Destiny 2: The Crow, Spider’s Crime Syndicate



The amnesiac Lightbearer once known as Prince Uldren Sov of the Reef. Season of the Hunt Season Pass and Beyond Light is required to access this vendor.

Location: Thieves Landing, Tangled Shore

Notes: Visit or the Bungie companion app to view items and quests this vendor has. Visit the Wrathborn Hunts page for more details about this activity.

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- Players will need to own the Season Pass to purchase Cryptolith Lure upgrades and the Crow's bounties. 
- In a Wrathborn Hunt, players must deal damage to the final boss to get credit for the activity. 
- Starting in Season of the Hunt, new Legendary weapons and armor will have a one-year span of time (four Seasons total) that it can reach the Max Power Level through Infusion. For more information, click here. 
- When Season of the Hunt ends, some pursuits and activities may be removed and replaced with new rewards and themes in the next Season.



To help the Spider and the Crow draw Xivu Arath’s lieutenants out of hiding, players will need to upgrade the Cryptolith Lure and use it to track their target in Wrathborn Hunts. Provide the Crow with Recon Data to unlock various Lure Upgrades, and slot various Lure Mods to influence the rewards you receive after a successful Hunt.

Icon depicting Lure Mods and Upgrades.

Lure Mods and Upgrades

Purchase Lure mods and upgrades for use in Wrathborn Hunts. Click image above or click here to view Lure Mods and Upgrades.

  • Reputation Boost I: Increases the amount of recon data obtained from Wrathborn hunts.
  • Improved Seeker I: Unlocks Hive Wrathborn hunts.
  • Power Hunter: Increases the power of rewards obtained from Wrathborn hunts:
    • The amount of weekly powerful Wrathborn hunt rewards is increased from 2 to 4.
    • Crow’s Weekly Challenge is upgraded to a Pinnacle power reward.
  • Reputation Boost II: Increases the amount of recon data obtained from Wrathborn hunts.
    • Stacks with Reputation Boost I.
    • Increases the drop rate of Lure mods when completing non-Wrathborn activities.
  • Seasoned Hunter: Beneficial modifiers are activated in Wrathborn hunts.
  • Mutation Mod Extractor: Increases the amount of Mutation mods obtained from Wrathborn hunts.



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