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When Does Trials Of Osiris Arrive?

Trials of Osiris starts every Friday at 10:00 AM (PDT) and ends on Tuesday at 10 AM (PDT). Open up the Crucible tab on your Director to start this activity.

Please note, Trials of Osiris will not run during the following:

  • The first week of a new season.
  • The week a new raid releases.
  • Any week Iron Banner is active.

Trials of Osiris requires three things before you can participate:

  1. Ownership of the latest Destiny 2 expansion (Currently, you’ll need to own Beyond Light to play Trials however this will change once The Witch Queen arrives).
  2. Completion of the “Trials Access” quest
    1. Reach Power Level 1,260
    2. Defeat 50 Guardians in Elimination
    3. Reach Crucible Rank 15 (Mythic III)
  3. A Passage – Purchased from Saint-14 while Trials is active.

Please note, Expansion ownership does not transfer between platforms.

About Passages:

  1. Passage of Mercy: Forgives one loss per run.
  2. Passage of Ferocity: Your third match win grants a bonus win.
  3. Passage of Wealth (Requires 5 Match Wins): Increased rewards from completing and winning Trials matches.
  4. Passage of Confidence (Requires Flawless): Grants a bonus reward from the Flawless chest.

New Changes (Made on 9.16.2021)

‘Flawless Matchmaking’ pool is enabled.

Enabled some matchmaking help if someone runs into several blowout matches.

Quitter penalties that are used on the Glory playlists is enabled (This gives you a 30-minute timeout if you quit out of too many games.)


This is a 3v3 competitive crucible activity only available from Friday until Reset every weekend! Matchmaking is available! Earn exclusive rewards in Trials of Osiris by defeating other Guardians in this weekly Elimination playlist.

Begins: Friday, Oct 15 @ 10AM PDT

Ends: Tuesday, Oct 19 @ 10AM PDT

Map: Bannerfall

Weekly Flawless Reward: The Messenger – Adept Pulse Rifle

Rank Up Weapons (no reset)

Rank Up Weapons (with 1 Reset)

Rank Up Weapons (with 2 Resets)


You can get extra rolls by winning more matches on your flawless card until you lose, and can get 1 extra Adept Reed’s Regret by turning in a 7 win card at Saint, in addition to legendary shards and glimmer.

You will also get a Pinnacle Trials Engram when you win 20 rounds and another when you win 7 matches.

Once you have reset twice, you will just receive Trials engrams. You may then refocus these engrams with Osiris to get the weapon/rolls you want.

Engram Focusing:

  • Non-Adept Trials Engram Focusing Requires: 20k Glimmer, 100 Legendary Shards, 1 Trials Engram,
  • Adept Trials Engram Focusing Requires: 50,000 Glimmer. 250 Legendary Shards, 1 Trials Engram

Trials Graphic: | Post:

More Info: View Guides, Rewards, and More for Trials | Trials Help Article via Bungie

RedditTrials Mega-thread via r/DestinyTheGame

View Callout Maps by @R3likt


Notes about Rewards (from a

  • Ranking up gives you a Trials engram. 
  • Powerful Trials engrams show up every three rank ups before your first reset of the Season.
  • Just like the other ritual reputations, there are other rewards to earn every three ranks – and Trials ranks has one of the unique Trials weapons at Rank 10 and Rank 16 for each of the first three resets of Season 15. 
  • Trials Reputation is gained after completing matches, and is based on the amount of wins on a player’s Trials Passage. Each rank up in Trials Reputation will reward a Trials Engram. These Engrams will contain any piece of Trials gear that a player has previously earned.
  • Every 3 rank-ups will reward a powerful Trials engram. When Trials rank is maxed out, it can be reset for an Ascendant Shard or an Exotic Engram.
  • Pinnacle Gear will be given once per week, per class.
  • Once the Chest has been opened and players leave The Lighthouse, a new Flawless Passage will need to be completed to return.


