Destiny 2: Season of the Lost + 30th Anniversary



Aug 24 – Feb 22, 2022

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Season of the Lost is longer than the average Destiny 2 Season and doesn’t end until The Witch Queen launches on February 22, 2022. Bungie will have more details to share when they release their Road to The Witch Queen calendar in the near future. You can expect to see Festival of the Lost, Moments of Triumph, The Dawning, and more. 

The Season Pass reward path, artifact, and challenges will carry on throughout the Season without resetting. Bungie will also be making additional Bright Dust available and resetting the amount of Synthweave tokens you can earn through bounties in the second half of the Season. Stay tuned for more details on this later in the Season.   

Season of the Lost Summary

Mara Sov, Queen of the Awoken. It would be an understatement to say that much has transpired in her absence. Her brother, last seen lying in rest, walks among the Guardians wearing a new name; Xivu Arath’s forces rally in the shadow of the Black Fleet; and Savathûn has been revealed at the heart of the Endless Night.

And so, it is now, under the light of a long-awaited sun, that Mara Sov returns to her Dreaming City and seeks an audience with the Witch Queen.


H.E.L.M. // Story

  • Savathûn, the Witch Queen: Sister to Xivu Arath and Oryx, this family of gods have challenged humanity for centuries. It was Savathûn who defied the Black Fleet, even as it drove a wedge between her and her sister. Although her motive remains obscured, Savathûn’s involvement with the Endless Night demands answers.
  • A Doorway Opens: The crackling of energy echoes throughout the H.E.L.M. as a dark portal makes its presence known within the newly constructed Awoken Wing. Master the tools found here and blur the line between technology and magic.

Save the Lost Awoken // Activities 

  • 6-Player Matchmade Activity – Astral Alignment: Breathe life into slumbering Awoken technology and triumph over those who fear the Light. Align the ley-line network and chart a path to rescue Mara Sov’s lost tech witches from the Shattered Realm.
  • Weekly Mission – Shattered Realm: Wayfind through the Shattered Realm in search of Mara Sov’s lost tech witches. Rescue them and use the power they bestow to see this mysterious landscape with new eyes – to reach the unreachable.

New Exotic Weapon Quest – Ager’s Scepter

  • A weapon of great power, locked away by Mara Sov for her brother Uldren. The hands that hold Ager’s Scepter hold the keys to areas of the Shattered Realm previously barred. Untangle the layers of Awoken security and reach the Exotic weapon before it falls into the wrong hands.

Cross Play

  • Play with and against your fellow Guardians across the solar system, regardless of platform. Cross Play is here and free for all players.

Armaments // Gear

  • Shatter in Case of Emergency: Over 25 new and reprised weapons including new Legendary Stasis weapons.
  • Radiant Dance Machines: Dodge one attack. Then another. Why stop there?
  • No Backup Plans: Get dressed. You’re going to a Shotgun party and your fists are invited.
  • Nothing Manacles: Finely tuned destruction and strength in the splintering.

Season Pass

  • Gear, XP, rewards! Get the Season Pass and instantly unlock the new Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle. Also get XP boosts that speed up Seasonal ranks and reward track unlocks.
  • Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle: The Lorentz Driver utilizes advanced targeting and precision telemetry to deliver perfectly-placed implosions.
  • Wayfinder’s Compass: Increase your Power and discover new builds by earning Seasonal mods to customize your playstyle.
  • Universal Ornaments: Collect new Season of the Lost universal ornaments and stay at the forefront of Last City fashion trends.




Check out this article by Bungie to learn more about what’s to come with Destiny 2!!

If you missed the Showcase or would like to re-watch it, you may watch the complete livestream on YouTube or Twitch.

SPOILER WARNING: If you have not played Season of the Lost yet and do not want to see anything before you do, do not watch the videos below!!

Destiny 2: Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack



The 30th anniversary celebration is coming on December 7 and it’s free for all players. It will offer a new six-player matchmade activity, iconic weapons to collect, mysteries to unravel and rewards that commemorate our long and storied history together.  

In addition to the free event, players can also purchase the Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack that includes a collection of content and rewards you aren’t going to want to miss. 

  • Treasure-themed three-player Dungeon in the Cosmodrome 
  • Gjallarhorn Exotic Rocket Launcher’s debut in Destiny 2 
  • Thorn armor set 
  • Marathon and Bungie 30th Anniversary streetwear-inspired ornament sets 
  • Collection of favorite Destiny 1 weapons, including Eyasluna and 1000-Yard Stare 
  • Claymore Sword inspired by Myth 
  • Shotgun inspired by Marathon 
  • Unique Helmet Ornament 
  • Exotic Sparrows 
  • Exotic ship 
  • Emblems, shaders, emotes 
  • And more! 





One of the big updates Bungie is bringing in Season of the Lost is an overhaul of Trials of Osiris – the 3v3 high-stakes PvP activity. Bungie is reworking the activity and the rewards structure with the goal of making it more approachable to more players. They still want it to feel like an aspirational activity where winning is meaningful but want to ensure that, even if you are not the best PvP player, your time spent playing Trials is still worth it and provides you with rewards for your effort. Here are a few things coming when Trials of Osiris kicks off on September 10

  • New matchmaking options for Duos and Singles.
  • The ability to keep playing your card past three losses.
  • Tokens have been removed and gear will now drop from Trials engrams.
  • Trials of Osiris will now require purchase of the yearly expansion to play. 

Bungie will have a full article with more details on 8/25

If I don’t have Beyond Light, will I be able to play Trials in Season of the Lost? No, you will need the current yearly expansion to access Trials of Osiris. That is currently Beyond Light and will switch to The Witch Queen when it releases.

If I don’t have Beyond Light, but I pre-order The Witch Queen, do I get access to Trials before the expansion launches? No, Trials of Osiris will require Beyond Light until 2/22/22 and after that, it will require The Witch Queen.  

What are you doing about cheaters in Trials? 


Source: Destiny 2 Showcase Recap article by Bungie – Aug 24, 2021

This page will be periodically updated with more details.

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