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MAY 23 – AUG 22, 2023

“Dive into the free-to-play world of Destiny 2 to experience responsive first-person shooter combat, explore the mysteries of our solar system, and unleash elemental abilities against powerful enemies. Create your Guardian and collect unique weapons, armor, and gear to customize your look and playstyle. Experience Destiny 2’s cinematic story alone or with friends, join other Guardians for challenging co-op missions, or compete against them in a variety of PvP modes.”


  • Titan Destination
  • Fishing (Titan, Savathun’s Throne World, and EDZ)
  • Special PlayStation x Destiny 2 collab
  • New Weapons and Armor
    • Trials: Unexpected Resurgence Glaive
    • Trials: New Origin Trait “Restoration Ritual”
  • New Quest that will take us back to Neomuna and reveal the true nature of the Veil.
  • New Arbalest ornament arrives to Eververse.
  • Archie the robot dog arrives at The Tower, their new home. 🐾
  • Three New Strand Aspects (one per character class)
  • Updates for Trials, Eververse, and more.
  • Tuning for Abilities, Supers, and Weapons.
  • and more!


Season 21 Ritual Weapon

Last Rite – Tex Mechanica Kinetic Aggressive Scout Rifle



“Recover Golden Age tech from a sunken Arcology structures on Titan. Explore the seafloor for the first time as you face the Lucent Hive and a variety of enemies in several unpredictable encounters.”


Deep Dives

Week over week, dive deeper into Titan’s ocean to salvage the power needed to communicate with the mysterious creature you’ve discovered.



The corruption on Titan is starting to spread off-world. Try to relax and enjoy yourself as you fish for samples around the Solar System.


Season Pass Exotic Weapon

✅ Instant Unlock: Centrifuse Auto Rifle (Arc)

✅ Catalyst

✅ Unlock Ornament at Rank 100


Centrifuse Catalyst

This catalyst can be acquired by completing the Higher Voltage quest, obtained it from Banshee-44 at the Tower.

  • Static Buildup: While amplified, this weapon gradually gains overcharge.
  • Unlock: 700 targets defeated

Quest Steps:

  1. Rebuild the Centrifuse’s catalyst
    • Rapidly defeat targets (0/20)
    • Defeats tragets with Arc final blows (0/40)
  2. Calibrate data
    • Complete Vanguard Operations, Gambit and Crucible matches, or Seasonal playlist activities. Higher tier Nightfall completions, Crucible or Gambit wins. (0/200)
    • Defeat Guardians (0/100)
  3. Return to Banshee-44 to collect your rebuilt catalyst.


PlayStation x Destiny 2

Bungie announced that the next collab is, PlayStation x Destiny 2. It was confirmed by Gary Clay (Senior Director of Marketing at Bungie) that this will be available for all platforms. Items will be available to purchase from the Eververse store.

Here’s a look at the items:

Last of Us Themed Items

New Strand Aspects

Threaded Storm (Hunter)

Activate your class ability to leave behind a decoy woven from Strand matter that draws the attention of nearby combatants

Flechette Storm (Titan)

While sliding, activate your charged melee ability to leap into the air, knocking nearby targets away and dealing damage. While airborne, activate your charged melee again to launch a cluster of damaging, Unraveling projectiles. Repeatedly activating melee will chain additional throws.

Wanderer (Warlock)

Tangles you throw attach to enemies and detonate into a suspending burst. Threadling final blows create a Tangle.

Source: TWAB (May 4, 2023)

Silver Bundle

The Season of the Deep Silver bundle includes the following:

🤿 New Legendary emote

🪙1,700 Silver (1,000 + 700 bonus Silver)

🗣️Speak with Master Rahool in the Tower to unlock your new emote.

Eververse Seasonal Offerings


Weapons Leaving at the end of Season 20


  • Mindbender’s Ambition
    • Final week in rotation: 4/18
  • The Militia’s Birthright
    • Final week to earn: 5/2

Trials of Osiris

  • The Inquisitor
    • Final week to earn: 5/9.
  • Whistler’s Whim
    • Already out of rotation.

