Destiny 2: Trials of Osiris // Friday – Tuesday

⚠ NOTE: To find out what the drops are, check back periodically after Trials goes live @ Reset every Friday! (Note: Drops are not on a set/known weekly rotation, however as soon as drops for wins 3,5,7 and Flawless are confirmed they will be updated on this page!).

Check back on Friday, July 23 @ 10AM PT



Compete in a fireteam-required event version of Elimination. Earn as many wins on a ticket as you can. Three losses and you’re out. 

Arrives: Tuesday, Jul 23 @ 10AM Pacific

Ends: Tuesday, Jul 27 @ 10AM Pacific


  • 3 Wins/Bounty (Powerful): …
  • 5 Wins (Powerful): …
  • 7 Wins (Pinnacle): …
  • Flawless (Pinnacle):


Callout Maps by @R3likt

Trials Graphic: | Post:

More Info: View Guides, Rewards, and More for Trials | Trials Help Article via Bungie

Reddit: Trials Mega-thread via r/DestinyTheGame

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For everyone not familiar with Trials of Osiris, here’s a quick rundown of what to expect. The game mode is 3v3 Elimination, using the same rules showcased in the last few Seasons. The key difference is that Saint-14 will be calling the matches, and now your Power matters. You must be 960 Power to participate. Your Trials Passage, or “card” is your ticket in. Try to get as many wins as possible before you hit three losses and have to start over. Earn a flawless victory by winning seven matches with no losses. You can reset your Trials Passage at any time by accessing the item in your quests, or on the Trials of Osiris activity node.

There are no Boons that you will need to purchase and apply. Instead, there will be five different Trials Passages you can choose from that offer different bonuses built in like forgiving one loss per run or granting bonus experience from wins that increase with the number of wins on a ticket.

Players will also be able to earn Trials Tokens to turn into Saint-14 to increase their reputation and earn Trials Engrams. Any Tokens that a player doesn’t spend that week will be removed when Trials ends at the next weekly reset so spend them if you got them.

Get more details on these features and how Trials of Osiris will work in Bungie’s full Trials of Osiris help article.

Source: Bungie Website



Each weapon has an Adept version with special mods, you can read more about those here, as well as a special shader that can be applied to any Adept weapon, even the ones from the Grandmaster Nightfall. The ghost, ship, and sparrow have a random chance to drop from going Flawless.


Adept Weapons:

Armor (Season 13):

Old Armor:

Adept Mods:


Flawless Emblems:

By using specific emblems granted from the Flawless Chest, players can earn unique stats as they complete more passages within the activity. Bungie also introduced a way for Guardians to identify themselves as Lightmakers or Lightbreakers.

  • Lightmakers: With the “Light for the Lost” Emblem equipped, help Guardians to their first ever flawless passage. You can be identified by white glows on your Flawless armor.

  • Lightbreakers: With the “Flawless Empyrean” Emblem equipped, reach seven wins on a passage, and then continue winning matches. You can be identified by red glows on your Flawless armor.



You don’t need to go flawless in to have flawless style. After only one win, you’ll unlock the ability to purchase an exclusive Trials of Osiris hat! If you do go flawless, you can match your armor’s shine with the shine of the exclusive Trials of Osiris flawless pin.

Both offers end with the conclusion of Season of the Worthy. Be sure to claim your free Powerful Engram available to all accounts who can access Bungie Rewards.

Visit for details!



Written by the Destiny Dev Team: Beginning in Beyond Light, all existing Trials weapons have Adept versions. Our intent is for all new Trials weapons to have an Adept version in the future, with their infusion caps matching the Season they were introduced in. For our first round of Adepts, their infusion caps will be set to that of Season of the Worthy. Additionally, we will be introducing Adept weapon mods into the sandbox in Beyond Light, which can only be applied to Adept weaponry.

  • Here’s how Adept weapons differ from the base weapons:
      • Masterworking an Adept weapon grants additional stats.
          • +10 for the primary stat as usual (the specific Masterwork of the weapon).
          • +3 for all alternate stats.
      • Adept weapons can use either a standard weapon mod or a new Adept weapon mod earned when going Flawless.
          • A unique Adept shader has been made for these weapons.
          • Note: These shaders are not awarded as a consumable when dismantling an Adept weapon. As such, they cannot be applied to other pieces of gear.

Adept Weapon Mods

  • These mods come in two varieties:
      • Weapon stat boosts, each of which grants +10 to a particular stat in a similar way to Masterwork stats.
          • Example: Adept range (+10 range).
      • Versions of some existing mods granting an improved bonus, but with a downside (base version of the mod explained below).
          • Adept mag (+40 magazine, -20 handling).
          • Backup mag is +30 magazine.


To earn Adept weapons and Adept weapon mods, players must complete a Flawless Trials Passage and open the Flawless chest at the Lighthouse. 

  • Each week, a different Adept mod can drop from the Flawless chest.
      • Adept weapon mods will be on a weekly rotation, so a given mod may not make its appearance until later in the Season.
      • The mod is unlocked for use on owned Adept weapons when acquired.
  • Adept weapons will be available from the Flawless chest on a bi-weekly basis, alternating with armor drops.
      • The first Adept weapon acquired on a given week is a Pinnacle drop.
      • Adept weapons will be on a set rotation, so players may continue to earn alternate rolls on specific Adept weapons when completing Flawless passages throughout a given weekend.

