Destiny 2: Prophecy Dungeon

Access: Free-to-Play

The Pyramid ships are approaching, and you must venture wherever answers lie. Enter the realm of the IX – a dimension where the rules of your world no longer exist. Face hordes of Taken and manipulate reality to solve intricate puzzles. What was once above is now below. And what was once Light is now Dark.

Earn Daito Foundry Armor and Reprised Trials of the Nine Armor in the Prophecy Dungeon.

Loot Table


Moonfang-X7 and Trials of the Nine armor sets

Encounter and Drops

  • First Encounter (Phalanx Echo): Legs and Class Item
  • Second Encounter (The Cube): Arms
  • Final Encounter (Boss): Any piece of armor
  • Final Chest (Emissary): Class Item, Helmet, Chest Armor

First Encounter

Phalanx Echo

Second Encounter

The Cube

Final Boss

Kell Echo

Final Chest

The Emissary





Class Item




Class Item



Type: Hand Cannon
Element: Void

The Last Breath

Type: Auto Rifle
Element: Kinetic

A Sudden Death

Type: Shotgun
Element: Energy

The Long Walk

Type: Sniper Rifle
Element: Solar

A Swift Verdict

Type: Sidearm
Element: Void

Darkest Before

Type: Pulse Rifle
Element: Arc

Secret Chests

There are two secrets chests in Prophecy, one is in the Wastelands and another in Rainbow Roads. Check out the video below for a full guide.

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