Iron Banner

  • The Wizened Rebuke
  • The Hero’s Burden
    • Final week to earn both: 4/25


  • Rose – Lightweight Kinetic Hand Cannon
    • Final week to earn: 5/16

Weapons Arriving in Season 21


  • Braytech Osprey
    • Returning Weapon
  • Loaded Question
    • Returning Weapon


  • Positive Outlook – Void Precision Auto Rifle
    • Returning Weapon


  • Strand Linear Fusion Rifle
    • NEW Weapon


  • Randy’s Throwing Knife – Kinetic Rapid-Fire Scout Rifle
    • Returning Weapon

Trials of Osiris

  • Arc Glaive
    • NEW Weapon
  • The Messenger – Kinetic High-Impact Pulse Rifle
    • Returning Weapon

Iron Banner

  • Strand Fusion Rifle
    • NEW Weapon
  • Swarm of the Raven – Void Rapid-Fire Heavy Grenade Launcher
    • Returning Weapon


  • Arc Sniper Rifle
    • NEW Weapon

Summary of Changes Coming in Season 21

Destiny 2 is introducing Exotic armor focusing and decryption at Rahool during Season 21. The three focusing options include Standard Decryption, Exotic Focusing Tier 1, and Exotic Focusing Tier 2.


  • Standard Decryption:

    • Allows players to decrypt engrams for free.
    • Players receive random drops from standard Exotic engram loot pools.
    • No additional cost.
  • Exotic Focusing Tier 1:

    • Focus an engram to receive a random roll of an Exotic from the associated expansion.
    • Expansion includes Red War, Forsaken, Shadowkeep, Beyond Light, and The Witch Queen.
    • Lightfall will be available in a future season.
    • Requires ownership of the associated expansion and previously acquired all armor pieces within the engram for the player's class.
    • Cost: 1 Exotic engram, 30,000 Glimmer, and 1 Ascendant Shard.
  • Exotic Focusing Tier 2:

    • Focus on a specific Exotic Armor.
    • Requires ownership of the associated expansion and previously acquired that specific armor piece.
    • Cost: 1 Exotic engram, 60,000 Glimmer, 3 Ascendant Shards, and 1 Exotic Cipher.

Other Important Notes/Changes:

  • Exotic armor stats will be consistently higher in Season 21.
  • 'Complete activities' challenges reward will change to Powerful Exotic engrams.
  • Pinnacle Cap not raised in Season 21, so need for Pinnacle Legendary rewards decreased.
  • Other sources of focusable Exotic engrams include random world drops, Season Pass, and vendor reputation tracks.
  • Additional focusable Exotic engram sources coming in future seasons.

Source: TWAB (May 4, 2023)


Trials Updates

Changes coming in Season 21


The system will be tuned for Season 21 to make it less likely for standard players to trigger farming protection.


Bungie is moving to Dominion as the core game mode for Trials in Season 21

  • Dominion offers a choice between playing Elimination and an objective-based game mode.
  • Objectives can allow more types of players to contribute to winning.
  • Games are on average 15% faster than standard Elimination games.
  • Dominion puts extreme passivity at a disadvantage by spawning the zone earlier and creating pressure for players to engage and fight earlier.
  • Objectives promote more varied engagements on the maps and push players to experience different engagement arenas on each map.
  • Dominion promotes a healthier sandbox variety in both weapons and subclasses.
  • Provides Bungie with more balancing levers to change the gameplay experience and make changes to maps more quickly to address concerns about flow or balance.
  • Switching to Dominion may make carrying other players to the Lighthouse a more difficult challenge, but the decision was made based on the bulk of all player experiences in the playlist.


Passage of Wealth and Passage of Mercy are getting an update next season.

  • The Passage of Wealth will now grant +75 Trials rep for every win, and an additional bonus for current major rank in Trials, up to +150 total. This encourages players to stay on the same card to take advantage of more reputation for wins later in the card. The previous Passage of Wealth granting increased reputation on wins 3, 5, and 7 on a card was at odds with the new system
  • The Passage of Mercy in Season 21 will forgive 2 losses if you have not yet been Flawless for the week. After going Flawless, the Passage of Mercy will revert to forgiving a single loss on each card. This gives all players a better chance of going Flawless for the first time each week, and players who can go Flawless without using both Mercies additional opportunities to play for extra rewards while their first card remains Flawless.