Info from article:

While we’re excited for all of these changes, we’re also looking towards the future. What other improvements could be made down the road to benefit the playlist? We’d like to give you all an opportunity to try out some things we’re thinking on. For veteran Crucible players out there, you may recognize the name. It is time for the re-introduction of Labs!  Over the course of Season 15, we will be running a number of Trials of Osiris Labs weekends, where we will test out targeted changes and collect analytics and feedback from you! They will generally take over the entire mode for the weekend, so we can get as many players in as possible. 
We have three Labs planned for Season 15: 

  • Capture/Elimination Hybrid  
    • One capture point activates 30 seconds after each round starts, with an extended capture timer. 
    • The capture location changes each round, as do spawn locations. 
    • Capturing it wins the round, or you can always just eliminate the other team. 
    • We believe that this will help further curb round stalling and has made matches during internal playtesting much more dynamic. However, we would like to get the opinion of a wider audience before making such significant changes to the mode in a more permanent fashion. 
  • Trials Freelance 
    • A separate node from the main Trials activity, where only solo players can queue.  
    • While we believe this is the right change in a vacuum, we aren’t sure if splitting Trials into two matchmaking pools will deliver low matchmaking times and high-quality play in both pools at the same time. Prove us wrong! 
  • No Intro Quest 
    • One weekend where players who have never played in the Crucible can play! 

We don’t have a firm date for each of the above Labs weekends, but before they run, we’ll let you know in a future TWAB, on our various social channels, and in the Director. Since we know many of you are eager to dip your toes in to a solo-queue Trials experience, we’ll leave you with one small hint: What month comes after September?


To learn about changes that were made, check out the Trials of Osiris page or this article by Bungie.


Here is some info from TWAB regarding the changes made to Trials:

For those who may have never played Trials before, this is an endgame offering for PvP, featuring high-stakes elimination matches leading to loot. High-stat armor, exclusive weapons, and some cosmetics for those who can finish seven games in a row without losing. If you’re able to go flawless, Adept rewards await you at the Lighthouse. 
Bungie has made some changes to the formula in hopes of making Trials more accessible to a wider audience and more rewarding than it’s ever been. 

The short and sweet summary: Bungie has overhauled the loot structure of Trials to grant more rewards, even if you’re not winning full matches. Trials Reputation has been added, which will unlock Trials engrams and other rewards on Saint-14 through a given Season.  Bungie has a few ruleset changes, such as resetting ammo and reducing rounds to 90 seconds, but nothing too major there. In a few weeks, Bungie will also be introducing Trials Labs, testing out deeper changes to the mode to see what plays best! As a final note, Trials access now requires purchase of the current yearly expansion to aid in their game security efforts. Check here if you haven’t seen the updates to the Bungie Security Policy!  

This Season, Trials brings a new Legendary Linear Fusion Rifle to the loot table of Destiny. Reed’s Regret (click here to view the Adept version), packing some Stasis damage and the ability to roll some fun perk combinations, like Triple Tap and Vorpal Weapon. Paired with the Particle Deconstruction Artifact Mod, this is a weapon that you won’t want to miss. 

Saint-14 has refreshed his vendor inventory, giving Guardians the ability to target additional rolls on loot that they’ve previously acquired. This can be comparable to Focusing engrams at the Umbral Decoder in the H.E.L.M. Get out there, earn some engrams, and have at it. 

Patch notes as follows

  • Trials reputation internal systems has been rebuilt, aligning with that of other ritual reputations. 
    • Reputation gain per match is scaled by the number of round wins on a ticket. 
  • Trials passages are now account scoped (purchasing the same ticket on an alternate character will not reset ticket wins). 
    • Passage of Ferocity is now available from the start. 
    • Passage of Wisdom is no longer available. 
    • Passage of Wealth now requires seven wins. 
    • Unlocking a passage now unlocks it for the rest of the Season. 
  • Replaced the weekly three-, five-, seven-win challenges with a win rounds challenge. 
    • A new seven-win challenge is available on Saint-14. 
    • Removed weekly bounties. 
  • Made changes to rulesets: 
    • Trials of Osiris round time reduced to 90 seconds. 
    • Trials of Osiris — Each round start with fresh special ammo. 
  • Cross Play must be enabled to participate in Trials of Osiris. 
  • Added Third Person Camera Restricted tooltip and load screen hint to Trials, Elimination, and Showdown. 
  • Trials of Osiris now requires purchase of the current yearly expansion. 
    • Currently, Beyond Light is required to play. 
    • Starting on February 22 2022, The Witch Queen will be required. 

