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The Dawning is a limited-time live event in Destiny 2 which celebrates the winter season and the spirit of giving. The Dawning begins on December 17, 2019, and ends at the weekly reset on January 14, 2020.

During The Dawning, Eva Levante brings her baking supplies and Holiday Oven for all players to use and create holiday gifts that can be given to all vendors across the system. To create these gifts, players have to defeat various enemies in unique ways to earn materials and use Eva’s Holiday Oven 2.0 to combine them into baked gifts.

For more information about The Dawning, please see The Dawning 2019.


Participation Requirements

While all players are invited to participate in The Dawning, new players* must first meet the following requirements:

  • Escape the Cosmodrome to unlock the Tower.
  • Achieve 770 Power.

Once new players have met the above requirements, they will unlock a Milestone telling them to speak with Eva Levante in the Tower Courtyard.

Players who are new to Destiny 2 should also review our Destiny 2: New Player Guide.

*Characters created before the launch of New Light do not have to achieve 770 Power to receive The Dawning quest.


Quests and Bounties

After players create their first holiday gift and speak to Eva, her full inventory will open up where players can obtain bounties and quests.

Quests and Rewards

Players can acquire quests from Eva that will give them two exotic Dawning Sparrows: the Dawning Cheer Sparrow* and the Alpine Dash Sparrow. Eva will also give players the Holiday Treats emblem for completing “The Dawning Begins” quest.

Dawning Cheer


Holiday Treats

*Players who acquired the Dawning Cheer Sparrow during The Dawning 2018 event won’t receive this quest unless their Sparrow wasn’t fully upgraded. 


Eva offers three different Dawning Bounties which will reward players for completing them: Weekly Bounties will reward Essence of Dawning and Bright Dust, Daily Bounties will reward Double XP and Materials, and Additional Bounties will reward Double XP and Bright Dust.




Additionally, Eva will offer three Dawning Cheer bounties that will upgrade the Dawning Cheer Sparrow for players who didn’t upgrade it during The Dawning 2018 event: Titan and Warlock requires players to bake gifts for Ikora and Sloane, Sniper and Scribe requires players to bake gifts for Asher and Devrim, and Gunsmith and Navigator requires players to bake gifts for Banshee-44 and Failsafe.

and Warlock

and Scribe

and Navigator


Recipes and Materials

While Eva will bring her Holiday Oven with her, players will have to go out into the world to gather Materials and Essence of Dawning by defeating enemies and completing various activities in Destiny 2. Once players have enough Materials, they can combine them together to create tasty treats like Gjallardoodles and Dark Chocolate Motes. Players can combine Materials by finding Eva’s Holiday Oven 2.0 in their Quests, viewing the Oven’s “Details,” and selecting the Materials they wish to combine. Be careful, some combinations will result in Burnt Edge Transits.

Players can then give these holiday gifts to vendors across the system, depending on what baked good has been created