  • Step 1
    • Complete Competitive placement matches.
    • Get 50 kills in Competitive.
    • Raise your Power level.  
  • Step 2
    • Pick up a Trials Passage.
    • Play a game of Trials.
    • Win 1 round of Trials.
    • Get 1 elimination in Trials.
    • Reward: Astral Horizon Shotgun


  • Gilding Flawless in Trials of Osiris has been updated to align with the difficulty of gilding the Glorious title.
  • Season 20 requirements were 180 kills, 100 rewards, Flawless with a Seasonal Exotic weapon, carrying 2 players, and winning 7 games on a 7-win ticket.
  • Season 21 requirements are 500 kills, 16 Trials ranks, Flawless with a Seasonal Exotic weapon and 50 kills, and earning specific medals while on a ticket with 0 losses and equipped with specific emblems.
  • The changes are meant to focus on rewarding dedication and individual and team skill in the game mode

Source: TWAB (May 4, 2023)

Here is what’s being added to Trials loot pool in Season 21:

RETURNING: The Messenger High-Impact Kinetic Pulse Rifle

NEW: Unexpected Resurgence Adaptive Arc Glaive


  • Unexpected Resurgence Adept version will be available on June 9
  • The Messenger Adept version will be available on June 16.

Leaving the Trials Loot Pool in Season 21

The Inquisitor Shotgun and Whistler’s Whim Bow will be removed from the standard loot pool in Season 21, but their non-Adept versions can still be obtained through legacy focusing with Saint-14.

Players who don't lose any matches during their Flawless run (earning a Flight of the Pigeon medal for every win) will receive an exclusive new emblem when opening the Flawless chest at the Lighthouse. While some skilled players may achieve this on their first run, it may prove to be a challenging achievement for others. The emblem is meant to be a source of pride for those who earn it.

Players who open the Lighthouse rewards chest will have a chance to obtain new rewards.

  • Hero’s Wake Exotic Ghost Shell
  • Valiant Memory Exotic Ship
  • Survivor’s Journey Exotic Sparrow
  • Glorious Patina shader (after first opening of the chest)

*Exclusive shader Glorious Patina can be earned by going Flawless during Season 21 Trials.

Hero’s Wake Exotic Ghost Shell

Valiant Memory Exotic Ship

Survivor’s Journey Exotic Sparrow

A new shader called Glorious Patina will also be available from the Lighthouse rewards chest in Season 21. Future Trials of Osiris shaders are permanent unlocks. Glorious Patina, which can be transmogrified onto any gear, is exclusive to Flawless players in Season 21.

Future Seasons will see the return of older Trials shaders (that were previously exclusive to Adept weapons) as rewards for completing the first Seasonal Flawless Ticket, and they will now be fully accessible and usable as on all your transmog gear.

Glorious Patina Season 21
Bloodline Feud Season 22
Vizier Regalia Season 23


  • Week 8 - April 21
  • Week 11 - May 12

Upcoming Changes

Changes to the Passages of Wealth and Mercy, and the Flawless Triumph requirements won't be active during these weekends. They'll be introduced in Season 21 together with a new emblem and a starter quest.

Challenger Pool (Connection Based Matchmaking):

  • Challenger Pool is for players who play Trials regularly and aim to go Flawless. It offers an experience similar to the original Trials in D1, without making games harder as the card progresses or after going Flawless.
  • Matchmaking in this pool is solely based on connection, with no consideration of tickets, weekly wins, or skill.
  • Players with a card that has no losses or those in a fireteam with someone who has a flawless card will be placed in this pool.

Practice Pool (Connection Based and Weekly Performance):

  • The Practice Pool is designed for players who are new or less experienced and are not yet ready to go Flawless in Trials. It provides a place for players to start playing Trials without being overwhelmed.
  • Matchmaking in this pool is based on connection and weekly performance.
    • Only players with a Flawed card or those on their first game of the week can play in this pool, and everyone in the fireteam must meet the same requirement.
  • Stomp Protection: The Practice Pool features Stomp protection, which reduces a player's weekly performance rating if they are consistently struggling, making matches slightly easier until they recover.
  • Farming Protection: The pool also has Farming protection, which slows down matchmaking times initially and, if a player or fireteam member continues to farm the Practice pool, locks them into the Challenger pool for the rest of the weekend, regardless of their card state.

