Destiny 2: Starhorse // Vendor at the Treasure Hoard



A mysterious, impossible horse. Starhorse’s origins and motives are unknowable.

Location: Xur’s Treasure Hoard

Starhorse Items

1,000 Glimmerx5 Strange Coins
Legendary Engramx3 Strange Coins
Paraversal Haulx7 Strange Coins; Paraversal Haul boxes contain a random reward. Note: It’s possible to receive Strange Coins, Treasure Keys, exotics, and legendaries.
Treasure Keyx10 Strange Coins

Daily Bounties

Cost 3x Strange Coins | Weekly Bounties – Cost 7x Strange Coins

Rewards for these include XP, Enhancement Cores, and Paraversal Haul.

Pulse of Combat– Pulse rifle final blows (rapid kills add more progress.
– Get a score of 160,000 points.
Laser Tag– Trace rifle final blows; rapid kills add more progress.
– Get a score of 160,000 points.
Double Barrel– Shotgun final blows; rapid kills add more progress.
– Get a score of 160,000 points.
Old-Fashioned Way– Charged/uncharged melee kills.
– Kinetic weapon kills.
– Get a score of 180,000 points.
Bring The Overkill– Super kills.
– Elemental final blows (must disintegrate enemies upon death).
– Get a score of 180,000 points.
Match Game – Weekly bounty that has to be done in Legend difficulty– Void, Arc, or Solar weapon kills that match your current subclass.
– Power weapon kills.
– Get a score of 300,000 points.

Treasure Chests

By default, you may only open the large chest next to Xur, which grants new weapons. However, there are several other chests located in the Treasure Hoard as well.

Armor Sets (chests located in corners of room, where statues of each class are located)

TypeRankCostChest Location
Helmet4x3 Treasure KeysCorners of room
Arms4x3 Treasure KeysCorners of room
Chest7x5 Treasure KeysCorners of room
Legs10x5 Treasure KeysCorners of room
Class Item13x7 Treasure KeysCorners of room

Other Items (These large chests are located in the center-ish of the room)

Celebration Weapon ModMust have completed To the Daring Go the Spoils.x1 Treasure Key
Sparrow16x7 Treasure Key
Ship16x7 Treasure Key

View items in the database for Starhorse on

Sources: and in-game


Starhose Weapons and Armor Loot Tables

Weapons (This info is being confirmed, loot pool is still being gathered)

Weapon NameTypeSeason
Outrageous FortuneGrenade LauncherArrivals
Ikelos_SMG_V1.0.2Energy Submachine GunArrivals
The Last DanceSidearmArrivals
Steel SybilSwordArrivals
Last PerditionPulse RifleArrivals
Ikelos_SR_V1.0.2Sniper RifleArrivals

Titan Armor

Armor NameTypeSeason
Lost Pacific GauntletsTitan ArmsLost
Lost Pacific HelmTitan HelmetLost
Lost Pacific GrievesTitan LegsLost
Lost Pacific MarkTitan Class ItemLost
BrayTech Iron-Heart EngineTitan Chest ArmorWorthy
BrayTech Absolute Zero MarkTitan ArmsWorthy
BrayTech Sn0helmTitan LegsWorthy

Hunter Armor

Warlock Armor


Note: I am currently trying to gather info to complete a loot table for Starhorse and Xur, at the Treasure Hoard. Credit for info above: @alex_mmorales on Twitter


Note: If you find anything to be incorrect or would like to provide any info, DM Kyber on Discord or Twitter.

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