Destiny 2: Twitch Sub-Gifting (Earn Rewards)



Info from TWAB: A few months back, the official Twitch Destiny Extension was released, giving players the opportunity to showcase their builds while playing Trials of Osiris every weekend. Bungie has been slowly building this feature and introduced bounties to earn Trials Tokens when reacting to matches. Tuesday, they introduced a new bounty which brought quite a buzz to the Destiny directory.

Gifted Subs Bounty

  • Gift 2x subscriptions to any Twitch steamer live-streaming Destiny 2 when they have the official Twitch Destiny Extension active.

While this bounty will be available weekly, your first completion will award you two exclusive rewards: the “Stream of Light” emblem and “Watcher’s Shade” shader, each of which will be available from Amanda Holliday in the Tower.

Here are the answers to some questions Bungie has seen:

  • Do I need to do anything before gifting subscriptions?
      • Yes. You must ensure that your account is linked to your Twitch account to gain progress towards bounty completion. Head over to the Help Article for information on how to do this!
  • Can I gift subscriptions to any streamer to get these rewards?
      • If the streamer is actively playing Destiny 2 on Twitch with the official Twitch Destiny Extension, you can complete bounties to unlock rewards.
  • Can I complete bounties on my phone?
      • No. Bounties may only be progressed when watching streams on a browser.
      • Note: The Bungie team is currently looking to expand functionality here, so stay tuned!
  • I’ve completed the bounty, but don’t see rewards. What gives?
      • If you see the bounty completed on the extension, sign out and back in to Destiny 2 before visiting Amanda Holliday.
  • How long will this bounty be available?
      • At this time, there is no planned end date. While the emblem may be earned a single time, the bounty may be completed weekly for other in-game rewards.
  • How do I get the extension?

For more information about the extension, Twitch bounties, and more, visit this help article:



If you do not have a membership, you may start your free trial here – This link supports Kyber3000 with a credit for each sign up. To sign up without using a link for Kyber click here).

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