Source: Article on – Oct 20, 2020



Trials of Osiris start time, rewards, and more explained by

Click here to view helpful Crucible Callout Maps by @R3likt



In preparation for Trials of Osiris, the Bungie security team has been hard at work protecting the integrity of the Crucible. Bungie is always working to improve their defenses against cheats and other malicious activity. Recently, they have improved their methods for combating those who feel like they don’t have to play by the rules. Bungie will be keeping a close eye on Trials of Osiris, where the stakes are even higher.

New server-side security features have been deployed specifically for Trials of Osiris, and Bungie has hardened their network layer to make it more resilient to network manipulation. They have also increased their staffing to be able to handle the review and banning of cheaters.

Because the ongoing battle with cheating is fought primarily with information, Bungie cannot go into exact details on our methods which might tip off would-be cheaters on ways to get around them. Bungie can assure you they take cheating seriously and will continue to work to both prevent it and punish any offenders.

If you do come across anyone you suspect of cheating, please report them in-game as well as online with the Suspected Cheater Report Form.

Source: Bungie Website

Trials of Osiris



Get to the Lighthouse

Earn exclusive rewards in Trials of Osiris by defeating other teams of three in this weekly Elimination playlist and gain entry to the Lighthouse.

  • Starts: Every Friday
  • Ends: Every Tuesday

Entry Requirements:

🗹  Power 960+
🗹  Trials Passage
🗹  Premade Fireteam

Trials Vendor: Saint-14

Saint-14 is the Trials of Osiris vendor, residing full time in the Tower Hangar with his pigeons and ship.

When the Trials of Osiris playlist becomes active each week from Friday to Tuesday, Saint’s inventory will update with Trials Passages, Bounties, and the option to turn in Trials Tokens.

Trials Passages

There are five unique Passages that can be bought from Saint-14 which offer their own mechanics. Each Passage will track wins and losses in a single Trials run. If three losses appear on a Passage, players will be restricted from the activity and have to either reset the Passage or purchase a new one.



  • Always available
  • Forgives one loss per run.


  • Always available
  • With zero losses,your Third Win grants a Bonus Win.


  • Unlocks after going Flawless
  • Grants a bonus reward from the Flawless chest.


  • Unlocks at 5 wins
  • Increased Trials tokens from completing and winning Trials matches.


  • Unlocks at 7 wins
  • Grants bonus XP from Trials Wins, scaling with the number of Wins on a Ticket.
- Passages can be used throughout a Trials weekend and can be Reset at any time.
- Only one Passage can be purchased at a time, but players can switch them out when new ones unlock.
- Progress will reset with each Passage purchase.

Trials Bounties

Along with Passages, players can also purchase three different Trials Bounties which will reward players for completing them: Weekly Bounties will reward XP, Glimmer, 35 Valor Rank Points, and 5 Trials Tokens; Daily Bounties will reward XP, 15 Valor Rank Points, and 2 Trials Tokens; and Additional Bounties will offer XP and 2 Trials Tokens.

  • Weekly Bounty


  • Daily Bounty


  • Additional Bounties


Players with 3, 5, or 7 wins on their Trials Passage will be granted a Weekly Challenge Trials Reward based on those wins which can all unlock on a single Passage. Once three losses appear on a Passage, wins will no longer count until the Passage is reset or a new one is purchased.

The following shows what rewards will be granted with each amount of wins on a Trials Passage:

  • 3 Wins= Powerful Gear (Tier II)
  • 5 Wins= Powerful Gear (Tier III)
  • 7 Wins= Pinnacle Gear

Going Flawless on a Trials Passage will grant players access to The Lighthouse, a reward space only available to players with a Flawless Passage. Players will get access to Pinnacle Gear from the Flawless Chest.

  • Pinnacle Gear will be given once per week, per class.
  • Once the Chest has been opened and players leave The Lighthouse, a new Flawless Passage will need to be completed to return.

Trials Engram

Players can turn in Trials Tokens to Saint-14 to increase their reputation and earn Trials Engrams. These Engrams will contain any piece of Trials gear that a player has previously earned.

Any Trials Tokens that a player doesn’t spend will be removed when Trials ends on Tuesday at the weekly reset.

Trials Gear Glows

Players who go Flawless each week and have their Trials gear equipped will have a yellow glow that will appear, fading slowly after one week. To refresh the glow, players will need to go Flawless again.

Once a player goes Flawless, they will receive two unique Trials emblems that can further change their glow color:

Light for the Lost

  • Trials Glow turns white when equipped
  • Lightmakers wear this emblem when carrying other players to the Lighthouse.

Flawless Empyrean

Trials Glow turns red when equipped

  • Lightbreakers wear this emblem when trying to block players from getting to the Lighthouse.

Stat trackers can be added to these emblems to show the number of Lighthouse carries or Lighthouse shutdowns, respectively, or other Trials stats.

Source: Bungie Help Article – Oct 14, 2020

This page is periodically updated with new info. 

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