Destiny 2: Fishing

Required: Season of the Deep Season Pass

The corruption on Titan is starting to spread off-world. Try to relax and enjoy yourself as you fish for samples around the Solar System.

Earn points to collect participation rewards by catching fish in the Outskirts, EDZ. Higher quality fish are worth more.

  • Exotic: 20 points
  • Legendary: 5 points
  • Rare: 2 points
  • Uncommon: 1 point


Turning in fish you have collected has a chance to drop legendary Season of the Deep weapons. Exotic fish collected give a Exotic engram once deposited at the H.E.L.M..

Fishing Locations

The Exotic fishing hotspot (location) rotates weekly.


🎣 Nessus

🎣 Throne World


ℹ️ When a public event starts, the fishing activity will disappear until the event is completed. The fishing location within the area (Outskirts, The Cistern, or Miasma) can change slightly but there is always only one at one time.

ℹ️ The meter for the fishing pool is shared between everyone fishing (regardless if they are in your fireteam), legendary and exotic fish fill the meter faster.

Check out the Exotic Fishing Quest (for Wicked Implement Exotic Scout Rifle).

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