Bungie will have a more in-depth discussion about the changes that are coming to Trials in Season 21.

Source:  This week at Bungie - April 13, 2023

Changes that arrived with Lightfall and Season 20.


 Crucible, Gambit, and Vanguard focusing will see the following costs: 

  • 1 Ritual Engram 
  • Crucible, Gambit, or Vanguard (depending on the vendor) 
  • 5,000 Glimmer 
  • 25 Legendary Shards 

Trials of Osiris, Iron Banner, and Nightfall focusing will see the following costs: 

  • 1 Ritual Engram 
  • Trials, Iron Banner, or Vanguard (depending on the vendor) 
  • 20,000 Glimmer 
  • 50 Legendary Shards 

Adept weapon focusing for Trials of Osiris and Nightfall weapons will see the following costs: 

  • 1 Ritual Engram 
  • Trials or Vanguard (depending on the vendor) 
  • 50,000 Glimmer 
  • 50 Legendary Shards 
  • 7-Win Trials Ticket or 10 Adept Nightfall Ciphers 



Trials of Osiris Weapons Available for Legacy Focusing:

  • Shayura’s Wrath 
  • Reed’s Regret 

  • Aisha’s Embrace 
  • Burden of Guilt 
  • Forgiveness 

Note: Adept version of legacy weapons will not be available for focusing. 

Trials of Osiris Armor Sets Available for Legacy Focusing:

  • Pyrrhic Ascent 
  • Exile 

Trials of Osiris Gear Focusing Cost:

  • If a player has NOT acquired a piece of Trials of Osiris gear previously: 
  • 7 Trials Engrams 

  • 100 Legendary Shards 
  • 10,000 Glimmer 
  • If  a player has acquired a piece of Trials of Osiris gear previously: 

  • 3 Trials Engrams 
  • 25 Legendary Shards 
  • 25,000 Glimmer 



Check out patch notes for Update 7.1.0 to learn about changes that arrived with Season 21.

Season Pass Price Increase

Effective starting in Season 21.

  • Season Pass: 1,000 Silver -> 1,200 Silver
  • Season Pass + 10 Ranks Bundle: 2,000 Silver -> 2,200 Silver

Power Bands

For the first time, power bands will not increasing in Season 21!

  • Power Floor (1600)
  • Soft Cap (1750)
  • Powerful Cap (1800)
  • Pinnacle Caps (1810)

“If players hit the Pinnacle Cap during Season 20, they will remain at the Pinnacle Cap in Season 21.”

Consumable Depreciation

Starting in Season 21, Finest Matterweave and Rainmaker consumable items will no longer drop.

“Furthermore, all existing instances of these items in players’ inventories can be consumed to directly grant their associated materials”

  • All existing instances of Finest Matterweave can be Dismantled for 1 Enhancement Core each.
  • All existing instances of Rainmaker can be dismantled for 3000 Glimmer.

Deepsight Activation

Deepsight activation is being added for eligible weapons in Season 21. Here’s a look at changes coming in Season 21.

  • Deepsight activation requires a new Deepsight Harmonizer currency
  • Non-raid weapons will cost 1 Harmonizer, while raid weapons will require 15 Spoils of Conquest in addition to the 1 Harmonizer cost
  • Deepsight Harmonizer currency can be obtained from Season pass rank rewards, 3 in the free ranks and another 3 in the paid
  • Only one Harmonizer can be stored in the inventory at any time—this currency does not stack
  • Not all weapon instances will be compatible with Deepsight activation
  • Weapon instances purchased from raid vendors will be ineligible, however weapons purchased from Xûr and the Gunsmith will support Deepsight activation
  • Crafting costs will also see a change in Season 21
  • Legendary Shard costs will be removed from all crafting components
  • Glimmer and Enhancement Core costs will remain untouched
  • Enhanced weapon costs are based on weapon Masterwork costs and will still require Legendary Shards as the weapon Masterwork economy is not yet being modified in Season 21.

Credit/Source (Information and Images): Bungie