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Please note, activities on Europa no longer reward Powerful or Pinnacle Gear.



Assist Variks in dismantling what remains of House Salvation. With each assignment, you’ll help rid Europa of Eramis’s dark legacy while earning useful rewards. Benefits gained are unlocked for all characters that have completed the quest “Reclaiming Europa.”

Info: The available Sabotage quests relate specifically to the collection of Hereafter pieces and the completion of Empire Hunts. To unlock Europa Challenge 2 and Empire Hunts 2, you’ll need to purchase and complete all Empire Hunts from Variks.

Weekly Challenge: The weekly Empire Hunt Challenge will not be visible on your map until you reach Step Three out of Four for any Empire Hunt. Once you have access to enter the Quest and defeat the boss, a marker should be visible on your map for the weekly challenge. The weekly Empire Hunt Challenge rewards a Powerful Gear.

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Tier I Sabotage Quests

QuestRequirementUnlocked Reward
Europan Protector IDefeat 50x enemies on Europa.Advanced collection rate of Herealways Pieces for the first 30 per daily reset.
Europa Challenges IComplete 8x bounties.Weekly Variks challenge; complete 8x bounties to receive a powerful drop.
Empire Hunt IGather 25x Europa materials; complete 5x patrols; defeat 10x enemies with finishers.Empire Hunt quest costs are halved.
Collectible Detector IAcquire 40x detection tech by defeating Vex.Unlocks Europa Collectible Detector (Short-range).
Europan Explorer I50x enemies defeated with kinetic weapons; 50x enemies defeated with energy weapons; 25x enemies defeated with power weapons.Unlocks Europa weapon quests.
Europa Rewards IIn the current Europa Eclipsed Zone, collect Glacial Stalwort from 5x nodes and 10x chests.Allows you to find more planetary materials in the Europa Eclipsed Zone.
Europan Gear IComplete a heroic public event in Eventide Ruins, Asterion Abyss, and Cadmus Ridge.The first heroic public event you complete each day in a Europa Eclipsed Zone lets you obtain Crystocrene armor.


Tier II Sabotage Quests

Europan Protector IIDefeat 30x enemies with or affected by Stasis.Earn 1-2x Herealways Pieces by defeating enemies on Europa with or affected by Stasis.
Europa Challenges IIComplete all three Empire Hunts (the ones from Variks’ menu, not those you’ve done during the campaign).Unlocks the weekly Empire Hunt challenge; do 2x Empire Hunts to get a powerful drop.
Empire Hunt IIIn Empire Hunts, get 50x precision kills, 25x melee kills, and defeat a Fallen Empire Hunt boss.The first Empire Hunt you do in the week costs no Herealways Pieces.
Collectible Detector IIGet 30x precision kills vs. Vex on Europa.Upgrades the range of your Collectible Detector.
Europan Explorer IIDefeat 30x powerful (yellow bar) enemies in Empire Hunts.Unlocks “elected difficulty” for Empire Hunts (i.e., Adept, Hero, Legend, Master).
Europa Rewards IIIn the weekly Europa Eclipsed Zone, complete 1x lost sector, 1x heroic public event, and 5x patrols.Chance to acquire more Herealways Pieces in the Europa Eclipsed Zone.
Europan Gear IIIn lost sectors, defeat 30x enemies (each) using kinetic, energy, and power weapons while wearing four pieces of Crystocrene armor.Obtain a Europa weapon drop from the first sector you loot each day in the Europa Eclipsed Zone.


Tier III Sabotage Quests

Europan Protector III50x precision kills using a kinetic weapon; 25x power weapon kills; 20x enemies defeated in groups of two or more.Lets you earn 1-2x Herealways Pieces via precision kills on Europa.
Europa Challenges IIIComplete 3x Empire Hunts on heroic difficulty or higher; higher difficulties provide extra progress.Unlocks a weekly Empire Hunt challenge for a pinnacle drop.
Empire Hunt IIIIn Empire Hunts, defeat 30x enemies in groups of three or more; defeat 5x champions; defeat 2x bosses.A second Empire Hunt quest you do per week will also be free.
Collectible Detector IIIGet 25x weapon kills of each element (Solar, Void, Arc) vs. Vex.Maximizes the range of the Europa Collectible Detector.
Europan Explorer IIIComplete an Exo Challenge.Unlocks the pinnacle reward for the weekly Exo Challenge.
Europa Rewards IIIIn Empire Hunts, use finishers vs. 12x powerful (yellow bar) enemies while wearing at least four pieces of Crystocrene armor.Unlocks +1 energy capacity of all Crystocrene armor drops.
Europan Gear III (unavailable)In Empire Hunts, defeat 20x champions while wearing at least four pieces of Crystocrene armor.Unlocks a guaranted high-stat roll for a Crystocrene armor from the first Empire Hunt each week (Heroic difficulty or higher).



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