Destiny 2: Variks, the Loyal

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The formerly two-faced Fallen now serves as a faithful guide on Europa for Guardians and Light-bound Eliksni alike. (Requires Season of the Hunt Season Pass)

Location: Charon’s Crossing on Europa



Three Empire Hunts are available weekly from Variks, the Loyal. Empire Hunts will cost less Herealways, once you have finished specific Sabotage Quests that lower the cost. To get certain weekly challenges, like the weekly Empire Hunt challenge, you will need to complete Sabotage Quests to unlock them.


The Technocrat, Praksis

Defeat Praksis to disrupt Eramis’s regime.


The Warrior, Phylaks

Defeat Phylaks to disrupt Fallen military operations on Europa.



The Dark Priestess, Kridis

Defeat Kridis to stop her from bringing Eramis back to life.

Visit the Empire Hunts page for more details.



Assist Variks in dismantling what remains of House Salvation. With each assignment, you’ll help rid Europa of Eramis’s dark legacy while earning useful rewards. Benefits gained are unlocked for all characters that have completed the quest “Reclaiming Europa.”

Info: At the time, the available Sabotage quests relate specifically to the collection of Hereafter pieces and the completion of Empire Hunts. To unlock Europa Challenge 2 and Empire Hunts 2, you’ll need to purchase and complete all Empire Hunts from Variks.

Weekly Challenge: The weekly Empire Hunt Challenge will not be visible on your map until you reach Step Three out of Four for any Empire Hunt. Once you have access to enter the Quest and defeat the boss, a marker should be visible on your map for the weekly challenge. The weekly Empire Hunt Challenge rewards a Powerful Gear.

More Details: View Sabotage QuestsVariks Inventory



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