes 🗸 3%
Weapon/Armor Ornaments 🗸 10%
Legendary Accessory Ghosts 15%
Ships 15%
Sparrows 15%
Legendary Account Scoped Emotes 🗸 5%
Weapon Ornaments 🗸 7%
Ghost Projections 🗸 3%
Rare Account Scoped Emotes 🗸 6%
Ghost Projections 🗸 6%
Bright Dust Small Gift 7%
Medium Gift 0.8%
Large Gift 0.4%
Consumable Reward Categories Item Type Knockout Average Drop Chance
Legendary Consumable Shader 75%
Transmat Effect 5%
Rare Consumable Transmat Effect 20%
Important Note: The “average” displayed in the table represents the average probabilities of any single engram dropping the item by averaging the accumulating chance over 100 openings. Drop probabilities above 1% are rounded to the nearest integer. As a result, the total may not add up to 100%. The list of reward categories and item types are all-inclusive and contain everything that can be dropped in an Engram. Due to the above modifiers, each reward category and item type has an increased or decreased chance of being awarded, based on how recently that reward category or item type was acquired. This data was obtained from running simulations for over 10,000 accounts. Bungie may update these published drop rates from time to time based on subsequent simulations.

Source: Bungie Website

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