Good luck to all on the hunt for loot. Good luck to all on the march towards the Lighthouse. Good luck to all who are just showing up to help a friend out. Who knows, maybe you’ll fall in love with this Elimination mode like many have in the past. See you on the battlefield. 

Here is what Bungie wrote about this in the Trials Revamp article:


First and foremost, Trials will be taking a short hiatus at the beginning of Season 15. In our goals of maintaining a healthy population, we’d like to remove issues where players are torn between multiple PvP or endgame goals for a given weekend. So, we’re making the following changes for all our future Seasons starting in Season 15: 

  • No Trials in Week 1, or before Raid World First. 
    • Week 1 should be about exploring new content, features, and tunings, as well as finding and using the new weapons and Exotics. 
  • No Trials during Iron Banner. 
    • Overlapping limited-time PvP events aren’t good for the health of either game mode. 

Trials Rewards // Engram Focusing



As you play Trials of Osiris you’ll gain more reputation with Saint-14 (ranking up will reward you with a Trials engram). You can either decrypt the Engram to obtain a random piece of Trials Gear or you may focus it. Focusing a Trials Engram will limit its loot pool to a single weapon or armor piece, chosen directly by you in Saint-14’s vendor menu. The roll you get is random.

  • Non-Adept Trials Engram Focusing Requires: 20k Glimmer, 100 Legendary Shards, 1 Trials Engram,
  • Adept Trials Engram Focusing Requires: 50,000 Glimmer. 250 Legendary Shards, 1 Trials Engram
RewardGear TypeNotes
Pyrrhic Ascent HelmetArmor (Helmet)Rolls with random stats
Pyrrhic Ascent GlovesArmor (Arms)Rolls with random stats
Pyrrhic Ascent ChestArmor (Chest)Rolls with random stats
Pyrrhic Ascent BootsArmor (Legs)Rolls with random stats
Pyrrhic Ascent Class ItemArmo r(Class)Rolls with random stats
Eye of SolWeapon (Sniper Rifle)Adaptive Frame (90 RPM)
Can roll Tunnel Vision + Snapshot Sights
Igneous HammerWeapon (Hand Cannon)Aggressive Frame (120 RPM)
The MessengerWeapon (Pulse Rifle)High-Impact Frame (340 RPM)
Can roll Desperado
Reed’s RegretWeapon (Linear Fusion Rifle)Precision Frame (533 Charge Time)
Can roll Triple Tap + Vorpal Weapon
Can also roll Headstone
Shayura’s WrathWeapon (SMG)Precision Frame (600 RPM)
Can roll Tunnel Vision + Kill Clip
Sola’s ScarWeapon (Sword)Caster Frame
Can roll Chain Reaction

Chart from



Each weapon has an Adept version with special mods, you can read more about those here, as well as a special shader that can be applied to any Adept weapon, even the ones from the Grandmaster Nightfall. The ghost, ship, and sparrow have a random chance to drop from going Flawless.


Adept Weapons:

Armor (Season 13):

Old Armor:

Adept Mods:




In preparation for Trials of Osiris, the Bungie security team has been hard at work protecting the integrity of the Crucible. Bungie is always working to improve their defenses against cheats and other malicious activity. Recently, they have improved their methods for combating those who feel like they don’t have to play by the rules. Bungie will be keeping a close eye on Trials of Osiris, where the stakes are even higher.

New server-side security features have been deployed specifically for Trials of Osiris, and Bungie has hardened their network layer to make it more resilient to network manipulation. They have also increased their staffing to be able to handle the review and banning of cheaters.

Because the ongoing battle with cheating is fought primarily with information, Bungie cannot go into exact details on our methods which might tip off would-be cheaters on ways to get around them. Bungie can assure you they take cheating seriously and will continue to work to both prevent it and punish any offenders.

If you do come across anyone you suspect of cheating, please report them in-game as well as online with the Suspected Cheater Report Form.

Source: Bungie Website



Trials of Osiris start time, rewards, and more explained by

Click here to view helpful Crucible Callout Maps by @R3likt

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