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For Commander Zavala

Materials: Ether Cane, Delicious Explosion

Traveler Donut Holes

For Ikora Rey

Materials: Cabal Oil, Flash of Inspiration

Chocolate Ship Cookies

For Amanda Holliday

Materials: Cabal Oil, Null Taste

Telemetry Tapioca

For Banshee-44

Materials: Vex Milk, Bullet Spray

Eliksni Birdseed

For Suraya Hawthorne

Materials: Ether Cane, Personal Touch

Gentleman’s Shortbread

For Devrim Kay

Materials: Ether Cane, Perfect Touch

Alkane Dragée Cookies

For Deputy Commander Sloane

Materials: Chitin Powder, Bullet Spray

Infinite Forest Cake

For Failsafe

Materials: Vex Milk, Impossible Heat

Radiolarian Pudding

For Asher Mir

Materials: Vex Milk, Electric Flavor


Vanilla Blades

For Lord Shaxx

Materials: Cabal Oil, Sharp Flavor


Javelin Mooncake

For Ana Bray

Materials: Chitin Powder, Sharp Flavor


Dark Chocolate Motes

For the Drifter

Materials: Taken Butter, Null Taste

Candy Dead Ghosts

For the Spider

Materials: Dark Ether Cane, Flash of Inspiration


Ill-Fortune Cookies

For Petra Venj

Materials: Dark Ether Cane, Impossible Heat


Strange Cookies

For Xûr

Materials: Taken Butter, Electric Flavor


Fractal Rolls

For Brother Vance



Lavender Ribbon Cookies

For Saint-14



Fried Sha-Dough

For the Visage of Calus



Hot Crossfire Buns

For Ada-1



Ascendant Oatmeal Raisen Cookies

For Eris Morn



Hackberry Treat

For Benedict 99-40



Dawning Recipes Graphic by @OatsFX

During The Dawning, players can complete Dawning-related Triumphs for rewards. To track progress toward Dawning Triumphs, players should visit their Triumphs character menu, go into the Seasonal node, and navigate to the Events > The Dawning subpage.

Players have until The Dawning ends at the weekly reset on January 14, 2020, to complete Dawning Triumphs. Once The Dawning concludes, these Triumphs will no longer be eligible for progress, and incomplete Triumphs will be hidden. To view The Dawning 2019 Triumphs, see below.

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Dawning’s Bounty

Complete bounties from Eva Levante during the Dawning 2019.

Bringer of Gifts

During the Dawning 2019, deliver baked goods to your allies throughout the system.

O’er the Hills We Go

Fully repair the Alpine Dash Sparrow.

Happy Dawning, Zavala

Delivery holiday gifts to Commander Zavala. Gjallardoodles

Happy Dawning, Ikora

Delivery holiday gifts to Ikora Rey. Traveler Donut Holes

Happy Dawning, Amanda

Delivery holiday gifts to Amanda Holliday. Chocolate Ship Cookies

Happy Dawning, Banshee

Delivery holiday gifts to Banshee-44. Telemetry Tapioca

Happy Dawning, Hawthorne

Delivery holiday gifts to Suraya Hawthorne. Eliksni Birdseed

Happy Dawning, Devrim

Delivery holiday gifts to Devrim Kay. Gentleman’s Shortbread

Happy Dawning, Sloane

Delivery holiday gifts to Deputy Commander Sloane. Alkane Dragée

Happy Dawning, Failsafe

Delivery holiday gifts to Failsafe. Infinite Forest Cake

Happy Dawning, Asher

Delivery holiday gifts to Asher Mir. Radiolarian Pudding

Happy Dawning, Shaxx

Delivery holiday gifts to Lord Shaxx. Vanilla Blades

Happy Dawning, Ana

Delivery holiday gifts to Ana Bray. Javelin Mooncake

Happy Dawning, Drifter

Delivery holiday gifts to the Drifter. Dark Chocolate Motes

Happy Dawning, Spider

Delivery holiday gifts to the Spider. Candy Dead Ghosts.

Happy Dawning, Petra

Delivery holiday gifts to Petra Vinj. Ill-Fortune Cookies

Happy Dawning, Xûr

Delivery holiday gifts to Xûr. Strange Cookies.

Happy Dawning, Vance

Delivery holiday gifts to Brother Vance. Fractal Rolls

Happy Dawning, Saint

Delivery holiday gifts to Saint-14. Lavender Ribbon Cookies

Happy Dawning, Calus

Delivery holiday gifts to the Visage of Calus. Fried Sha-dough

Happy Dawning, Ada

Delivery holiday gifts to Ada-1. Hot Crossfire Buns

Happy Dawning, Eris

Delivery holiday gifts to Eris Morn. Ascendant Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Happy Dawning, Benedict

Delivery holiday gifts to Benedict 99-40. Hackberry Tart


Triumphs for The Dawning 2019 that have been unlocked but not claimed will become inaccessible after The Dawning ends at the weekly reset on January 14, 2020.


Vital Information and Known Issues

For the latest information on known issues discovered after The Dawning has gone live on December 17, 2019, players should look at Bungie’s vital information thread in the #Help forum.

Credit/Source: Bungie Website (view original article)

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